10 Strategies to Improve Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

As a customer support employee, manager or business owner, one of your main objectives should be to increase your NPS score. If you are striving to cement your place among industry leaders, this is a never-ending pursuit that requires constant innovation. Here’s how to improve your NPS scores!

Zight | November 20, 2018 | 13 min read time

Article Last Updated: April 16, 2024

10 Strategies to Improve Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Across all industries, you will find a competitive market, so much so that you can no longer rely only on creating an impressive product/service. The best recipe to never cut through the noise would be putting your product before your customers. Simply put, you can have the fastest or most efficient solution; but if your customers are unhappy, your company may never survive.

So, I want to help you understand if you satisfy your customers, and more specifically, how you can gauge customer loyalty.

Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of a successful brand. They are the frontline ambassadors that give your offer validity in the market. When you see fans lined up for miles waiting for the latest product from a brand like Apple or Louis Vuitton, you know they have successfully created satisfied, raving fans.

Besides, research shows that acquiring a new customer can be 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining one. To avoid incurring these extra costs, increasing customer loyalty remains one of the best ways to drive business growth.

So, let me tell you more about measuring and improving your NPS program!

What’s Your NPS Score?

Almost every large organization measures their customer satisfaction through an NPS score. Called the Net Promoter Score, it is simply a measure of the overall experience customers have while interacting with your brand, products and team. 

First presented in a Harvard Business Review article by Fred Reichheld in 2003, NPS is one of the easiest ways to calculate the likelihood that your customers will return to buy more of your products or services; best of all, how likely it is that they will tell their circle of friends about your business, thus adding to your customer base.

It is a key metric in helping predict the growth of your business and an indicator of the success of your customer support team. You can have a low NPS score – even with the best solutions in your industry, but your best place is having higher NPS scores. On average, a 12-point average NPS increase translates into a doubling of the company growth rate!

How to Calculate Your NPS Score

To calculate your NPS, use a scale from 1 to 10 and ask customers: “How likely are you to recommend us to friends, family, or colleagues?”

Based on their replies, split your customers into one of three categories:

  • Detractors: Scores of 1 to 6; Customers who are strongly dissatisfied with your services or products and may even speak out against your company
  • Passives: Scores of 7 or 8; Customers are satisfied but not motivated to promote your business
  • Promoters: Scores of 9 or 10; Your most enthusiastic customers who are excited to share your products or services with their network. May also be social media influencers. They are also likely to be long-term, repeat customers.

You can then complete your NPS survey by subtracting the percent of detractors from the percent of promoters.

What is a “Good” NPS Score?

Your organization’s NPS score calculation can range anywhere from -100 to +100.

A score above 0 is considered “good”. A score above 50 means your company is “great” and a high NPS score above 70 means you are a top performer.


The companies that work to become “world-class” in customer service reap massive rewards!

However, the best way to analyze your NPS surveys is to compare your score to industry benchmarks or your direct competitors. Some industries, like grocery store chains and retailers, tend to have higher Net Promoter Scores, but others, like internet and cable service providers, have lower Net Promoter Scores.

To give you some context, Tesla has an NPS score of about 97, Apple has a score of around 57 and Oracle sits at a score of 25.

Ways to Improve NPS Through Better Customer Experience

The easiest way to improve your NPS is by creating a customer-centric business. It is worth your time to ask for feedback and listen to what your customers share with you. The truth is that great customer service doesn’t happen by chance; it takes effort and motivation to turn problems into solutions.

A New Way to Improve NPS Score

Traditional methods for achieving a good Net Promoter Score are too slow for the modern-day consumer. Customers want results – like yesterday. As the speed of our technology increases, so must our customer support.

Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s screen recorder offers software that rapidly accelerates the rate at which you can communicate and solve customer issues.

Instead of responding with long-winded emails, Zight provides an instant remedy through screenshots, GIFs and HD screen-recorded videos.

What’s the Secret?

Why are Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Salesforce teams all using Zight to communicate?

This screen recording software makes delivering consistent customer solutions simple. It turns out that it’s actually not that difficult to make your customers happy.

It’s also no secret that companies that prioritize their customer experience have higher profit margins (60% higher to be exact). The true secret to increasing your NPS score is fast and transparent touch points.

Zight users are extremely efficient professionals obsessed with showing their customers that they matter. Going above and beyond no longer takes extra time out of your day.

By downloading Zight for Mac, Windows, or Google Chrome, you can begin improving your NPS with:

1. Lightning Fast Customer Responses

Nothing turns off a customer more than slow response times. When a customer has an issue, you can’t afford to waste a second. A simple misunderstanding can transform a loyal consumer into an active brand distractor in minutes.

Then, attempting to describe a sequence of events over the phone will result in a more frustrated client. Sending an email response, too, is impersonal and leaves plenty of room for error.

Fancy this; most consumers expect an email response within 24 hours, and not all companies meet that expectation. According to statistics, most customers are okay with the 24-hour response times, but a whopping 62% of companies even fail to respond at all. In addition, around 32% of customers want a response in an hour or less!

