Kick Up Your Sales Strategy with GIFs

Favorite ways to raise the bar with any prospect and close more deals.

Zight | November 10, 2017 | 6 min read time

Article Last Updated: August 22, 2023

Kick Up Your Sales Strategy with GIFs

Show don’t tell.

Looking for an original, but easy way to connect with potential customers, show off a few benefits and make them laugh in the process? Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s advanced GIF Maker helps turn any lead into a new customer in just a few steps.

You should try some of our favorite ways to raise the bar with any prospect and close more deals.

Humor Is Your Way In

Surprised this is number one? Don’t be. When we asked a few of our salespeople friends who are million dollar plus earners, this was the first piece of advice they gave us. By making a prospect laugh, you instantly help them relax, their brains release some of that feel-good dopamine stuff and overall humor helps build trust. People love to buy, but they’ll turn a deaf ear to a stiff sales pitch. Sharing a joke is a great way to build rapport, without having to drone on about credentials or product details.

An easy way to make them laugh is to add a silly or funny GIF to follow-up emails, presentations or to break the ice if a prospect “ghosted” after an initial meeting or proposal.

GIF recorded in 10 seconds with our Webcam Recording feature

Show Don’t Tell, With a GIF

Sales training genius, Grant Cardone teaches his sales teams to show as much of the deal as possible on paper. Again, just telling a prospect figures and stats doesn’t mean much, but creating a simple screenshot or GIF that shows an easy-to-read graph with metrics will help prospects see how they can benefit from the product or service being sold. Remember, people need to see how they’ll benefit and a GIF makes overwhelming data, easy to grasp in small, digestible pieces.

Get Your Prospect’s Attention

Sending cold emails? Don’t let them go to spam!

Warm a cold prospect up by adding a GIF to your initial email. GIFs make cold pitches stand out from hundreds of other emails. They lend a familiar, friendly quality to an otherwise unsolicited pitch.

A GIF that is all about the prospect (not the seller) is the best way to open dialogue with a potential client. In this case, using a GIF to congratulate any recent wins they’ve had, joke around with an industry-themed joke, or highlight in a visual way how the service you’re selling can specifically add to their bottom line in dollars and cents.

Show How Much You Know Them

All good salespeople (we’re talking the top 1%) know that it’s not enough to know everything about the product you’re selling. In fact, knowing all about the product isn’t even the most important. What is most important, is knowing all about the potential customer – we’re talking down to the number of hairs on their head.

Sales presentations are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to demonstrating knowledge about anything other than the product being sold, but using GIFs to break up not just the monotony of the text, but the me-me-me vibe of a presentation will kick up sales.

Tip: Instead of using GIFs in your presentation to only highlight product features, using them as visual cues to show off each benefit and how it helps your prospect in a very specific way. Example: A GIF that includes pictures of their CEO, team, annual revenue, and other personalized images along with benefits and numbers will help close the deal in a big, personal way.

How To Create a GIF In Zight (formerly CloudApp)

Creating a GIF with Zight (formerly CloudApp) is easier than writing an email – and a lot faster.

  1. Click the Zight (formerly CloudApp) icon and select the GIF button
  2. Click and drag to select the area of your screen in which you want to record
  3. Press start to record
  4. Press finish to stop – the recording will automatically stop recording in one minute (for longer recording select HD)
  5. A link with the new GIF is automatically saved to yourclipboard

Have you already started using the Zight GIF maker to ramp up your sales presentations and close more leads? We’d love to hear how you’re using it in the comments below. Haven’t gotten your hands on the free Zight GIF Maker yet? Try Zight’s GIF Maker for free along with their screen recorder, screen snippets, and screenshot tool.

30 Best Sales GIFs Any Sales Team Will Find Very Funny, Factual, and Relatable

1. The Epic High-Five

When you finally close that deal, your team celebrates with an epic high-five!

High five when pumped up during a sale

2. Monday Struggles

That feeling when you’re ready to conquer your sales, but Monday hits you like a ton of bricks.

