The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Video Ads That Convert

Do you want to start using Facebook video ads for marketing? Here are 5 types of video ads you can create, how to create them, plus the best strategies to use. You’re in for great conversions!

Zight | July 06, 2023 | 10 min read time

Article Last Updated: November 07, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Video Ads That Convert

Have you ever felt irritated by a Facebook (Meta) video ad? Was it the video’s placement and duration, or was it the content?

Facebook users are picky, and the wrong Facebook video ad strategy will not convert. Not to worry, we have made the perfect guide for you. We’ll tell you the different types of Facebook video ads you can create, how to create them, and the best practices to use. We’ll also share other video ads posted on the platform so you can borrow inspiration.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform, so posting a video ad there gives you better marketing opportunities. Did you know a whopping 86% of all Internet traffic is video? That makes video-based Facebook ads the new kingpin of online advertising without showing any signs of slowing down!

If you are a digital marketer, this article is for you. Read on and start converting Facebook users in no time!

5 Types of Facebook Video Ads You Can Create

1. Live Videos

Live Facebook Video
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You obviously can’t run a live video as an ad while it’s still live. But boosting and advertising “lives” once they’re saved as a video is a great way to take advantage on a large scale that Facebook Live is a game-changer.

Everyone’s adopted the live trend – influencers, brands, media companies, you name it. Facebook Live created an entirely new kind of content, with its popularity growing by over 300%.

But why go live?

People love to hear from real people, they hate feeling sold to, and they love the behind-the-scenes of real, unfiltered content. In fact, Facebook users spend 4X more time watching live content than traditional videos. And if it “looks” live in an ad, you’ll pick up on the benefit of this stat!

Once you know who you’re advertising to, create a live stream that offers value on a hot topic your audience is dying to know about. Keep it informative, brief, and value-packed. Then watch as the fans (and conversions) stack up!

2. A Compelling Montage

A Compelling Montage
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You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention (thanks, autoplay!), so you have to be ready to hook them fast!

A montage is a visually exciting way to show your viewers a quick and informative story about you, what your offer is, and why it benefits them to check you out. Like a mini-movie, a montage can offer a lot of storytelling in one brief knockout punch.

One of the best ways to make your montage stand out is to create a custom thumbnail for your video. It will be the first frame people see before the video autoplays. This lets you linger on the most engaging frame and pull your viewer into watching the rest of the montage. Ensure that your custom thumbnail is less than 20% text.

3. Mini-Presentation

Just like the mini-movie/montage, a mini-presentation or value-packed overview leaves your viewer wanting more. Sharing a brief video from your screen recorder to show off a simple trick to solve a simple but pain-in-the-butt problem for your target audience is a great way to hook the viewer with value-based content.

You’ll prove that you’re worthy of collecting their email and get them to check out your offer – because if the free stuff is that good, they know your paid info must be off the hook!

4. Different Videos for Instagram & Facebook

Don’t create a video for Instagram and then run it on Facebook – or vice versa.

Customizing each video for each platform and even by the device (Samsung vs. Apple) gives you the best chance of maximizing reach, engagement, and watch time.

5. Call To Action

Here’s the deal. Words matter!

Video is awesome; it tells a story, hooks your viewer, and can create a sale. But you must let your audience know what you want them to DO with all of this killer information. A great video needs a great call to action – and even better if you place your call to action in the post copy and in the video.

Remember, a call to action is just one action item. It’s not; visit our website, subscribe to our list, and check out our offer. It’s only one of those things.

Want to create a bomb mini-presentation that your target audience will love? Create a mini-presentation prime and ready for a Facebook ad with Zight (formerly CloudApp) screen recording. Already on it? Please show us what you’ve created in the comments!

If not, here’s how to go about it:

How to Create Facebook Video Ads: A Step-by-step Guide

How to Create Facebook Video Ads: A Step-by-step Guide

Do you want to create the best videos? These can be Facebook Marketplace video ads or other types of Facebook video ads. You want to use the best video format and quality, and we suggest using the best software to capture all intricate details.

