Top 15 Best Gyazo Alternatives

Capturing snapshots of your screen has become a routine for most computer users, leading to the universal presence of screenshot apps and screen recording software on virtually every device. While some users find satisfaction in the simplicity of free tools like Gyazo, those aiming to capture videos and screenshots might seek a screen recorder backed with advanced features. Let’s check out the best Gyazo alternatives.

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Article Last Updated: February 06, 2024

Top 15 Best Gyazo Alternatives

Gyazo! A user-friendly application makes it a breeze to record everything happening on your computer screen. Getting started is a snap – just create an account, download the app, and you’re ready to roll. Simply drag your mouse to choose the recording area, release, and voila, the recording begins in a flash!

Once you capture screen or videos, head over to the Gyazo website where you can trim, share, or download the video to your PC. However, keep in mind that Gyazo offers a 30-day free trial and is not entirely free. If you’re on the lookout for free or more powerful alternatives to Gyazo, check out the exciting options listed below!

1. Zight

Zight is top on our list since it is an all-in-one screen capture and recording solution, offering impeccable annotation tools and video editing features that require a minimal learning curve. In contrast to Gyazo’s focus on swift image and short GIF captures, Zight excels in providing advanced capabilities that elevate the screen recording and capture experience.

Zight is an ideal choice for beginners and budget-conscious users, especially with its ease of installation on iOS devices, Mac, or Windows.

In addition, it includes a Chrome extension that further enhances accessibility, enabling screen media creation while working. To get Zight, users can click “Download Now For Free” on the official website, create an account, and download the app for their device.

So, what makes Zight the best Gyazo alternative? Let’s delve into the details:

a). Screen Capture

Improving productivity, particularly in remote work scenarios, sees a significant boost with the integration of screenshots. When paired with impactful annotations, the importance of steering clear from depending solely on native screen capture apps or a tool like Gyazo, specifically designed for quick and efficient screenshot captures, becomes evident.

Instead of engaging in lengthy phone calls or composing ordinary emails to convey instructions, consider the simplicity of capturing a screenshot and adding annotations to highlight your guidance. Within your Zight app, just click on “Capture” or “Screenshot,” choose the desired area, and presto! Your screenshot seamlessly uploads to the cloud, offering the convenience of annotating and sharing it effortlessly through a generated link.

To capture a screenshot, you have the option to use keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can press Command + Shift + 5 on a Mac. To screenshot on Windows, click Alt + Shift + 5, which prompts you to choose the specific area of the screen you wish to capture.

b). Screen and Webcam Recording

When exploring alternatives to Gyazo, it’s worth considering a tool beyond basic screenshot capture – one that seamlessly records both your screen and webcam for more effective communication. Zight’s screen recording features surpass Gyazo’s limitations by offering versatile screen and webcam recording options.

With its multifunctionality, it steps into the spotlight, allowing you not only to capture high-quality screen videos but also to infuse a personal touch with its integrated webcam recorder.

Zight doesn’t just stop at recording screens; it caters to various needs with its three distinctive modes.

  • The “Screen Only” option lets you capture your screen along with microphone commentary
  • Screen & Cam” adds a webcam overlay for a more engaging narrative.
  • If you’re looking for a standalone webcam recording, the “Cam Only” mode is perfect for greetings or quick intros.

To simplify your life, Zight incorporates nifty keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows users, streamlining the process from opening the app to initiating recording. Whether you opt for the full screen or specific regions, coupled with the flexibility of the recording options, Zight ensures a user-friendly experience.

What’s more, you can seamlessly integrate annotations during recording, giving you the freedom to enhance communication for team collaboration or create different types of video content, from explainer videos to product demos, training videos, how-to guides, pre-meeting videos, onboarding tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube content, and more.

Zight truly shines during the annotation process. Pause your recording, sprinkle in annotations like highlighters and arrows, and choose different colours and durations for each to add that extra flair. And don’t forget – Zight’s capabilities extend post-upload, allowing you to fine-tune your content with filters, trimming, cropping, and more, all in the cloud.

