Top 5 Customer Success Tools for Mobile

…2022? Jeannie Walters notes, “Customer experience is not magic. It’s management.” Further, customer experience is a habit and effort that results in excellent outcomes. Having a good customer success team…

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Top 5 Customer Success Tools for Mobile

Customer success teams are in a difficult position. They work to make sure your customers are happy and using their purchases to the fullest. There are a lot of complicated customer success metrics to monitor, analytics to examine, and onboarding workflows. If you don’t find practical solutions for managing these tasks, it’ll be impossible to offer value to customers.

Your customer success team requires dedicated tools that paint a clear picture of your customers and their goals. Leveraging these tools can help you perform the above tasks. In addition, these tools eliminate errors and slowdowns. As your business and consumer base grows, it’s crucial to adopt customer success tools to ensure every employee is on the same page and meeting their goals.

With the right tools, you and your team will have more time to build strong relationships with customers.

What Is the Best Customer Success Tool for Mobile in 2022?

Jeannie Walters notes, “Customer experience is not magic. It’s management.” Further, customer experience is a habit and effort that results in excellent outcomes. Having a good customer success team and using proper tools can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Customer success tools take the customer data you’ve collected and automate the process of combining it to offer a comprehensive overview of your customers. These tools provide a detailed overview of your customers’ experiences and display essential clues that tell you if your existing strategies are working and where you should make changes.

Customer success software also offloads the heavy lifting of monitoring and managing customer success metrics by unearthing actionable insights you can leverage to improve adoption and scale your business. By gathering accurate data and holistic information about your customers, you can boost your retention rates, discover additional sales opportunities, and improve your customer health scores.

With proper customer success tools in place, you can also automate customer journeys and onboarding, optimize product adoption, monitor customer health scores, and accurately monitor and report on the metrics that align with your business’s goals.

Let’s now look at five of the best customer success tools to help you build a solid tech stack.

1. Gainsight

Gainsight targets mid-size businesses and is one of the highest-rated customer success tools today. Its customer success software suite merges data from various sources into a centralized view, offering you 360-degree layouts that display multiple metrics based on the user’s role and customer’s attributes. With this customer success tool, you can also examine your organization’s activity with customers and view a client’s entire documented history. 

Gainsight’s most valuable features are its ability to develop customer health scorecards that you can personalize to reflect your company’s most critical data points. With the help of AI, this software can track your customers’ behaviors and forecast potential outcomes. Such a customer success tool is also helpful in reducing customer churn rates. 

Gainsight’s best features include:

  • Data security
  • Customer health scores
  • Customer profiles
  • Customer tracking
  • Scalability.

It also allows businesses to strategically plan higher-level customer success teams and lower-level account management for customer success teams and managers who perform day-to-day tasks. In addition, its custom pricing is available upon submitting a request.

2. Planhat

This customer success software features a minimalist interface that makes customer success simple. Planhat enables you and your customer success team to unify your customer data, monitor and visualize customer usage metrics in real-time, set goals and probable outcomes, and improve your customers’ experiences using collaboration and playbooks. In addition, Planhat allows you to see where your customers are in the purchase cycle and determines those who are doing well and those who need help.

Its customer portal is a noteworthy feature that allows you to create playbooks and share them with your audience to build collaborative workspaces. Also, it can help you create custom metrics that are visible to your clients, so they have access to their adoption rates. 

Planhat best features include:

  • Customer health scores. These evaluate signs your customers are succeeding or are about to abandon your business.
  • Customer segments. They organize customers into groups, allowing more efficient communication.
  • Revenue monitoring and forecasting help you plan for your company’s bottom line. 
  • Churn tracking provides a quick overview of which customers your company is retaining and those churning.

Pricing starts at about $500 per month for unlimited users.

3. Service Hub

This is HubSpot’s customer success management software. With this software, you can develop conversational tools, build help desk automation, and construct a knowledge base for your clients. In addition, its support ticketing tool offers your customers a way to contact your team and provides a ticket routing to ensure the right team handles customer support requests.

One pro of Service Hub is that it enables you and your team to gather customer feedback using its feedback tool. This software allows you to quickly send customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and customer support surveys.

Service Hub’s best features include:

  • Tickets to organize incoming customer queries and concerns.
  • Team inbox shares customer messages and assigns support tickets among your customer success reps.
  • Customer feedback to deploy customer surveys and examine customer satisfaction scores and feedback.
  • Knowledge base to develop educational resources to help your customers help themselves.
  • Conversations that connect all mediums of customer communication so your team can have the context whenever they get in contact with them.
  • Automation. It leverages customer feedback responses to start workflows that automatically route your customers to their required solutions.

Pricing starts at $45 per month, or you can opt for a limited free version.

4. ChurnZero

This is a real-time SaaS software built to reduce customer churn rates by helping customer success teams understand customers better. Also, it tracks usage stats to offer a comprehensive picture of how your customers are using your products, examines clients’ overall health and the likelihood of renewal, and automates your customers’ experiences. 

One benefit of ChurnZero is taking customer data and converting it into personalized reporting dashboards. Another crucial feature is an API that passes data directly from your ChurnZero user account into the rest of your CRM systems. 

ChurnZero also features other essential features, such as usage tracking, health score, account management, customer lifecycle management, and revenue management, to ease customer success workflows.

ChurnZero’s pricing is only available upon submitting a request.

5. Totango

Totango is another widely used customer success tool that drives effective customer success solutions for many companies. As a result, the software has a prominent clientele, including Zoom and SAP.

This is a feature-rich customer success tool that primarily targets SaaS businesses. It offers a suite of tools, such as the Spark tool, which tracks customer health scores in real-time. Spark tool also allows your customer success team to perform customer health scoring, stay updated with templates or customer health scorecards, and view product usage analytics. 

In addition, Totango’s SuccessPlays feature enables customer success teams to set up tasks that trigger automatically when specific rules are matched. These triggers send action plans to customer success teams to manage any situation as soon as possible.

Although Tatango targets enterprises, its free version is relatively extensive as it only excludes only a few of its various features. This makes it a viable option for growing SaaS enterprises or companies venturing into customer success.

Totango features everything you need to run your customer success team effectively. Thus, if you’re a large organization looking to be as customer-focused as possible and analyze customer satisfaction efficiently, Totango is perfect for your company.

It features a forever-free version, or you can request a quote to get the Enterprise version.

Final Thoughts

By leveraging the right customer success tool, you can attract new customers while keeping the existing ones happy. Conversely, you’ll lose your customers without the right customer success team optimally using top customer success tools. Don’t underestimate the value a customer success software can add to your business, so choose one carefully.
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