Video to GIF

Using CloudApp’s video to GIF feature, anyone can easily turn a video into a shareable GIF. Whether its recording online game play, capturing a movie scene, or simply guiding colleagues through a workflow, you can say it all with a GIF.

Zight | September 20, 2022 | 3 min read time

Video to GIF

The Only Video to GIF Application You Need

Zight (formerly CloudApp) has a many features that make it easier for you to communicate visually. Using a live screen recorder, screenshot editor or the simple snipping tool app, anyone can get their point across more efficiently. With the convert video to GIF feature, you can send shorter snippets to your team members or friends to share an idea or communicate a thought. Not only can you create a GIF from online videos, but you can a record part of a full video being played on your screen. Whether it’s a live stream, a recording on your screen, you can turn a snippet of it into a 1 minute GIF.

How To Make a GIF From a Video on MacOS

To convert video to GIF on a MacOS, follow this simple tutorial.

  • Navigate to any video (online, live stream, YouTube or recorded) Click on the Zight (formerly CloudApp) icon on your Menu Bar, and then the GIF recorder
  • A click and drag tool like with the screenshot editor will appear
  • Using the Mac snipping tool, select part of the video that you want to record
  • Record GIF as per your plan limit (15 seconds on the Free Plan/1 minute on the PRO Paid Plan)
  • GIFs are recorded without sound by default

After your GIF is created, it’s automatically uploaded to your cloud and a link is ready to be shared with friends or colleagues.

Get Started with Video to GIF on Windows

To convert video to a GIF on Windows, follow these steps:

  • Play a video on your computer screen (online, YouTube, recorded or live)
  • Click on the Zight (formerly CloudApp) icon located on your taskbar, then select the GIF recorder
  • Wait for the ‘click and drag’ tool to appear on the screen
  • Use the windows snipping tool and select the part of your video you want to convert to a GIF
  • While playing the video, click start to record the GIF (15 seconds with a Free Plan/ 1 minute with a PRO Paid Plan)
  • As with Mac, GIFs are recorded without sound by default

Once your GIF has been recorded, it’ll be saved in Zight (formerly CloudApp) account automatically. You can share a link to the GIF with your colleagues and showcase your newest creation.

Using Zight (formerly CloudApp) For Video to GIF Conversion

Using Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s efficient video to GIF converter, you can easily turn any video into a cool, shareable GIF! Whether you wanted to record a live stream, an online game, a remarkable online video scene (such as a rocket headed for mars), or simply want to be creative by sharing your thoughts in a lossless file format, be rest assured that you can say it all with a GIF!
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How to Get Started with Zight (formerly CloudApp)

Are you an avid gamer who wants to see instant replays of an online game? Are you a film buff who cannot live without a digital memory of just the right scene? Or are you a creative type who likes to communicate in alternative file formats? Start recording and sharing your thoughts with Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s video to GIF tool. To get started, simply create a free account and start converting your content to GIFs. You are guaranteed to be the most creative person in the room!

The Smart Way to Share Videos on the Internet

Technology of everything is increasing rapidly, but bandwidth issue are not going away. You can either deal with them and depleting productivity, or get on board and start sharing efficiently. Stop wasting time trying to send and share files through slow and bandwidth deficient platforms and supercharge your productivity with Zight (formerly CloudApp). The time for innovation is now.

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