For collaborative efforts, Zight encourages team interaction through comments and reactions, making it a breeze to add recordings to collections for streamlined accessibility.

c). GIF Creation

One notable aspect where Zight outshines Gyazo is in the creation of GIFs. Zight recognizes the importance of visual communication in remote settings and allows users to effortlessly record GIFs. GIFs add a playful touch to conversations and are super helpful for explaining things step by step. So, throwing in some GIFs in your FAQs and knowledge base pages is not just cool; it’s useful.

Making a GIF is kind of like making a mini video. You use the same shortcuts and doodling tricks. But here’s the trick: GIFs only last for 60 seconds. While Gyazo limits GIF recordings to 60 seconds without microphone use, Zight’s seamless GIF recording process offers an efficient alternative for conveying instructions or messages visually.

So, when you’re making a guide, make sure to keep it short and sweet. Also, keep in mind that GIFs don’t have sound. So, if you’re explaining steps, arrange them super easily for people to follow – from the beginning to the end.

d). Annotation Tools

Zight’s emphasis on annotation tools sets it apart in the realm of screen capture. While Gyazo provides basic annotation options, Zight’s tools are remarkably robust. Users can precisely capture screenshots and enhance them with annotations such as arrows, lines, pens, highlights, ellipses, and rectangles.

The seamless integration of these tools ensures that users can convey instructions, highlight key points, or provide context within their captured images. This nuanced approach to annotation adds a layer of sophistication to the screen capture process, making Zight an ideal choice for professional content creators.

Furthermore, Zight’s unique feature set extends to simultaneous video and GIF annotation. Users can pause their recordings, access the annotation tools, and enhance their content with arrows, lines, pens, highlights, ellipses, and rectangles.

Customizing annotation colors and duration adds a dynamic element to the recording process. After annotation, the content seamlessly uploads to the cloud, where users can leverage Zight’s video editing tools to refine and polish their creations.

e). Video Editing

Zight’s video editing software allows users to crop, trim, fine-tune, add filters, cut sections, and split and merge sections.

This comprehensive set of editing tools empowers users to directly create polished, professional-looking content within the application. Collaborative features such as comments and reactions facilitate teamwork, while custom branding options align videos with overarching marketing strategies.

f). AI Features

Incorporating cutting-edge AI features, Zight takes content creation and management to the next level. Automatic transcription, captions, video titles, summaries, and multilingual support streamline the handling of large volumes of video content. These AI-driven features enhance accessibility, making Zight an invaluable tool for managing and optimizing video assets.

g). File Sharing

Zight excels in providing an effortless sharing experience. After recording and editing content, users can share it seamlessly with colleagues or partners by copying and pasting the file’s shareable link.

Notably, recipients do not require a Zight account to view the file, eliminating potential barriers to accessing the shared content. Whether embedding the video in an email or sharing the link through apps like Slack or Trello, Zight ensures a smooth and hassle-free viewing experience directly in the recipient’s web browser.

Pricing Plans

Zight offers multiple plans, including:

  • Free plan suitable for quick projects
  • Pro plan ($9.95/month) for unlimited solo recordings
  • Team plan ($8.00/user/month) for entire teams
  • Enterprise plan for larger organizations with customizable security and admin controls. Contact sales for this plan.

2. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is another great Gyazo alternative that is versatile and user-friendly, specifically designed for everyday users. It seamlessly combines the functionalities of capturing screenshots and recording videos in GIF format, making it a practical choice for various recording needs.

What sets EaseUS RecExperts apart is its ability to record screen content with both internal and external audio, providing a comprehensive recording experience. The software boasts a clear interface, enhancing user navigation and accessibility.

The key features include:

  • Capture high-quality screenshots with ease.
  • Record videos in GIF format for dynamic content creation.
  • Record the screen with both internal and external audio, ensuring a complete recording experience.
  • Clear and user-friendly interface for effortless navigation and easy access to functions.
  • Tailor output video settings, including format, quality, and frame rate.
  • Adjust audio settings, such as output format, bitrate, and sampling rate.
  • Set customizable hotkeys for various operations, catering to those who prefer shortcut controls.

