Podcast: Interview with Scott Smith, CEO at Zight

In the No Instructions Podcast, Chad Ingram interviews Scott Smith, CEO of Zight. Chad, CEO of Distro, explores Scott’s journey and Zight’s rebranding, offering captivating insights into startups and business

Scott Smith | March 21, 2024 | 2 min read time

Article Last Updated: March 22, 2024

Podcast: Interview with Scott Smith, CEO at Zight

Podcast: Interview with Scott Smith, CEO at Zight

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In the No Instructions Podcast, host Chad Ingram has an insightful conversation with Scott Smith, CEO at Zight. Chad is a three-time founder and CEO at Distro, a platform that assists businesses in assembling teams by eliminating global borders. The interview covers Scott’s journey, the company’s rebranding, and highlights from the podcast that offer captivating glimpses into the world of startups and businesses.

Zight’s purpose and podcast highlights

Zight is an application designed to minimize workplace miscommunication. The tool allows users to record screen content or take screenshots that can be shared with colleagues for immediate clarification on specific tasks. Through fostering communication and collaboration, Zight enhances workplace happiness and productivity. The company takes pride in offering a valuable solution that saves time otherwise wasted in constant back-and-forth correspondence.

Reasons behind CloudApp’s rebranding to Zight

Scott describes mixed reactions towards the name CloudApp, with some people loving it and others, including himself, disliking it. Frequently, people mistakenly associated CloudApp with iCloud, causing confusion and even massive app installs. Several attempted solutions, such as changing the name and charging iOS users, ultimately led to a full rebrand.

About Scott Smith

Scott studied economics at Brigham Young University and was initially interested in a finance degree due to his father’s Wall Street career at Goldman Sachs. However, Scott eventually realized that neither finance nor academia was his true passion.

An internship opportunity at Instructure, led by a CEO and two PhD students, ignited Scott’s fascination with technology and startups. He decided to immerse himself in learning about and playing a role in building startups.

Entering the startup and tech world

Understanding that working in a startup offered three choices—creating a product, or selling a product—Scott acknowledged that he wasn’t suited for development by background or by interest. However, he was confident that his skills and experience were ideal for the business and sales side of the process.

Networking with the startup community, Scott met venture capitalist Dan Cook, who introduced him to various industry professionals. These connections eventually led Scott to his first startup job at Dyn, an infrastructure tech company, where he supported the organization’s growth from 30 employees and $2 million in recurring revenue to a significant market player before it was acquired by Oracle for $600m+.

Key lessons and takeaways

Scott Smith’s journey with Zight taught him the value of networking within the startup community and the importance of identifying mentors for guidance and assistance throughout the process. By persistently collaborating and working hard, Scott has managed to find ways to overcome certain challenges of building a successful tech company.

Zight’s story serves as a reflection of the intricate and promising world of startups—formulating the right idea and executing it effectively. Founders like Scott Smith contribute invaluable insights and experiences, inspiring future entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and establish their own thriving businesses.

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