5 Ways to Improve your Customer Satisfaction Rating with Zight (formerly CloudApp)

5 practical ways to improve your CSAT rating and grow your business.

Zight | December 06, 2018 | 7 min read time

5 Ways to Improve your Customer Satisfaction Rating with Zight (formerly CloudApp)

Are your customers truly satisfied or are they currently considering alternative brands? Just because your company sold goods or services today doesn’t necessarily mean the consumers involved were satisfied. Have you ever found yourself standing in line with a product because you desperately needed it, even though the experience or pricing was subpar? It’s extremely likely that the next time you needed that product you searched elsewhere.

In the digital age of commerce, the switching cost of most products is extremely low. One or two mistakes and a customer may begin to give your competition a second look. Therefore it is imperative that companies do everything in their power to maintain a positive customer satisfaction rating.

Every Support Ticket is an Opportunity

After spending hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing dollars to secure a customer, retaining that relationship should be your number one priority. Every ticket that comes through your support system is an opportunity to increase and quantify satisfaction. Why is this so important for customer support teams?

Satisfied customers are more likely to cross-purchase, repurchase and typically increase the average amount they spend with your company. Additionally, they also cost less to retain and tend to use customer support less. In order to reap the benefits of satisfied customers, organizations must find cost-effective methods to accurately measure and track satisfaction.

Measure Customer Satisfaction with CSATnps

There are countless surveys and systems that can be used to measure satisfaction- the problem is, most are complicated and time-consuming. Customer support staff spend their days putting out multiple fires. This doesn’t leave much time to research and implement new satisfaction systems.

One solution that is straightforward and easy to use is the Customer Satisfaction Score or CSAT.

This system allows you to measure satisfaction at the point of purchase or interaction. Your customer support team may have implemented CSAT without evening knowing it by asking the question “How satisfied were you with your experience?”. This answer is then measured on a scale which can be 1-3, 1-5 or 1-10.

How to Improve Your Team’s CSAT

When it comes to improving a metric such as CSAT, speed and creativity are everything. Zight (formerly CloudApp) is an all-in-one communication tool that allows customer support to bring their customers more value at every interaction with visuals. Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s screen recorder makes everything task faster. With the ability to resolve tickets with multiple media tools such as screenshots, videos and GIFs, Zight (formerly CloudApp) is the perfect compliment to any customer support team.

Some of the companies that are famous for their customer service, such as Amazon and MailChimp, use Zight (formerly CloudApp) to communicate more efficiently. This is just one of the ways that Zight (formerly CloudApp) can help to improve your customer support.

Is your team committed to providing world-class customer support? There are 5 distinct ways that Zight (formerly CloudApp) can help improve your Customer Satisfaction Score:

  • Reducing Wait Times
  • Raising Support Standards
  • Helping Your Team to Stand Out
  • Minimizing Back and Forth Interactions
  • Providing Deeper Levels of Value

Let’s explore exactly how you, as a customer support agent, can implement these strategies today.

1. A Reduction in Wait Times‍

10 years ago, the average online browser wouldn’t blink an eye if they had to wait 20-30 seconds for a complicated web page to load. Today, 5 seconds feels like an eternity to your customers. As the speed of technology increases, the patience of the public decreases.

In the modern era, no one wants to wait for anything. We don’t want to stand in line at the bank. We don’t want to wait for an app to load. And we certainly don’t want to wait until tomorrow to hear back from a customer support agent. Even a single long-wait can result in the loss of a customer because humans remember negative experiences over positive ones.

One of the biggest advantages of Zight (formerly CloudApp) is that it saves your team time. The faster you become, the shorter your wait times will be and speed is beneficial to both clients and employees.

This increase in speed is achieved through visual communication. The brain is designed to interpret visual cues over text-based documents. A customer can review a visual piece of communication, such as an edited screenshot, up to 60,000X faster than a written email.

A typical customer support agent might spend 5 minutes typing an email response to a customer, who then has to spend several minutes reading this response. An employee using Zight (formerly CloudApp) can show their customer exactly how to solve the issue with a GIF in 30 seconds, ready to tackle the next ticket in a minute instead of 10.