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly: $19.95 (1-month free upgrades)- One license for one computer
  • Yearly: $39.95 (1-year free upgrades)- One license for one computer
  • Lifetime Upgrades: $69.95 (Lifetime free upgrades)- One license for one computer- Lifetime free upgrades
  • Business: $99.95 (2PCs, Lifetime Free Upgrades)- One license for two computers- Lifetime free upgrades

3. Greenshot

Greenshot, known for its versatility and user-friendly interface, is a powerful screen capture tool that empowers users to create detailed screenshots precisely.

Unlike Gyazo, Greenshot doesn’t impose a strict time limit on video recordings, providing flexibility for users engaging in extended recording sessions. It’s an ideal alternative for those seeking an expansive set of features for both image and video capture.

Other relevant features making Greenshot part of the top Gyazo alternatives include:

  • Robust screen capture capabilities, allowing users to capture and share screenshots quickly.
  • Precision and high detail make it a strong competitor for users who require high-quality visuals.
  • Extended video recording, unlike Gyazo’s 10-second video recording limit
  • Annotation Tools allow users to add elements like arrows, text, and shapes to their screenshots
  • Image editing to modify captured images with interactive features such as cropping, resizing, and adding text

Pricing Plans


4. ShareX

While both aim to streamline capturing and sharing images and videos, ShareX stands out for its emphasis on advanced customization and functionality. Beyond the feature details, ShareX provides users with an expansive range of capture options, supports workflows for more intricate tasks, and allows for a diverse array of destination options for sharing content.

The key features include:

  • Capture options allow users to capture full screens, specific regions, or entire web pages.
  • Editing tools that permit users to make detailed edits to their captured content, such as adding text, shapes, and effects.
  • Video recording capabilities surpass Gyazo’s 10-second video recording limit, allowing users to record longer videos
  • Workflow automation enables users to create custom workflows for repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Destination options for sharing captured content, including various file-hosting services and social media platforms.

Pricing Plans

Free to use

5. Lightshot

Differing in their approaches to screen capturing, Lightshot is a quick and efficient screen capture tool designed for users who prioritize swift and straightforward image captures. However, Lightshot introduces additional capabilities by providing a range of annotation tools that enable users to enhance their screenshots with text, shapes, and highlights.

While both Lightshot and Gyazo emphasize simplicity and speed, Lightshot’s inclusion of annotation tools makes it a compelling option for users seeking a bit more flexibility in their screen capturing and sharing experiences. Other features include:

  • Quick and efficient screen capture quickly capturing specific regions of their screens.
  • Annotation tools allow users to enhance and communicate information within their screenshots
  • Ease of use makes it an accessible and efficient tool for users seeking quick and straightforward image captures.
  • Shareable link enhancing collaboration and communication.
  • Cross-platform compatibility ensures users can seamlessly capture and share images regardless of their operating system.

Pricing Plans

Free to use

6. ScreenRec

Unlike Gyazo, Screenrec places a significant emphasis on extended screen recording capabilities, allowing users to capture not only images but also longer video content without the constraints of a 10-second limit. With an unlimited recording duration, Screenrec provides flexibility for users engaged in more extended recording sessions.

Screenrec offers a comprehensive solution for users who prioritize advanced screen recording features, extended duration, and robust editing capabilities. Other many features include:

  • Screenrec goes beyond Gyazo’s 10-second video recording limit, allowing users to capture longer video content
  • Cloud Storage Integration streamlines the process of storing and sharing captured content.
  • Editing tools allow users to make quick edits and enhancements to their captured content directly within the application.
  • Instant sharing through generated links
  • Cross-platform compatibility ensures users can capture and share content regardless of their operating system.

Pricing Plans


7. Screencast-O-Matic

Regarded as a model among screen recording solutions, Screencast-O-Matic distinguishes itself with many advanced features, earning acclaim as one of the premier screen recorders that qualify in Gyazo alternatives. Going beyond the standard screen and webcam capture, this product boasts an extensive feature set, allowing users not only to capture images and videos but also to seamlessly import images and leverage its exceptional editor.

