How CloudApp Helped Get a 92% Customer Support Happiness Score

…an innovative cloud-hosted web app, with two customer support engineers serving over 50,000+ customers. No small feat. The very nature of ApproveMe’s business makes customer support a complex operation. Their…

Zight | July 20, 2021 | 4 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 30, 2023

How CloudApp Helped Get a 92% Customer Support Happiness Score

As a business, there aren’t many things that can brighten your day quite like a customer making the effort to reach out to you to share a glowing review of your product, especially with the data to back it up.

We’re always ecstatic to receive feedback about what our users are currently loving about Zight (formerly CloudApp) and how our tools are helping them accomplish their goals.

This past week we received an extra-special email (they included their own case study!) from Kevin Michael Gray, founder of that has us like this:

Here is what Kevin had to say in his initial email:‍



For those of you who might not be familiar, is a company founded to help businesses get documents signed and create better relationships with signers in the process. They started with developing the self-hosted #1 eSignature Wordpress plugin, WPESignature. They’ve also created an innovative cloud-hosted web app, with two customer support engineers serving over 50,000+ customers.

No small feat.

The very nature of ApproveMe’s business makes customer support a complex operation. Their team found that they were spending exorbitant amounts of time every day explaining, troubleshooting, and answering complicated inquiries.

Before discovering Zight (formerly CloudApp), they were using a native screenshot tool that founder Kevin described as “clunky”; which as anyone in any customer-facing role knows, is not a word you want to be associated with your customer experience.‍

This tool required them to attach individual screenshots to their response emails one by one.

These screenshots had no branding whatsoever, no notification system for when images were viewed, and zero data or analytics capabilities.

Then, they discovered Zight (formerly CloudApp).

Why Zight (formerly CloudApp)

Once the team decided to give Zight (formerly CloudApp) a try, they were blown away with the immediate impact it made to their customer support operations. With our tool, ApproveMe was able to use branded screenshots and screen recordings in their support emails, as well as in chats. Plus, they were able to use their own domain and add their own logo to everything.‍

In addition, “one of the main uses was in documentation articles. These articles help ApproveMe users make the most of the software. They save time for the support team and provide convenient answers to customers.”

When it comes to customer support and ensuring that your users have a great experience, it really comes down to your communications being clear, efficient, and effective. Any rift along the way, even slight, can leave a bad taste in the mouth of your customer.

We like to think of customer support as an opportunity, and its important to make the most of this crucial touchpoint.

With Zight (formerly CloudApp), ApproveMe’s support team could provide clear information to their users as quickly as possible. And importantly, they could do this while staying on brand.

According to ApproveMe, over 50% of their support emails use a screenshot from Zight (formerly CloudApp), and it is by far one of the best tools for them to explain their sometimes complicated software to customers.

The customer support team at ApproveMe also loved how easy Zight (formerly CloudApp) was to set up. They configured their settings in only a few minutes. And that’s not all. The company uses Zight (formerly CloudApp) in a variety of departments from customer support, to sales, to marketing.

They even use Zight (formerly CloudApp) as an internal tool to make communication with their own team more effective.

The Numbers

In case your skeptical of the anecdotal evidence provided so far, ApproveMe has the numbers to back it up.

Here are the facts:

ApproveMe has grown their revenue by 172% since implementing Zight (formerly CloudApp).

Before using Zight (formerly CloudApp), they measured the Happiness Score of their customers. Only 48% rated their customer support as “Great” while 17% rated it as “Okay” and 35% said “Not Good.”

After using Zight (formerly CloudApp), 92% of their customer rated them as “Great”. To achieve an average happiness score of 92% is an accomplishment. The team was only able to do it as a direct result of having efficient customer support.


It’s no secret that Zight (formerly CloudApp) is an easy and effective tool to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues and customers.

Recently, Zight (formerly CloudApp) hosted a webinar on the topic of “How Support Teams Can Drive Happiness Scores of 100.”‍

In the webinar, our Customer Success Team Lead Nico Chaparro described the process of how utilizing our own product raised our average customer happiness score from an 56 to over 80, with many weeks receiving a perfect score from customers of 100.

When using Zight (formerly CloudApp) for your customer success and support operations, the proof is in the pudding. Time and time again we’ve seen our clients experience these same results.

We were beyond excited to hear from our friends over at ApproveMe and look forward to continue helping businesses all over make the most of their support operations and provide their customers as seamless an experience as possible.

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