2. Raise Your Standards Across the Board

Customer support isn’t a sprint- it’s a never-ending marathon. A few weeks of incredible service can be spoiled by a single day of poor responses.

A customer might tell 10 of their friends when they have received exceptional customer service. However, if this same customer has a negative experience, they will go out of their way to tell 20 people. This is why it is incredibly important for a customer support team to develop consistency in their service. A customer needs to have confidence in the fact that any team member can help resolve their issue, no matter when or where that request is sent.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) allows an entire team to raise their standards and offer higher value across the board. A customer support team that is powered by Zight (formerly CloudApp) can create “Collections” of employee solutions to share with the entire organization. If an employee creates a video tutorial to help with the customer onboarding process, this video can then be instantly shared with any other customer who has similar issues.

Sending a half-hearted email is no longer an acceptable response to a customer issue. Elevate your support with a collection of comprehensive HD videos, personalized webcam responses, short GIFs and more.

3. Provide Memorable & Unique Support

When you reach out to a company with an issue, what’s your expectation? 99% of support responses will be an email that contains the required information. A response like this is vulnerable to misinterpretation, takes longer to implement and is unmemorable.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) offers a chance to break the mediocrity and bring your customers a unique experience that goes above and beyond. An animated GIF and an email might both solve the issue at hand but the GIF is a non-traditional response. A simple 10-second video screen capture shows that your company is innovative and knows how to leverage the power of tech. A message with multiple paragraphs to read through is more of a chore than anything else.

Breaking the silence and standing out is more important than ever. From the moment your customer wakes up, they are bombarded with text messages, emails and news updates. The average employee receives over 80 emails every single day. Don’t allow yourself to become just another email in an inbox. If you want to really satisfy your customers, you need to reach out and grab their attention visually.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) even gives you the ability to add emojis to your content. If a customer is having a rough day, it is your job to bring a smile to their face.

4. No More Back and Forth

‍One of the most frustrating experiences for a customer is having to interrupt their day multiple times to resolve an issue they wish didn’t exist in the first place. It takes a person on average, 16 minutes to fully re-focus after checking their email. No wonder your customers feel overwhelmed.

Instead of engaging in a series of back and forth emails where bits of information are traded, use Zight (formerly CloudApp) to implement the following strategies:

  • Cut to the chase
  • Don’t ask unnecessary questions
  • Show don’t tell

After sorting through a mountain of morning emails, your customer doesn’t have time to read the next New York Times Bestseller of messages. By all means, make their day with a line or two of positivity, then, cut to the chase. An annotated screenshot that physically points to the solution is easier to understand.

A GIF that grabs your customer by the hand and walks them through the solution is the best customer support solution you can provide in under a minute flat. Instead of telling your customers what they need to do, simply show them with visual solutions. And whatever you do, don’t ask unnecessary questions. If you are providing the best solution possible, there is no need to meagerly ask, “Does this make sense to you?”. Have confidence in your ability to quickly solve with Zight (formerly CloudApp).

5. Shock Customers With Overwhelming Value

‍If you want to increase your CSAT score, simply solving your customer’s issues won’t do the trick. After all, that’s your job.

The companies that tout an impressive CSAT score constantly find ways to bring more value than their competitors. A simple phone call or text-based message is no longer sufficient. One of the ways you can surprise your customers with value is to solve their issue, “face-to-face”.

It’s not reasonable to schedule a Skype for every one of the tickets that come through your system. However, you can still bring a similar experience by responding with a screen capture video, supplemented by a webcam explanation. Zight (formerly CloudApp) allows you to record your screen and with your webcam at the same time. This way, you can show your customer the exact steps they need to follow on your screen and explain it with a smile.

Even when a few lines of text will sufficiently solve an issue, a Zight (formerly CloudApp) powered employee can spend the same amount of time to send a GIF or a screen capture.

As a customer support agent or manager, your time is your most valuable resource. Start helping more customers and shocking them with incredible value today by registering for a free Zight (formerly CloudApp) account today.

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