Its key features include:

  • Versatile screen recording as it captures stills and videos from an array of sources
  • Houses a robust editor equipped with creatively designed tools
  • Enhances user accessibility with companion apps tailored for both Android and iOS
  • Features a native hosting platform that allocates a substantial 25 GB of space to each user

Pricing Plans

Screencast-O-Matic, formerly ScreenPal, is available for free, but if you want more advanced features, other plans include:

  • Solo Deluxe– $3/month paid annually
  • Solo Premier– $6/month paid annually
  • Solo Max– $10/month paid annually
  • Team Business– $8/month per user, paid annually

8. TinyTake

TinyTake is widely praised for its practicality and ease of learning, aligning with the expectations one would have for a reliable screenshot tool. As suggested by its name, the application operates efficiently, demanding minimal resources while delivering exceptional results in the creation of captivating images and videos from your computer screen content.

Notably, TinyTake stands out as a viable Gyazo alternative, catering to the needs of both casual users and professional content creators. Its intuitive design and resource-friendly operation make it an accessible choice, ensuring that users can effortlessly capture and share their screen content.

Other features include:

  • Capturing modes for both images and videos
  • Annotation tools enhance the captured content with text, shapes, and other elements
  • Cloud upload and access
  • Free cloud storage
  • Hotkeys for commands through hotkeys, streamlining the screen capture process.

Pricing Plans

a). Tinytake Capture

  • Basic– Free
  • Standard– $29.95/yr
  • Enterprise– Custom

b). TinyTake Educate

c). TinyTake Engage

d). TinyTake Innovate

e). TinyTake All-in-One

9. Flashback Express

For those in search of one of the best Gyazo alternatives that go beyond the basics, Flashback Express should be your go-to. This application doesn’t just capture everything on your PC screen; it adds a layer of depth with integrated system audio, providing a holistic recording experience.

Elevating your screen recordings, Flashback Express allows for a personal touch by seamlessly incorporating a webcam overlay. Not only can this software record video but it stands out with a thoughtful video trimmer, enabling users to refine their content by removing unnecessary segments from the beginning or end. Other key features include:

  • Capture every detail on your PC screen, complemented by synchronized audio for a comprehensive recording.
  • Enhance your screen recordings by seamlessly integrating a webcam overlay, adding a personal dimension to your captures.
  • Use the built-in video trimmer to craft polished recordings by eliminating unwanted segments.
  • Save your creations in a variety of formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, and GIF.
  • Flashback Pro extends your recording capabilities to HD/4K videos, ensuring a superior visual experience.

Pricing Plans

  • 1-PC License– Ideal for individual users- One-time payment of US$25. Single-user access with full functionality.
  • 2-PC License– Best value for two users. One-time payment of US$37. Recommended for dual-user scenarios.
  • Buy More Licenses– Options for 3 to 8 PCs available. Affordable pricing ranges from $56 to $245. Perfect for small to medium-sized teams.
  • For 6-20 PCs and +20 PCs– Customizable solutions for larger teams. Visit the store or contact them for tailored pricing. Ideal for businesses with varying user requirements.

10. PicPick

While PicPick may not be as famous as some products on this list, it stands out as a robust Gyazo alternative with intriguing features. Beyond its noteworthy recording capabilities, this application goes the extra mile by incorporating basic image editing and graphic design tools.

This unique offering empowers users with complete control over their images within a single, versatile app, making PicPick a compelling choice for those seeking an all-in-one visual software solution. Other features making it among the top Gyazo alternatives include:

  • Comprehensive visual software for capturing, editing, and sharing screenshots seamlessly.
  • Offers a portable solution that can be run directly from a USB stick without installation.
  • Facilitates the import and export of files with support for a diverse range of formats.
  • Includes essential image editing tools
  • Customizable settings

Pricing Plans

  • Free for personal use
  • Single plan– $24 Install on 2 computers per user
  • Team plan– $ 96 for 5 users

11. OBS Studio

When exploring free alternatives to Gyazo, OBS Studio stands out as a formidable choice. It is a robust screen recording application with a diverse range of recording sources, including display capture, game capture, browser capture, video capture devices, and more. This flexibility allows users to record the entire screen, gameplay, specific windows, webcams, and other elements effortlessly.

