4 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty with educational resources and customer feedback.

Zight | October 28, 2021 | 5 min read time

Article Last Updated: October 03, 2023

4 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Webflow’s customer success team works hard to involve the customer at every step of the process. This kind of dedication results in delighted Webflow users who eventually share the product with others.

I recently sat down with Waldo Broodryk, Head of Customer Success at Webflow, to learn how to increase customer loyalty by building relationships with customers. For those unfamiliar with Webflow, it’s a robust website design platform to help people create responsive websites without needing to code the sites themselves.

As Customer Success Manager, Waldo guides his team to amplify the customer voice They listen to customer needs, make them feel like they matter and have an impact on the product. Webflow aims to democratize anyone’s ability to build for the web.

Start with the customer.

-A Webflow Motto

1. Research your Customers

Webflow’s Customer Success team conducts user research to guide the development and direction of its product. After all, you must know your audience before you can have success with them.

Ways that the Webflow customer success team conducts research include:

Read the Webflow Forum:

A great and simple way to research is by reading what customers are asking for on your website.

Check Twitter: Find out what conversations are happening online. Waldo constantly keeps TweetDeck open to analyze keywords for any trending design topics.

Review User Studies:Webflow sends out a survey form to learn how customers would recommend Webflow to other people.

Read In-App Feedback: Webflow uses an in-app modal called “Since you’ve been gone” to communicate product updates and ask for feedback.

Ask customers “What can we do better?”: Webflow asks customers this question every time a customer reaches out to their team.

Weekly All-Hands Call: Webflow reserves a portion of the company’s weekly call for discussion on customers. They go over what customers are excited about, struggling with, and saying on social media. This helps the Webflow team figure out ways to serve them better.

We listen to our customers and know the power lies in their hands.

-Waldo Broodyk, Customer Success Manager at Webflow

2. Provide Educational Resources about your Product

Customer loyalty increases when your customers understand the benefits of your product’s features. Webflow offers educational resources for customers in different formats to deepen product knowledge and give users autonomy to find their own solutions. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge your customers acquire, the more motivated they will be to use your product.

Reduce churn through product education

Customers should understand how your product delivers value. The Webflow team take every opportunity to educate customers. They pay attention to potential gaps in product knowledge and teach customers the many ways that their product can help them.

The best defense is a good offense!

-Military adage

To learn more no how offset customer churn and increase retention, read these customer service practices.

Webflow gives customers the tools to become more independent with their product. Their learning materials help customers find answers on their own.

Webflow’s Learning Resources;

Getting Started Checklists

Webflow has laid out every step for customers to check off, that way they know exactly what they need to do to launch their website. And, customers love the guidance.


Webflow creates videos that demonstrate specific ways to use their features. These videos make learning more fun for customers and include a comment section for customers ask questions at the bottom of the page.

There is an art and science to create effective video content for your users. Learn more on how to create customer onboarding tutorials from instructional designers at Linkedin.

Blog Content

To keep customers engaged, offer fresh, relevant content. Cater different blog articles to different roles within your audience. Host your content in a central location on your website. Based on customer interest that you have gleaned from all that user research, create and share new materials with them.

Webflow helps users feel more confident to take on new challenges with their product. While their team is always there to help customers through issues, their team is proactively working to help users help themselves.

3. Give Users a Place to Collaborate

Webflow University

Webflow University is a resource hub on their main site that includes videos, documentation and user comments. Users can learn how to use the product, ask questions, and leave feedback in the comment section. The user feedback section delivers a wealth of knowledge to the Webflow team from customers on new feature requests and any issues occurring within the product.

Webflow Forum

Webflow launched a designated forum for their design and developer to interact with one another. They select moderators from within their user pool. The forum is a unique way to connect as a network and collectively influence the product.

Side note: Waldo got his start at Webflow as a forum moderator.

4. Fuel Customer Feedback

Waldo and his team work hard to amplify the customer voice. It’s essential to listen to your customers to learn what they want and make improvements. Consider introducing additional channels for your customers to submit feedback.

Webflow gives customers a stronger voice in the following 3 ways:

Webflow Live Chat

Live chat means that customers are submitting questions as they work inside the product. Since users can answer or comment on the questions of other users, they can get instant feedback from their peers. Live chat feeds user curiosity as they navigate the interface. This resource helps them have fun as they them navigate the product effectively.


This is customer conversation hotspot. Check out what comments and topics customers are surfacing online to find out what needs exist. Your team will be able to gauge whether those needs apply to the minority or majority of your base, as well as interact casually with customers.‍

Product Wishlist

Webflow Wishlist is a customer feedback form where customers can suggest new features to implement. It’s a great way prioritize customer needs. This feature also gives users a place to publicly request new feature updates. Those requests are visible to the entire Webflow audience so other users can “upvote” if they also want a certain feature. The more upvotes a request has, the sooner it will be implemented by Webflow’s technical teams.

Wishlist Upvotes

Webflow users can “upvote” wishlist requests from other users. This is a great way to create hype around its product, as well as get instant insight into which areas your team should direct more focus. The more upvotes a comment has, the higher the priority your support team should give it. Users feel more excited to request popular features, and all users enjoy their ability to influence the product’s next steps. If users are excited about your product, help spread that excitement to other users.

Ask questions

Let users leave comments and ask questions to learn the benefits of each new feature added.

Webflow works hard to cultivate a strong relationship with your customers. Your team’s efforts to appreciate, educate, and empower customers will be reflected in their loyalty to you.

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