Top Secure Video Sharing Tools

Secure video sharing tools can help businesses be sure their videos are only being seen by the right viewers.

Zight | August 12, 2022 | 5 min read time

Top Secure Video Sharing Tools

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It’s safe to say that most companies do not want their meetings or internal dialogue to become viral videos. Recording a video that contains confidential information comes with its risks. Companies should feel confident that the information they record is reaching their intended audience, and no one else. Queue the need for secure video sharing options.

Businesses need a way to protect their videos from being stolen or distributed without permission. But, how can they ensure the right audience is seeing their videos? This is where secure video sharing comes into play. 

How Companies Benefit from Secure Video Sharing

As more and more companies are moving to a hybrid work environment or even going fully remote as a result of the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to communicate effectively with teams. Secure video sharing allows employees to collaborate effectively and efficiently within the organization, reducing any barriers that prevent employees from engaging with one another.  

In the new hybrid work environment, videos can be used to replace emails, educate employees, and/or improve customer service. Many companies have chosen to adopt async communication such as video sharing for multiple reasons. Some companies utilize video sharing to increase productivity. We know how difficult it can be to schedule meetings around the busy schedules of employees. Async communication like video allows employees to view content at their own time, preventing any abrupt stops in productivity to attend a meeting. 

Other companies utilize video sharing to focus on communication. When recording a video for employees or customers, the user needs to plan out their thoughts before recording while also clearly outlining their objectives. Video sharing provides recipients with the opportunity to replay the message to better understand what is being communicated.

When using video as a means of communication, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is issues ranging from problems with display to potential security breaches. A secure video sharing tool not only protects your videos, but it also allows a company to remain in control of the content produced and information shared.

What To Look For in A Secure Video Sharing Tool

Not every secure video sharing tool is the same, but there are certain questions and features that you should ask yourself and look for when weighing which option suits your needs.

When deciding if your company would benefit from secure video sharing, some questions to ask yourself in your role at the company include:

  • Who needs to see the information I’m sharing?
  • How long should the information be available for?
  • Is the information confidential?
  • How will the audience be able to access the video?


If your answers to these questions seem to require more control over the information you’re sending, it’s time to consider utilizing the benefits of secure video sharing.

With secure video sharing, privacy and security are everything. Having features of a secure video sharing platform such as password-protected hosting and secure uploading tools protect and can view videos and prevent data from being lost in the mix. Encryptions also add another strong element of protection in keeping videos private and in the right hands. Other features to look for in a secure video sharing tool include the ability to group videos together as well as batch edit.  

A Few Secure Video Sharing Tools

The best secure video sharing tools in the market are the ones that guarantee your content and videos are safe and protected.  

So, now that you’ve made the decision that your company’s video content deserves to be protected and you know what features you are looking for, it’s time to choose the best secure video sharing tool for your business.

Here are some of the best options in the market:

  1. Zight (formerly CloudApp): Zight (formerly CloudApp) was built with enterprises for enterprises. Zight (formerly CloudApp) has put its focus on businesses from day one with enterprise grade security, administrative, and privacy options. By utilizing machine learning, our content analysis enables your IT team to keep customer data safe and secure. Zight (formerly CloudApp) provides multiple layers of security such as custom SSL, multi-layered access control, and 256-bit SSL enforcement.  Zight (formerly CloudApp) allows companies to customize their platform to suit their needs. Through various integrations across platforms such as Slack, Zendesk, and Trello, teams now can communicate seamlessly and safely with each other. With over 4 million people using Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s screen recording software, the platform saves time in your calendar and ensures all the important information is sealed. 
  2. Brightcove: With Brightcove, employees have a better way to stay engaged. The Brightcove platform includes security features such as IP restriction, SSO, and URL tokenization to ensure videos are only reaching your intended audience. The platform has powerful editing tools with customizable privacy and security options. However, Brightcove’s advanced tools can make it difficult to adapt to the new technology. Brightcove is not meant for smaller companies as they may find the pricing too steep.
  3. Dacast: Dacast is designed specifically for business professionals and enterprise use. The platform is also meant for all levels of experience with key features including real-time analytics, content control and advanced security options, and adaptive streaming. Datacast provides secure video support, suits every budget, and offers live streaming capabilities. While Dacast has advanced security and distribution capabilities, the platform does not support many encoders and some may find their tools difficult to navigate.


Learn more about how to incorporate secure video sharing tools into your business to ensure your information and employees are protected.

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