Zendesk Integration

Reduce ticket backlogs fast and easy with Zight for Zendesk! Explain support issues with a screen recording, GIF, or screenshot, then share in a Zendesk support ticket for quick resolution.

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Zendesk Integration

Improve TTR With Visual Explanations

Zight for Zendesk helps users work faster and more efficiently. Avoid miscommunications and save resolution time.

Avoid Confusion, Save Money

Save misunderstanding costs. Show your Team what you’re seeing with a video created right from Zendesk. It’s clearer than words. You’ll find that collaboration and productivity improve between teams when you start using video messages and screen share recordings.

Save Money

Communicate Feedback Quickly

Use videos, GIFs or annotated screenshots to communicate feedback with the rest of your team. Quickly send step-by-step annotated images, point specific parts of your product with an arrow and a circle on a screenshot or report a bug with a screen recording. Give clear instructions to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth and shorten the feedback loop.

Improve Clarity

Avoid Redundancies

Do you frequently re-explain the same things over and over again to customers? Not anymore! The same way you probably use macros, you can keep collections of frequently used videos and annotated screenshots to save time on redundant questions.

Reduce TTR

Ensure Consistent Messaging

Make sure your team has a shared library they can all choose from, ensuring the step-by-step instructions are consistent between support representatives.

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Quickly Reference Recently Created Videos And Screenshots

Give Zendesk users the ability to choose from their list of previously-created Zight content without having to leave their Zendesk workspace.

Paste Content Within A Ticket

Paste a link, image or quickly annotate recently created items, making sure you always share the clearest explanation possible.

Get Notified When A User Opens Your Content

Like with every shared Zight link, you’ll get a notification on the 1st and 5th view so you know when your customer has seen the content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We got you covered! Here is a step by step guide – https://support.getcloudapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/5825191579671-CloudApp-for-Zendesk-Support-Editor-App

Annotated screenshots, GIFs and videos can all be embedded within tickets!