Other features that make it a worthy contender include:

  • Multiple recording sources like display capture, game capture, browser capture, and video capture devices.
  • Customizable settings where users can adjust recording format (MKV, MP4, FLV, MOV, TS, M3U8), quality, and encoder settings to suit their preferences.
  • Live streaming capability where OBS is not limited to recording

Pricing Plans

No paid plans or tiers are associated with OBS Studio, making it an attractive option for those seeking comprehensive functionality at no expense.

12. Camtasia

If you’re searching for a Gyazo alternative for creating professional-looking videos or tutorials, Camtasia is a dependable choice. It enables you to simultaneously capture your screen, a camera, or both. Additionally, it provides options to customize recording preferences such as capture frame, video encoder, and camera dimensions.

Its competitive features include:

  • Versatile recording options
  • Editing preferences like capture frame, video encoder, and camera dimensions.
  • Built-in video editor for enhancing recorded videos.
  • Editing capabilities
  • Export options as MP4 or MOV files or directly upload them to platforms like YouTube.

Pricing Plans

Camtasia is offered both as a yearly subscription and as a one-time purchase.

  • Individual Subscription– $179.88 billed yearly
  • Perpetual License– $299.99 billed once
  • Camtasia + Audiate– $329.87 billed yearly

13. Snagit

Snagit, from the same company as Camtasia, excels in providing a comprehensive solution for quick and clear visuals and videos, Gyazo takes a streamlined approach, emphasizing swiftness in capturing images and short GIFs.

With its robust features and emphasis on efficiency in the visual communication process, Snagit offers versatility for users engaged in detailed content creation, unlike Gyazo, which is tailored for those who seek quick and simple image captures, featuring a 10-second video recording limit.

It is among the best alternatives for its other features, such as:

  • Multiple recording options
  • Real-time annotations use arrows, squares, step numbers, and more.
  • Seamless editing where users can trim and export their content.
  • Screenshot functionality
  • Editing tools for screenshots, including text, resizing, color editing, and more.

Pricing Plans

Snagit offers a single-user license priced at $62.99, a one-time fee. There are also discounted rates for educational institutions and government/non-profit organizations.

14. FireShot

Fireshot is a versatile and user-friendly tool for capturing and enhancing web pages. This software streamlines the process of creating professional-looking captures by offering diverse features for augmenting screenshots with effects, highlights, arrows, and text annotations.

Fireshot ensures wide compatibility and ease of use by supporting all popular browsers. Its standout feature is the capability to directly capture and edit full-screen scroll pages, making it an invaluable asset for professionals across various fields, including digital marketing and web development.

Its main features include:

  • Comprehensive web page capture and editing capabilities.
  • Tools for adding effects, highlights, arrows, and text annotations to screenshots.
  • Compatibility with all popular browsers
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Direct upload functionality for seamless sharing and collaborative workflows.

Pricing Plans

Fireshot Pro offers a Lifetime license for $59.95. The license covers up to 2 PCs and 2 laptops for personal use and supports all supported browsers installed on the licensed computer.

15. Icecream Screen Recorder

With a focus on simplicity, it provides an efficient platform for users to easily configure settings and initiate screen recordings. This versatile recorder goes beyond basic screen capture, catering to a variety of recording needs, including video tutorials, gaming sessions, live broadcasts, Skype conversations, and more.

Notably, the Icecream screen recorder supports audio and webcam recording, making it a comprehensive solution for diverse screen recording requirements.

  • Versatile screen capture for various applications.
  • Support to capture audio and webcam alongside screen content.
  • Seamless uploading to YouTube, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Inclusion of both microphone and system sounds in recordings.
  • Annotation features like text, shapes, arrows, and personalized watermarks

Pricing Plans

  • 1-Year License– $29.95 billed annually
  • Lifetime License– $59.95 one-time fee
  • Video PRO Package– $78 one-time fee

Conclusion on Gyazo Alternatives

With these Gyazo alternatives, capturing your PC screen and producing high-quality videos becomes a straightforward process. While Camtasia is a powerful tool in its own right, these alternatives provide various benefits, from advanced editing capabilities to budget-friendly or even free options.

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