Zight can help you reduce customer service response times by using high-quality screenshots, GIFs, and screen recordings. With these, you eliminate back-and-forth communication as you only need one visual response to show the customer how to resolve the issue quickly.

No more lengthy chats on headsets. No more back-and-forth text-based messages!

Here’s how Zight helps you improve your asynchronous communication with customers:

With Zight, the customer receives their resolution in minutes with an improved brand perception. Gainsight, a top-rated customer success platform, started noticing immediate results. Here’s their feedback:

“With Zight, we were able to take 2 to 3 typed out interactions and combine them into 1 GIF or video. Which has eliminated for the rep the need to type out these mile long responses.” Steve Davis, Customer Support Manager.

2. Increased Satisfaction With Visual Communication

Most customer service problems are fixed through long text passages. That still leads to miscommunication, lost time, and frustration. For instance, if you work for a SaaS company, your customer wouldn’t know how to send you the logs so your engineering team can look into the bug.

It’s time to start thinking outside the box for faster solutions that can help beyond long email chains.

Not only is a Zight solution faster, but it also brings more value than a traditional response.

Instead of verbalizing or typing a response, Zight allows you to guide them to the solution they desire through visual communication. Humans are biologically wired to interpret and understand visual cues. An annotated screenshot can be about 300% more efficient than text alone.

Here are some options to improve your communication:

  • Use Zight’s free screen recorder to respond to tickets up to 300% faster
  • Capture and share screenshots in addition to your text responses. You can even capture a screenshot from video clips!
  • Annotate images, highlight, and draw on screenshots to demonstrate what customers should do to solve their issue
  • Create GIFs that walk through a process step-by-step so they can read your directions and see how it’s done simultaneously.
  • Record a quick video with webcam answering their questions

Imagine how many customers you can convert into promoters with your cutting-edge way of replying to their problems.

Simply put; you can explain a 5-step process that requires clicking multiple buttons on various web pages in a 700-word email. OR, you could spend 30 seconds recording your screen to complete the act!

The Harvard Business Review reports that brands who found ways to break down industry-related information to their customers effectively were 86% more likely to make a sale. These brands were also 9% more likely to be repurchased and 115% more likely to be recommended to others!

So, you can add some rocket fuel to your NPS score by simply changing how you communicate with customers.

Worthy read: 7 Examples of Visual Communication To Start Using Today

3. Close Tickets Faster, Help More Customers

Zight makes it easy to capture your screen and mark it up with annotations in Zendesk tickets!

Sometimes working in customer support can feel like bailing water out of a boat with a hole in the bottom. You help fix the issues of 10 clients and suddenly 12 more tickets are waiting to be resolved in Zendesk.

But Zight is built for speed. It is a communication tool that helps you aid customers fast. The days of drowning in an endless sea of tickets are over. In fact, Social Tables uses Zight to close their customer support tickets 7 minutes faster, saving their team at least 3 hours per week.

“It’s better if they can see a video while showing them how to use our software. It just saves so many steps.” CatyBlack,Customer Care Team Lead.

Suppose a customer struggles to locate a specific feature on your landing page. A quick keyboard shortcut turns your mouse into a snipping tool to capture your screen.

Snap a screenshot of the webpage and use the annotation tool to highlight the area of interest with an arrow or circle. Add text or even an emoji if you’re feeling cheeky.

It all happens in seconds and saves you so much time. Zight empowers your team to decrease the average time spent resolving a ticket so you can help more customers in need.

This is a surefire way to increase NPS!

4. Bring a Personal Touch With HD Videos

Instead of an email, you will build a stronger rapport with your clients by recording high-quality videos with audio voice-overs.

Being able to walk a client through an issue with visual and verbal cues will keep them feel calm and fix the issue faster.

With Zight, you can even record with the webcam and screen video simultaneously. Here’s how to record a video with the webcam!

A screen recording-webcam combo is the best way to create a video tutorial. You don’t need a media background to edit your video clips together. Record, annotate, edit and share the video file in minutes.

The team at Buffer impresses their clients with Zight by solving issues visually where others would use text.

“It’s always an extra delight when the customer is so impressed that they send you a GIF back or when they call us by name. This connection also brings down the frustration level of the customer.” Darcy Peters, Customer Advocacy Lead at Buffer

Get in on the action, too, and your NPS feedback will be worth it!

5. Bolster Your Brand Perceptions With an Innovative Solution

Record and share videos, GIFs, and images directly into Slack or chat.

The demands of consumers increase every day. How you respond to an issue as a customer support employee says a lot about the brand you represent.

Let’s compare two examples for a company that sells an electronic device with a camera option. The customer submits a complaint that the zoom feature of the camera is not working.

  1. Company A responded 23 hours later with an email asking when exactly the client purchased the device and if they submerged it in water at all.
  2. Company B (through Employee #1)uses Zight and asks her teammates on Slack if they have run into this issue before. Employee #2 has resolved this issue several times and sends three links with a screenshot, GIF and full tutorial video on how to remedy the situation. Employee #1 sends these links along to the customer in minutes.