Screen recording software like Zight helps you create engaging and effective video ads that capture your audience’s attention. You can also customize your video settings, such as resolution, frame rate, and sound quality, to optimize your video for different devices and platforms. Moreover, you can easily adjust your video duration to fit the requirements of a Facebook video ad, which range from 5 to 120 seconds.

Zight is a tool that lets you create engaging videos from images, screen recordings, or live streams. You can use Zight to make videos for Facebook ads as follows:

Step 1: Download the Zight app or Chrome extension if you haven’t already. Zight is available on Mac and Windows; you can get the extension for both devices. Click here to get started. After downloading and installing, create a free account to record Facebook video ads.

Step 2: When you open the Zight app, you will find different screen recording options, including Screenshot, Record, GIF, and more. You want to use the Record feature to create a video ad.

Step 3: After clicking Record, Zight will take you to the screen recording preferences, where you choose between Full Screen or Select Region.

In addition, you’ll also choose between Video and GIF formats. The former allows you to use the mic, while the latter does not. Finally, decide whether to record your screen with the camera (Screen & Cam) or screen only. These two preferences record what’s on your screen, so use them to make instructional Facebook video ads.

If you opted to record Full Screen, you’ll also get the option to record your Camera only. This preference is best when you need to appear in the video ad; and when the video ads don’t need on-screen instructions.

Step 4: Click the blue Start Recording button to create a Facebook video ad with the highest pixelation.

If you are on the free Zight plan, you can record a Facebook video ad that is up to 5 minutes long and use other editing features, including annotations and filters, to make your ads more engaging.

Step 5: While Zight saves your Facebook video ads in the cloud, you’ll want to download yours into your device to post it later. So, head to your Zight dashboard and locate the video you just recorded. Open its link and click the Download button to save it on your computer.

Want to upload your Facebook video ad?

Step 1: After recording your Facebook video ad with Zight, download it to your computer.

Step 2: Go to Facebook Ads Manager and create a new campaign or edit an existing one. Choose the objective that suits your goal, like video views, reach, or conversions.

Step 3: Create an ad set and choose your audience, budget, and placement. Ensure you select the option to show your ads on Facebook feeds, stories, or in-stream videos.

Step 4: Then, create an ad and choose the single video format. Click on the upload button and select the Zight video file from your computer. You can also add a headline, text, call to action, and URL for your ad.

Step 5: Finally, review your video ad and confirm it. Your Zight video will be uploaded to Facebook Ads Manager and ready to run.

5 Best Practices for Successful Facebook Video Ads

When creating successful Facebook video ads, there are several best practices you can follow to maximize their effectiveness. Here are five to start with:

1. Know your audience and goal

Before you create your Facebook video ad, you need a clear idea of who you are trying to reach and what you want them to do. Facebook offers different options to reach your custom audience. Viewers will see your ads based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and custom audiences, which can help you reach the right people at the right time.

You must also define your objectives, such as awareness, consideration, or conversion. In addition, you also want to guarantee the best video settings when posting.

For example, use stereo AAC audio compression for high-quality sound while keeping file sizes manageable. Stereo AAC audio compression is a widely supported format with good audio fidelity. You can also choose your video format from MP4 or MOV. In addition, consider other video settings, like a minimum resolution of 720p (1280 x 720 pixels).

Facebook video ad placement is also crucial. So, do you want to post an ad to the Facebook marketplace, Facebook Stories, or someplace else? Here are different areas to place your Facebook video ad:

  1. The Facebook News Feed can be highly effective as it reaches a wide audience. Users scroll through their News Feeds frequently, and videos that autoplay as they scroll can grab attention and generate engagement.
  2. In-stream video ads play before, during, or after other videos on Facebook, such as within publisher content or during Facebook Watch videos. In-stream video ads are useful for longer-form video content or if you want to target specific audiences based on their video consumption habits.
  3. Facebook Stories are short-lived vertical videos or images that appear at the top of the News Feed. Stories have gained popularity, and placing your video ad here can be impactful, particularly for a younger audience. The video ad can leverage interactive features like polls or swipe-up links for increased engagement.
  4. Facebook’s Audience Network extends your video ads beyond Facebook to reach users on other partner apps and websites. This placement can help expand your ad’s reach and increase impressions.

