7 Best Screen Recorders With Facecam in 2024

If you record your screen a lot for work, you understand how it can sometimes feel robotic. After a few videos, you and your team members may not feel all that motivated to watch another recording. But, if you also record your facecam, you add a human touch to a screen recording. This type of recording requires good software, which is why we recommend using Zight. Read on as we will also share more options!

Ian Mutuli | May 31, 2024 | 9 min read time

Article Last Updated: May 31, 2024

7 Best Screen Recorders With Facecam in 2024

Remember when they discovered the smoke signal? It was the only good form of visual communication over long distances then, and we bet it was groundbreaking. But centuries later, we now have the best communication tools and platforms. We can communicate over even longer distances in just a fraction of the time.

One of the easiest ways is to record our computer screens – it’s convenient when you need to communicate what’s on your screen, especially when giving instructions to teams or answering customer support questions.

However, like everything else in the past, there’s always room for improvement. Screen recording, while made easy by hundreds of software out there, also has its drawbacks. The first is limited human communication. Often, you just breeze through the screen, leaving annotations on the video, and you may not even speak at all.

It’s still better than the smoke signal or a long email thread, but most humans want to feel there’s another human on the other side. That’s why we recommend using a screen recorder with a facecam. Such a tool allows you to record your screen and webcam simultaneously – and speak to the recipient through a webcam overlay on the screen.

Let’s tell you why this is important and how Zight and other screen recorders make the work easy.

The Importance of Screen Recording With Facecam

A facecam is essentially a webcam that captures your face while you’re recording your computer screen. It’s a genius setup for making your videos more personal and engaging.

Instead of just a cold, impersonal screen, your audience gets to see your expressions, gestures, and enthusiasm, which can make a world of difference in how your message is received. It reminds your audience that there’s a real person behind the screen and so makes the interaction more genuine and relatable.

Best Screen Recorders with Facecam

If you’ve established that your screen recording could use a human touch, you need the best software that works with a facecam recorder. Here are our best options:

1. Zight

It’s one thing to be looking for a reliable screen recorder with facecam, and yet it’s another to find one that not only utilizes the built-in webcam recorder but also allows you to pair it with an external webcam recorder. Zight does that and more.

Screen Record & Screen Capture
Get Zight for free
  • Capture or record your screen
  • Annotate your screenshots or screen recordings with text, arrows, lines, and blur
  • Instantly share with a link

It is the best screen recorder out there that works on Mac and Windows and also offers a Google Chrome extension. So, you can also use it as an online screen recorder. After installing Zight, you can use it for screenshots and video and screen recordings – including recording GIFs.

The software works with your built-in webcam camera, and if you have a better video camera for facecam, Zight will detect it for optional use. If you’re going to be speaking int the video, you must also record audio. Similarly, Zight works with your computer’s integrated mic, and you can still use an external mic for better-quality video and audio capture.

Here’s how to use Zight to record screen and facecam:

  1. Launch the app or Chrome extension and click Record. If using the app, you can simply press Alt + Shift + 6 on Windows, or Command + Shift + 6 on Mac.
  2. Choose the Screen & Cam recording option, and then between Full Screen and Select Region.
  3. Then, select your video recording format. This is between Video and GIF. For the latter, you won’t be able to record audio.
  4. Select the camera you want to use. Hover your mouse to Camera and click the dropdown menu to see your options. Do the same for Audio/Mic and select your best mic.
  5. Ensure your background is not distracting, and also pick the best lighting for your video recording.
  6. Click Start Recording and wait for the three-second timer to run out.
  7. You will now be able to record your screen and facecam simultaneously. Scroll down on your screen, add annotations where necessary, and move your facecam around the screen to avoid blocking important content. To do so, just click on the overlay and move it to a free area on the screen.
  8. When done recording, click Finish on the Recording Menu. Now, the video will upload to the cloud, and you can instantly share it as a link that Zight will copy to your clipboard. But, we recommend waiting for the link to open online so you can edit the video and set your privacy settings.

The best thing about recording your screen with facecam using Zight is how you can then easily share the recording with many people. You just need to copy and paste the Zight link to your recipient – through any platform with a chat board including Trello, Slack, email, Asana, WhatsApp, Facebook and social media, etc.

Unique Zight Features

  • Allows you to record high-quality videos in just a few steps
zight screen recorder with facecam options
  • You can record your screen with facecam and audio
  • Allows you to record the entire screen or select a region with the most important content for your teams
  • You get to annotate as you record – perfect for adding oral and visual instructions on a video even before you finish recording or share it. Be sure to pause your video recording to add the annotation that range from the arrow, line, shapes, pen, and highliger. You can even pick a different color and duration for each element!
  • Zight offers cloud storage for all your screenshots and recordings
  • You get a range of video editing tools once your video uploads to the cloud. For instance, you can trim sections, split and merge others, blur areas, and more
  • You can simply copy and paste the video link to share it with a diverse audience
  • The screen recorder is compatible with Mac and Windows
  • You can capture keystrokes and mouse actions

2. Movavi

Movavi is a solid choice for creating high-quality screen recordings with facecam on Windows and Mac.

