5 Must-Have Visual Workplace Communication Improvements

…your latest integrations with awesomely helpful GIFs that walk them right through the set up. Here’s how we helped our users make the most of our Hipchat integration. See? Easy…

Zight | August 15, 2022 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 23, 2023

5 Must-Have Visual Workplace Communication Improvements

The customer success era is well upon us. Today’s most innovative companies are going above and beyond to empower their customers and keep them loyal.

But there’s still a long way to go. A great place to start is by creating or upgrading your customer knowledge base. Here are five must-have visual workplace communication improvements your customers are sure to love.

1. The ‘Getting Started’ Video Tutorial

First and foremost. Your customer needs to know the basics. It may sound obvious, but first impressions go a long way in retaining new customers and if they can’t get up and running with your product in a matter of minutes, their chances of sticking around are far less likely.

Companies like MailChimp and Asana use quick video tutorials to help new users master the basics and feel great about their first interaction with the brand.

2. The ‘How To’ Guide

Whether you do a full-fledged guide like Basecamp or a quick step-by-step article, a clear guide for ‘How To’ use your product’s key features is a crucial component of any great customer self-service strategy.

The goal here is clarity. Use screenshots and annotations to ensure your user knows exactly what to do next.

3. Integration GIFs

When two of your favorite platforms work together it can be like a dream come true. But if it takes five hours of head scratching just to figure out how to sync them, the dream becomes a nightmare fast.

Help your customers make the most of your latest integrations with awesomely helpful GIFs that walk them right through the set up. Here’s how we helped our users make the most of our Hipchat integration. See? Easy peasy.

4. Advanced Settings and Features

Who better to provide awesome customer knowledge base tips than Zendesk? The customer support platform walks their talk with a knowledge base chalked full of helpful support content.

They do a great job of helping their users master some of their more advanced settings and get maximum value from their product.

5. User-Generated Visuals

Some of the best knowledge bases are powered by the customers themselves. Your users have a way of knowing your product better than you ever could. And if they love your product, they’ll be more than happy to share that knowledge.

Take Mozilla’s knowledge base for example. Power users are encouraged to share their tips through screenshots, screencasts and entire customer-created articles with the sole aim of helping each other out.

How do you empower your customers? Share some of your best tips below!

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