2. Grab Attention Early

With the constant stream of content on social media, it’s crucial to capture viewers’ attention right from the beginning. Start your Facebook video ad with a visually striking scene or an intriguing hook that piques viewers’ curiosity. This will encourage them to continue watching and engaging with your ad. Also, consider other video settings like quality and video format to ensure it’s available to a big audience.

3. Keep it Short and Concise

Facebook viewers have short attention spans, so keeping your video ad concise and to the point is essential. Aim for a video duration of 15 to 30 seconds to ensure you deliver your message effectively. If you have a longer story, consider creating a series of shorter videos to maintain viewers’ interest.

4. Assume Viewers Will Watch With the Sound Off

Since videos on Facebook autoplay with sound off, you need to ensure your video can communicate your message even when muted. Use text overlays, captions, subtitles, graphics, and other video settings to convey your key points. When sound is on, it should add value and emotion to your video, not distract from it.

5. Optimize for Mobile

Most people watch videos on Facebook from their mobile devices, so you need to optimize your mobile-only ads. Use a vertical or square video format, avoid small fonts and details, and test your video on different devices and platforms before launching it.

5 Best Examples of Successful Facebook Video Ads

Are you looking for Facebook video ads inspiration? Here are video ads that made quite an impact on business:

1. Back Market

Back Market

If you have ever bought a refurbished smartphone or electronic, chances are you bought it from Back Market. Even higher chances could be you stumbled across the website on Facebook video ads! This renewed tech marketplace serves 16 countries, and they use Facebook ads.

To increase their brand awareness and preference, Back Market placed a 10-second video ad in partnership with Buzzman. The video campaign objective was a success, and the ad ended up being watched by millions, increasing the company’s Facebook reach by 13%.

The catch? The video featured cats! It was a fun, engaging, and creative video ad that quickly captured viewers’ attention. Plus, the line, “Sorry cats, tech has multiple lives too,” drove the point home faster, keeping the ad short but impactful!

2. Salomon South Africa

Salomon South Africa

Salomon South Africa is a leading outdoor sports brand that sells footwear, clothing, and equipment. The company used Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns to create dynamic video ads that showcased its products and prices to relevant audiences. The campaign objective was to maximize ad support and reach a bigger clientele.

The September 2022 case study showed the ad achieved a 43% increase in reach, a 63% increase in sales, and a 65% decrease in cost per purchase compared to previous campaigns.

3. Devred 1902

Devred 1902

Devred 1902 is a French menswear brand that sells clothing and accessories online and in stores. The company used Facebook video ads to showcase its catalog and prices to custom audiences using Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

The campaign aimed to boost online sales and attract new customers. They saw a 12% increase in online sales and a 10% decrease in cost per purchase compared to previous campaigns.

4. Lidl Portugal

Lidl Portugal

If you ever shopped online in Europe, what are the odds it was from Lidl? It is a discount supermarket chain that sells various products online and in stores. The company used Facebook video ads to promote its “Concurso Casas Lidl” campaign in Portugal, which offered customers the chance to win a house or other prizes.

The ads used appealing visuals and catchy music to increase brand awareness and engagement, reaching 5.8 million people. The Facebook video ad increased campaign awareness by 5.2 points and ad recall by 9.7 points!

5. Codeway


Codeway is a Turkish software company known for developing mobile apps and games. They used Facebook and Instagram video ads to target potential customers with the highest lifetime value using custom event optimization.

They created two video ads using Churney’s model. The ads increased subscriptions by 32%, decreased cost per acquisition by 19%, and increased lifetime value by 20%.


You can do so much with Facebook Stories and Facebook Marketplace for your digital advertising. Posting Facebook video ads will get you closer to your potential customers- you just have to ensure you reach them in a creative, fast, and non-intrusive way. Leverage our tips above, and use Zight to make the highest quality video ads that will surely convert!

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