Monday Morning GIF

3. Pressure of Hitting a New Sales Target

Navigating the thrill and tension of chasing a new sales target feels like dancing on a tightrope between exhilaration and determination, where success is the spotlight and pressure is the beat that keeps you moving forward.

New sales target pressure

4. Customer Asking for a Discount GIF

This is one of the sales gifs that comes especially if you’ve already talked a bit about their budget or the price range they had in mind.

The face after a customer asks for a discount

5. Cold Calling Blues

When someone hangs up on your brilliant pitch.

Brilliant pitch declined

6. Customer Testimonials Bliss

Revelling in the joy of glowing customer testimonials. Feeling on top of the world while grinning from ear to ear when customers sing your praises.

Customers giving positive feedback to feel rewarding

7. Sales Strategy Brainstorm

The brainstorming whirlwind that leads to a killer sales strategy.

Brainstorming a sales strategy

8. Celebrating Record-Breaking Sales

Doing a happy dance when customer happiness levels go off the charts.

A sales manager celebrating rewarding sales

9. Handling a Challenging Client

Navigating the exhilarating highs and challenging lows of sales.

Salespeople when handling a hard client

10. When a Lead Goes Silent

Striking gold with a promising lead during prospecting who raises your hope and then nothing!

A sale lead you have hope with and they are silent

11. Juggling Multiple Leads

Managing multiple leads with determination and energy like a juggling maestro.

A sales person is a multitasker anytime

12. Coffee for Every Objection

That moment you realize it’s Monday… and you need five more cups of coffee to deliver. Solving objections with a cup of coffee in hand, always ready since coffee as your secret weapon in negotiations.

Coffee needed to make this sale in a week

13. Networking Heroics

Networking like a superhero, one handshake at a time.

Sale networking

14. Sale Lead Follow-Up

The rollercoaster of emotions during a cold calling spree.

Sales rep when following up a sale with hope

15. Sales Manager on your Case

We all can relate to a sales manager asking this?

Sales manager asking an employee

16. Sales Training Struggles

The challenges and amusing moments in sales training.

sales training struggles

17. Multitasking Marathon

Balancing multiple tasks like a true sales multitasker.

Salesperson multitasking

18. Brainstorming Brilliance

That “Eureka!” moment during a sales strategy brainstorm.

Sales Strategy Brainstorm

19. Sales Marathon Sprint

Approaching each sale like a marathon runner giving their all.

Chasing a final sales target

20. Negotiation Fiascos

Negotiating like a superhero, with the fate of the deal in your hands. Mastering negotiation skills to secure favourable outcomes.

A customer trying to negotiate with a sales manager

21. Handling Rejections

A salesperson bounces back stronger after facing rejection.

Handling rejection after a sales hope

22. Monthly Target Champion

Conquering monthly targets like a true champion.

Sales GIFs after hitting a monthly target

23. Not meeting a Sales Target

Is there anything worse than a sales manager coming down on you because you have not been delivering?

Sales manager coming down on you

24. Closing Time Excitement

The rush of excitement when you’re moments away from closing a deal.

While a sale is closing and the excitement

25. The Deadline Dilemma

Racing against the clock to meet deadlines.

Wondering how to deliver the deadline

26. The Tech Tool Tango

Dancing through various sales tools and tech solutions.

Navigating sales tools successfully

27. The Elevator Pitch Excellence

Delivering an elevator pitch so captivating, it stops people in their tracks.

Elevator pitch that gets you deal

28. Power of Persuasion

When your persuasive skills are so good they could sell ice to Eskimos or charm anyone into saying “yes.” Hence win over clients and close deals.

 Persuasion for a sale

29. The Office Victory Lap

Salespeople taking a triumphant lap around the office after a successful deal.

Rewarding moments after a successful sales deal

30. The Closing Curtain Call

Taking a bow after a successful sales deal, as if the curtains have closed on a performance.

Pumped up after a successful sales deal

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