Which brand seems like the industry leader to the consumer? Which brand would the customer be more likely to recommend to their friends and coworkers? We reckon it would be B!

Lengthy emails and phone calls were great in the ’90s, but a company that integrates Zight into its customer service best practices conveys innovation. and the speedy resolution is definitely a plus for better NPS!

6. Increase Your Customer Support’s Efficiency with Collections

One of the most frustrating aspects of customer support is answering the same questions…over and over again.

But, when you create a digital solution for a customer, Zight allows you to save and sort those remedies into “Collections”. You can organize the Collections into categories and share them with your entire team.

For example, you might have a collection with solutions for subscription questions, another for payment concerns and another for onboarding issues. This allows your entire team to save time when resolving tickets and creates consistency with your Support’s answers. A Zight collection like this eventually becomes a powerful internal knowledge base that guides your entire organization.

The companies with the highest NPS scores focus on consistency. The Dollar Shave Club, which was sold to Unilever for $1 billion, maintained an above-average NPS score by ensuring their core customer experience was consistent for every touchpoint.

7. Turn Your Detractors into Fans

Word-of-mouth marketing is more prevalent in the age of social media. Reviews and experiences—both positive and negative—get blasted across the internet daily.

And with your detractors being more likely to spread their negative experience, it’s best to listen to their NPS feedback and solve problems as quickly as possible.

Some valuable insights about customer reviews:

  • 92% of consumers hesitate to buy if there is no review present
  • 97% say customer reviews influence their decision
  • 94% read the written reviews
  • 35% say one negative review can dissuade them from making a purchase

These statistics show the importance of reaching customers and giving them positive experiences. Not only does it make you a customer-centric company, but it can improve your bottom line.

8. Go Above and Beyond

Passive customers are satisfied with your products and services, but not likely to share their experiences.


Because you only met their expectations, not exceeded them.

Think about the email response times above. What if you could respond to all customer emails within 24 hours, and better yet, you answer with a video response?

That builds excitement, which, in turn, builds customer loyalty and is more likely to make someone share their experience with others—creating a promoter for your business.

With the best visual communication tools, you can improve reader engagement and save precious time. Here are more ways to improve employee communication at work to meet and exceed customer expectations, and as a result, improve your NPS system!

9. Enhance Product Education

To boost your Net Promoter Score, you can use Zight to record different types of videos that would enhance your customers’ product knowledge – and touch on and solve different customer pain points.

But, before you even get started recording your video, you can create a well-structured video storyboard and script to keep your content focused, informative, and easy to follow.

Here are some videos you can create for your customers with the Zight screen recorder for a better NPS analysis:

  • Create detailed training videos and product demos to show customers your product in action, and make complex features easier to understand
  • Develop onboarding videos to guide new customers through your product’s setup and basic functions. This initial support can significantly improve their experience and satisfaction and result in higher NPS scores
  • Produce explainers and how-to videos that tackle specific questions or features. These videos can help reduce customer frustration by providing clear instructions and information
  • Host webinars to dive deeper into product functionalities or updates
  • Create engaging YouTube videos and Facebook video ads that draw viewers in and educate them about your product

Also, Zight’s AI features for video descriptions and captions make your content more accessible to a wider audience, including those with hearing impairments or language barriers.

It’s one thing to help dissatisfied customers, but another to use your experience to reduce customer churn and – more importantly, improve your low NPS score.

The best customer success strategy calls for using feedback to prevent future problems. And, you can use Zight to gather feedback and monitor analytics in customer feedback and behavior. Here’s how:

Start by using Zight to collect customer feedback efficiently. This can be through surveys, customer support interactions, or direct requests for feedback on your website or via email. Zight’s screen recording and screenshot capabilities allow customers to visually communicate their experiences and issues, providing you with richer, more actionable data. See how to gather customer feedback!

Once you’ve gathered feedback, organize and analyze the data to look for recurring themes or common issues that customers are facing. Are there specific features they love or functionalities they find lacking? Identifying these trends is key to understanding what aspects of your product or service impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You can now make informed strategic decisions, focusing your development efforts on enhancing popular features or addressing common pain points. Zight’s tools can also help you communicate these plans to your team and customers (how to provide constructive feedback) to create a feedback loop that can refine your approach to customer satisfaction.

Next Steps

Continue monitoring your Net Promoter Score. Pay attention to the feedback you get and listen to your customers: What needs do they express? What problems are they having?

Remember, a happy customer will most likely spread the word about your products and services—but so will a disgruntled customer. Do your best to turn detractors into promoters by listening to them and following up. Here are some essential customer service skills every service representative needs to keep customers happy.

Also, use Zight’s tools to help you increase your response times, go above and beyond, and communicate clearly. These strategies will improve your NPS scores along with your customers’ loyalty.

Get Started today!

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