With it, you can easily record your screen with a facecam overlay, using your built-in webcam or an external one for better quality. Movavi also supports audio recording through your computer’s integrated mic or an external mic so your voice comes through loud and clear. And if you’re aiming for top-notch visuals, Movavi can even record in stunning 4K resolution.

However, the software is limited on the free screen recorder version, and it does not offer cloud storage.


  • Movavi’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll get the hang of it quickly
  • The software delivers high-quality video and audio, including 4K recordings
  • You can choose to record the entire screen or a selected region. You record with a facecam overlay and audio, too
  • Movavi comes with handy editing video features like trimming and cutting, allowing you to polish your videos without needing extra software
  • You can add annotations during recording, which is great for highlighting key points and making your videos more informative


  • The free version has some restrictions, which might limit what you can do without upgrading
  • Movavi doesn’t offer cloud storage, so you’ll need to manage and store your files on your own device

3. Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder is yet another excellent choice that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is an free forever screen recorder and easy to use in as little as 60 seconds!

When you download it, you can record your computer screen with facecam without lag and watermarks. In addition, you can record computer audio to capture whatever sounds are playing on your computer, and also separately record your voice when you need to say something to the camera. Plus, you also get cloud storage with your video uploaded to your private cloud as soon as you stop recording.

The only dealbreaker is the lack of advanced editing tools. You might need additional video editing software to fine-tune your recordings.


  • The software delivers high-quality video and audio recordings
  • You get an intuitive interface ideal for all users, even beginners
  • You can record very long vides as the software does not put time limits
  • No watermarked videos, which is just mindblowing for a free screen recorder
  • Perfect face recording with computer sound and your voice
  • Cloud storage and easy link sharing. You can also save recordings to your computer


  • You must have at least 2GB of RAM for the software to work
  • You don’t get advanced video editing tools

4. Bandicam

When you need a lightweight screen recorder with facecam, Bandicam should make your list. It is a good screen capture and recording software that also makes the cut if you need to record gameplay.

The software will add a webcam overlay on your recording, and you can even record your voice and the computer audio simultenaously. Even better, you can schedule your video recording time if you have to record videos at a specific time or day each week!

You will get a free trial, but it is essential to get a paid subscription to extract all the software features.


  • Easy screen recording with mic and computer audio
  • Allows you to record gameplay
  • You can record mouse clicks and even change your video background
  • Allows you to record the full screen or a rectangular area


  • You need to buy the subscription package
  • Only compatible with Windows
  • Watermarks on the shareware version

5. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free and open source. You can use it on a Windows, Linux, and Mac computer to screen record with facecam. The very popular screen recorder for gaming and livestreaming will record a webcam overlay using a built in or external camera, and it even lets you move, resize, and reshape the overlay to match your preferences.

It could be the best screen recorder were it not for the steep learning curve (thanks to the continous development), and lack of straightforward cloud storage.


  • One of the best screen recorders for live streams and heavy gameplay
  • Absolutely free and open-source
  • Comes with the best recording features, including audio mixing with per-source filters. You can record computer audio and your voice simultaneously
  • Advanced settings to configure your screen recording preferences
  • Simple to use hotkeys for quick functions when recording


  • The software comes with a bit of a learning curve for beginners
  • No cloud storage unless you have a drive letter with your cloud drive

6. Veed.IO

Veed.io has the potential to be the ultimate online screen recorder! To use the facecam recorder, you will click record Screen & Camera, and start recording with a resolution as high as 1080p.

The software lets you record the entire screen or just a region of it, and once done, you can export the video to Veed.io’s video editor to trim and edit the video with more AI features.

While the tool has somewhat limited recording and editing features, it is simple enough to use online and even generates a link to your video for fast sharing!


  • A free screen recorder that works on all computers online
  • You can record your screen and webcam at the same time
  • You can edit your videos with AI before sharing
  • Easy video sharing with links


  • Limited recording and video editing features

7. Mobizen

Mobile screen recorders rarely allow facecam recording. To put it simply, you can only record your screen and for facecam, shoot a video with the selfie camera. It’s a lot of work, so if you need to record something for work, you can download Mobizen which works on Android and iOS.

The app lets you record screen and facecam, and you can even get external sterio recorder to record your smartphone’s internal sound clearly. You’ll be able to record in high resolution, adjust frame rates, add intros and outros to make the video more engaging, and so much more.

It’s a free app, but you have to make do with ads. In addition, it will also drain your battery and probably overheat your device when in use.


  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Huawei
  • The best tool to record smartphone screen and facecam simultaneously
  • Superb recording and editing features, and you can even cast your screen to a PC or another bigger screen


  • Has distracting ads
  • It will drain your smartphone’s battery and cause overheating

Wrapping Up

You need a reliable way to record your screen and facecam at the same time. This is an indispensable feature that lets you communicate visually and orally – thus leaving no room for misinterpretation or miscommunication. With a screen recorder with facecam video, you only need to record, annotate, and share the video, and you’re sure the message is home – and it’s not robotic or boring.

Not sure how to get started? We have shared out top 7 tools and also told you how to screen record with Zight on Windows and Mac. Our software is designed for ease of use regardless of computer device or experience.

So, don’t send long email threads anymore, or record screen videos that need textual explaining later. Download Zight now and enjoy seamless communication!

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