Game Screen Recorder

With CloudApp’s screen recording feature, anyone can record a live stream of an online game, so that no match or play goes unseen. Learn how to record and instantly share any game from your Mac or PC screen with our simple native app.

Zight | September 21, 2022 | 3 min read time

Game Screen Recorder

Learn how to record and instantly share all game play from your Mac or PC with Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s screen recorder for gaming. Just download the app, and start recording live game play.

Every Match – One Game Screen Recorder.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) is focused on providing people with a cutting edge way to visually communicate and share their life’s moment with the world. Our native Mac and Windows app makes a great game screen recorder and allows gamers to quickly and easily record a live screen recording and online gaming stream. With gaming becoming more competitive, discussing pitfalls in your team’s strategy has become more important than ever.

Named a leading screen and video capture application by G2 based on user reviews and feedback. The Zight (formerly CloudApp) screen recorder is available for Mac, Windows, Chrome, Linux, and iOS. You can download and use it for free.


How To Use the Game Screen Recorder on MacOS

To record your online game live stream on a MacOS, follow these simple steps.

  • Download Zight (formerly CloudApp) for MacOS and complete the install
  • On the top panel of your screen, click on the Zight (formerly CloudApp) icon in the Menu Bar
  • Click on the TV icon for the app to begin recording
  • With the snipping tool for mac, place your cursor on your screen and drag to select a portion the game you want to record
  • Remember that, by default, audio recording is turned on for HD video but off for GIFs
  • Press the green button when you want to start recording, and the red one to stop

Using Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

An alternative option to record your online game live stream
is to use Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s keyboard shortcuts:

  • Press the hotkeys Command + Shift + 6 to get the prompt to ‘Click and Drag’ your desired recording area
  • Click and drag your pointer to capture the part you want to record
  • Click on the green button to start recording and the red button to finish recording
  • To record the full screen, press the [ ]
  • You can change your preferred shortcut keys by going to the ‘preferences’ menu

Once you’ve finished recording your online gameplay, a link is automatically saved to the clipboard and you can share it instantly.

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How to Use the Game Screen Recorder on Windows

If you use a PC, here’s how you can record the online game
live stream with Zight (formerly CloudApp).

  • Download Zight (formerly CloudApp) for Windows and complete the installation process
  • Click on the Zight (formerly CloudApp) icon on the Taskbar that’s at the bottom of your screen
  • Click the TV icon to select recording in HD video or a GIF
  • Using the windows snipping tool, ‘click and drag’ your pointer to select section of the game you want to record
  • As with Mac, audio is turned on by default for HD videos but isn’t for GIFs
  • On your PC, the blue button is to start recording and the red one is to stop
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Using Keyboard Shortcuts On Your PC

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut to record your
online game live stream.

  • Press the hotkeys Alt + Shift + 6 to get the prompt to ‘Click and Drag’
  • Choose the portion of your game screen you want to record
  • Press the Blue button to start recording and the Red one when you’re done recording
  • To record your game in full screen, press the [ ] option
  • To change the shortcuts to your preferred keys, navigate to the ‘preferences’ menu

As with Mac, an instant and secure Zight (formerly CloudApp) link is automatically saved to the clipboard so you can instantly start bragging to everyone!

The Gaming Recorder To Capture Every Momentous Session

With Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s Gaming Video Recorder, you can conveniently
record matches for any online game. To get started, register for a free account and download Zight (formerly CloudApp) today so your friends don’t have to miss out on any of
your epic online gaming ventures and display your skills to the world!

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