GIF Creator App

With CloudApp, you can create GIFs of anything on your screen and instantly save them to the cloud, in an easy-to-use enterprise-level app. It’s as easy as capture and share!

Zight | September 20, 2022 | 4 min read time

GIF Creator App

GIFs have rightfully earned their place as the fastest way to communicate lots of information in one visual punch, and is one of the primary reasons teams choose to create GIFs to communicate both with customers and internally.

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The Most Powerful Cloud Based GIF Creator App

The purpose of a GIF creator app is save time and skip the lengthy explanation or meeting, so it’s important that the application doesn’t take more time to create than the benefit of using one in the first place. And this is why we created Zight (formerly CloudApp). With our GIF recorder, anyone can save time and skip the lengthy explanation or meeting. Teams can create GIFs of anything on a screen and instantly save them to the cloud, in an easy-to-use enterprise-level app. Just capture, share and accelerate your workflow.

Easy GIF App Download

Zight (formerly CloudApp) offers an easy solution to help your team create GIFs that are effortless and quick to execute amongst team members and customers. Simply click on the Zight (formerly CloudApp) icon and select the GIF icon (or the TV icon) depending on how long you’d like your GIF to be and the quality you prefer. You can also use the hotkey combination for Mac: Cmd+Shift+6, Windows: Alt+Shift+6. Recordings under 30 seconds long make perfect GIFs, while recordings over 30 seconds long are better recorded with HD video.

GIF Creator Screen Capture

After you select the TV or GIF icon (or use the hotkey combination above) recording your screen as a GIF is as easy as click and point. Simply select your recording area on your screen, and if you used the hotkey combo, you’ll be prompted to choose to record with or without sound. You can also click on GIF or HD at the bottom of the recording area if you changed your mind on the type of recording you want to start. Just follow these steps:

  • Press start to begin the recording.
  • Press finish when you are done recording.
  • Share the link with your team or customers.

Time-Saving Benefits of the GIF Recorder

The time-saving benefits of using GIFs to communicate with your team and clients are numerous. Here at Zight (formerly CloudApp), GIFs help us increase our productivity and complete tasks up to 300% faster. When you think about how many customers can be helped, team members briefed or support tickets answered in that amount of saved time, it makes GIFs a reliable and necessary productivity tool. Here are some of our favorite ways we (along with our customers) use GIFs:

  • Use a GIF recorder to create your library of visual answers for customer FAQs in your help desk or support page
  • Cut down on time that support teams spend answering the same question with our annotated GIFs feature
  • Use GIFs in place of email explanations – a picture is worth a thousand words (and several minutes)
  • GIFs help quickly communicate shared goals between teams, helping to cut down on confusion and missed initiatives
  • Accurately report a bug to your engineering team. This saves time troubleshooting and you’ll avoid the endless back and forth conversations.
  • Boost internal morale with inside jokes, memos and updates Communicate lengthy ideas
  • Show and not tell clients how to complete tasks and provide them with a visual they can refer back to time and again
  • Skip unnecessary team meetings and “stand-up” updates
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Quick and Easy Sharing of GIFs

Ironically, it isn’t typically creating the GIF that takes the most time – it’s sharing it. Zight (formerly CloudApp) makes it a piece of cake to share your GIF by easily dragging and dropping it into emails or social and working platforms. When it comes to productivity, a simple drag and drop is much quicker than having to download your GIF, then attach it and then finally share. With Zight (formerly CloudApp) it’s drag, drop and done!

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How to Get Started Creating GIFs

Getting started creating GIFs is as easy as point, click and share. What we love the most about GIFs is that you can immediately reap the benefits of faster productivity and better communication. You don’t have to wait weeks or month to start saving time, improving workflow and making customers happy. Ready to make those improvements now? If you haven’t already, create a free Zight (formerly CloudApp) account to start implementing the power of GIFs.

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