Create a Video Library with Zight

Organize your company’s videos by team and topic, in a custom video library.

Centralized Video Library

Your company’s most binge-worthy content. Exactly where everyone knows where to look. 

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Organize videos by topic and team.

Leverage admin controls to assign permission.

Create the ultimate shared workspace.

Enable easy search and navigation to key content.

How to Create a Video Library 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to add and organize all the most relevant content for your teams and customers.

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1. Capture

Simply click record to create your unique video message or screen recording. 

2. Add & Name

Add your video to a custom video library through “Collections.” Click + to add your video to a collection. Name your collection and set permissions according to who you want to see it.

3. Share Instantly

Copy and paste the unique collection link in Slack, email or any other communication channel, to share with the world.  

Enterprise Video Libraries Made Easy

Create and share curated content with your teams and customers. 

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Organize your most important content; keep it accessible from your menu bar or taskbar; and instantly share with colleagues or customers.

It’s very easy to share video libraries–just copy and paste the link in any of your favorite communication channels, such as Slack, Email, Google Docs, Zendesk and more. You can edit permissions of each video library easily and determine who can view your content.