Collections with Zight

Curate video message collections and visual communication folders for easy finding, referencing and sharing with your teams and customers. 

Bring Content & Workflow Together

No clumsy search required. With Zight’s collections, you can create a folder for each of your visual collections, and keep your entire team–and yourself–organized. 

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Create unlimited video libraries with custom folders.

Stay aligned across departments with easy-to-find content.

Increase team collaboration and productivity.

Get an instantly shareable link for each collection.

Collections Made Easy

Access everything you need to share content at the speed of sight.

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Easily Create Content Collections

1. Name

Go to your dashboard, and navigate to the left of your dashboard to “Collections.” Click the + sign. Name your new collection.

2. Add Items

Navigate to your video library. Check the videos you want to add to your collections and click the + sign. 

3. Share Instantly

Copy and instantly share your collection with team members, colleagues and customers.

Default to Visual

Communicate visually, so everyone is on the same page. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A video collection is a curated library of specific videos and screen recordings or visuals (including GIFs and screenshots) categorized by topic or theme.

  • Zight’s screen recording and video message collections are great for:
    • Knowledge Base
    • HR Onboarding
    • Sales Demos
    • Design Mockups
    • Mood Boarding