Zight for Training & Onboarding

Strengthen relationships and drive human connections with your distributed teams.
Training & Onboarding

Integrate New Hires Faster

Leverage the power of async communication to engage new hires. 

Communicate training materials in seconds.

Avoid wordy documents and email threads.

Increase engagement with the onboarding experience.

Boost efficiency and save time.

Drive Purpose with Teams

Save time, money, and resources with visual communication for more effective onboarding and training.

Add Personality with Visual Connection

Bring in personalization from the first moment and drive an emotional connection that resonates across time zones and language barriers. Create a unique video recording showing your face and get new hires excited and feeling a sense of inclusion.

Personalize Experience

Streamline Onboarding

Get your message across clearly and quickly during the onboarding process with an async video message or screen recording. Communicate your message through video and help ensure training consistency while highlighting important actions or timelines.

Save Time

Create Shared Collections

Save time and redundancy by creating on-brand videos, screen recordings, or GIFs and instantly share with a custom URL for easy access to training and onboarding materials. Secure your content with password-protected links or other company-wide policies. Let your new hires access the content when it’s convenient for them.

Centralize Information

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Create quick, easy-to-digest training and onboarding video recordings and showcase your company’s mission and values or share employee-generated videos. Build up libraries of videos to share with new hires and existing employees and keep everyone updated on new training for each department. Give your team the ability to control their journey and access content on their time, anytime, anywhere.

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  • All-in-one App

    All-in-one App

    No need to keep track of multiple solutions for screenshots, videos, screen recordings and gifs. Take a full or partial screenshot or dynamically record your screen as a video or gif into a unified application.

  • Annotations


    Add clarity with annotations. Use quick drawings, arrows, lines, emojis and other shapes. Blur any sensitive information or help bring attention to important details that might be overlooked or hard to find.

  • Analytics


    Be in the know. See how many views and who has viewed your content. Weekly productivity reports help you recap your own productivity with the items viewed and time saved.

  • Embed


    Easily embed content without having to write any code. Sharing methods offer an embed code you can easily copy and paste wherever you want your content to appear.

  • Collections


    Create folders to store and organize your content creations. Find items faster and share items with team members easier.

  • Shortcuts


    Have a workflow that works for you? Customize your shortcuts to whatever suits you in preferences.

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