How To Create A Webcam Recording With CloudApp

How to create a webcam recording and the advantages of it.

Zight | June 12, 2017 | 2 min read time

How To Create A Webcam Recording With CloudApp

There are 2 different ways to create a webcam recording with Zight (formerly CloudApp):

#1- The fastest way is to use the shortcuts: cmd + shift + 8 for Mac and alt + shift + 9 for Windows

#2 – Select the Drop Down and find the menu ( click the … from the drop down)

On Mac:

On Windows:

Watch our 1 minute video to learn all the details about how to create a webcam recording:

YouTube video

Why should you create a webcam video?

If you are in Sales/Marketing:

Sales Reps use webcam videos to make their emails feel more personal. They want their prospects to know that there is a human being behind their interaction and they want to create an intimate relationship while still communicating via email.

Make your Marketing emails stand out by adding a personal touch. An embedded video is the best way to get people’s attention.

If you are in Customer Support:

It’s always nice to remind customers that there is a physical person ready to help them, to show that you are not a bot. Darcy, at Buffer, always ends challenging help desk tickets with a personal webcam recording thanking the customer for its patience. It’s just the detail that will make the difference between classic customer support and outstanding one.

Watch Darcy’s advice for a successful Customer Support – Full webinar here

For internal use:

When working remote or collaborating with remote teams, it seems that we sometimes lack of face to face conversation. Send a quick and personal answer! It’s way faster than having to write it down and it’s more fun.


When you are done recording, just drag your video and drop it directly in your email!

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