Record A Webcam Video For Personalized & Effective Communication with Zight

Record your voice and face via webcam with Zight. Add a human touch to information you share with webcam only video recordings or overlay your cam over a screen recording to share information quicker and with more context and clarity.

Be More Than Words On A Screen

Get some face time anytime. Add a human touch to your digital content. Record videos with your webcam or record with a webcam overlay on a screen recording to add a personal touch and stand out.

Easy-to-use. Simple installation.

Build relationships from anywhere, any time of the day.

Enhance interpersonal connections.

Be understood by providing tone and context.

Make A Webcam Recording with Zight

Record a video of yourself in just a few simple steps.

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Record In A Few Simple Steps

1. Download & Install Zight

If you haven’t already, signup for Zight (up to 90 second recordings are FREE) and download the application for your Mac, Windows or iOS device or install the extension for Chrome.

2. Launch Zight

Once you have Zight installed, simply launch the app from your applications or toolbar. Click on the application icon and choose the Record option.

3. Choose Your Screen Recording Options

From the Record menu, select your screen recording preferences. You can choose to record your cam only or record your screen plus cam. You can also select your recording format of a video or gif and choose your audio/mic preferences.

4. Start Recording

After you have chosen your preferences, click the “Start recording” button. A count down prompt from 3-2-1 will show and then your recording will begin, and you will see a window showing you what your webcam is capturing. The tool bar will show you a recording timer and provide additional options to pause/resume or finish your recording. You can also mute and unmute your audio if needed.

5. Finish & Edit Screen Recording

Once you click the “Finish” button, your recording will automatically process and upload. The Zight viewer will open up. Some plans will show additional options to add a button or apply a template.

6. Easily Share via URL

Your recording is now available in your Zight files. Keep it for yourself or easily share it via an autogenerated link anywhere you can share a url. You can also drag and drop items into emails and chat apps.

Integrates to Work Where You Work

Zight screenshots can be shared wherever you can share a link and integrates directly with your favorite apps including:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A screen recording is a soundless video of your screen that displays all of the movements, clicks and scrolls that occur on-screen during the recording. A webcam recording is a screen recording that simultaneously utilizes the webcam to create a video that features you and your voice.

Webcam recordings can be used as a form of communication. You can use your webcam to record a video of yourself sharing an idea, explaining a concept, or presenting a project. Webcam recordings are important to use when communicating because they are much easier to digest than heaps of text. Video is much more engaging than other forms of content, so you may want to consider how you can implement web recordings into your work. CloudApp makes doing so extremely easy with our video recording software, which is found alongside the other useful tools in our all-in-one native app.

Screen recording makes explaining easy – and adding a webcam recording can further elevate your content. By adding a face and voice to your screen recording, you can create customized content for customers or colleagues. Webcam recordings give you the opportunity to strengthen relationships with clients or coworkers by adding a human touch that proves to be meaningful. 

Zight allows you to both screen record and include a webcam overlay.

The link to your recordings can have a variety of sharing preferences available. They can be secured with a password on some plans or even and set to expire after a desired amount of time or number of views. Learn more about our security and privacy features on our Trust & Security page.

  • Engineering – Make using your code crystal clear by narrating your content to provide in depth explanations. The engineering and developing process can be complex, but screen and webcam recording allows you to simplify things by creating easy-to-follow walkthroughs.
  • Customer Support – Transform the way you communicate with customers in need of your support. By adding your face and voice to a screen recording, you can deliver in-depth answers to specific questions not covered in the FAQ section. Content narration provides customers with extra guidance when screen captures or recordings aren’t enough. Customers will feel more heard and cared for when they experience human communication, which beats a cold automated email reply directing them to the FAQ section.
  • Sales – Strengthen relationships with clients using a personal touch in your screen recordings. Building trust is crucial for closing sales. Take a step in the right direction by opting to use a webcam recording with your face and voice to introduce yourself rather than doing so over email. Your clients will appreciate that you went the extra mile to create personalized content for them.
  • Product – Create comprehensive product guides that go the extra mile with video and audio recordings. Customers like to be informed about the product they are purchasing and the company they are giving their business to, so including a personal explanation that improves their understanding during a product demo can be crucial to closing sales.