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All the features you’ll love in one easy-to-use app, with enhanced features including annotations, blurring/redacting, sharing and storage, templates, adding a button, advanced analytics, enhanced security, and more.

All-In-One App

No need to keep track of multiple solutions for screenshots, videos, screen recordings and gifs. From grabbing a point-in-time image as a full or partial screenshot to dynamically recording your screen as a video or gif, Zight consolidates these needs into a unified application for a variety of ways to capture and share visual information.

  • Full or partial Screenshots
  • Screen recordings, video recordings & Gifs
  • Works for Mac, PC, Chrome and iOS
security and privacy protection

Security & Privacy

Get peace of mind with enterprise-grade data protection and security. Set organizational and user-level security options. We keep your team and customer data safe and secure with multiple layers of security, including 256-bit SSL enforcement, custom SSL, authentication and 2FA control, and multi-layered access control.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) available
  • Content-level security options
  • GDPR, CCPA, and SOC II Type 2 compliant

Want to learn more about our enterprise-grade data protection and security? Let’s Talk.

Sharing & Storage

Zight’s screen recorder automatically incorporates free, unlimited cloud storage so that your videos, GIFs, and screenshots remain securely in one place. Share files without fear of time-consuming uploads. Easily upload any file, regardless of size, using Zight’s drag-and-drop feature. Simply drag a file from your computer and drop it into the Zight icon in your menu bar.


Enterprises use a variety of applications to communicate internally and externally. That’s why Zight allows you to communicate across channels seamlessly. We work where you work, so you get less friction, faster turnaround, and more transparency. Zight links work anywhere you can post a link, but we are tightly integrated across platforms and applications like:

Advanced Analytics

Make and measure impact. See the results of what you create, including who viewed your content, view count, and percentage of content viewed.

With Zight analytics, you can determine which content is most engaging.

Custom Branding

Enhance brand recognition with a custom domain that gives you additional control and functionality. Make an impression on your customers, and make it last.

  • Add your company logo
  • Implement a custom domain
  • Customize CTAs, comments & reactions

Want to learn more about other available customizations? Let’s Talk.


Move fast and save time with templates by packaging your Zight screenshots, GIFs, and videos into a predefined design. Quickly save your product demo, sales note, or customer support response and reuse it in the future. Create your own template or choose from templates we have created for you to use with your content.

Find Freedom with Visual Async

Flexible communication solutions for the modern workforce

Save Time, Record a Video Instead

Win back your calendar and stop wasting time in unnecessary synchronous meetings. Provide the context and clarity needed without playing musical calendars. Video recordings and screen captures are a great for training and onboarding, support and troubleshooting, giving regular updates or presentations, and relationship building for distributed team and hard to connect with customers.

Reduce Meetings

Get More Done in Your Day

Zight helps streamline your workflows to help you get more done. With easily sharable links, and visual context, you can avoid wasting time on miscommunications, chat battles, and finding the right words for that lengthy email.

Improve Productivity

Be Understood, Seek to Understand

Poor communication costs more than you think. From tone, context and perception to missed connections, and language barries. Communication is hard. Giving clarity and context to written communication improves understanding and collaboration.

Enhance Communication

Be More Than Words on a Screen

In the digital age of distributed communication and packed workdays, it can be hard to connect with someone on the other side of the screen. Adding a human touch to asynchronous communications allows you to build a human connection and be more than words on a screen.

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