Rebranding from CloudApp to Zight

CloudApp is changing our name and becoming Zight. The new name and brand identity align with our mission to create a happier and more productive workplace for all.

Scott Smith | April 11, 2023 | 5 min read time

Rebranding from CloudApp to Zight

Today, we have some exciting news to share regarding the evolution of our company.

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CloudApp is changing our name and becoming Zight. The new name and brand identity align with our mission to create a happier and more productive workplace for all and our vision to provide the most reliable, secure, and integrated visual communication platform.

Our Beginnings

Years ago, we started out as a simple file sharing tool with a humble idea: Give people an easy and secure way to share images and files across the globe using the cloud. Any content type from files, videos, images, or screenshots could be uploaded to the cloud and shared instantly with a link. It was a simple application at the time and the name reflected as much.

A lot has changed since then. CloudApp has grown into a robust application offering numerous features to help people communicate better visually. Over the years we have added features like the ability to annotate screenshots and embed our screen recording platform virtually anywhere via SDK.

And users loved it! Tired of expensive, overly complex, or slower capture & sharing tools they appreciated the ability to share something without having to think about the details.

But we did run into a few challenges early on with the name. Some thought we were iCloud, others thought we were an app to help them identify Clouds. So this change has been on our minds for awhile!

With our users in mind we have invested all of our energy into building products that simplify workplace communication. At organizations big and small, we’ve become the way to share visual assets in the workplace.

Today, we power over 35,000 companies like Atlassian, Adobe, and Figma.

We’ve gone from a simple idea to a thriving community of over 4 million users working across all functions and industries from building websites and SaaS platforms, to teachers and students enhancing the educational experience.

As our product has evolved, our mission and vision have evolved alongside. Now, it’s time our name reflects that evolution.

Our New Brand: Zight

Today, CloudApp begins establishing our new brand identity as Zight.

While we still remain true to our humble origins, as CloudApp has evolved we want our brand to better reflect our mission, vision, community and product. (No longer being confused with all the other cloud applications and cloud based name companies out there is a nice bonus too!)

Zight is a playful variation rooted in the word “sight” aligning well with our place in the world as a visual asynchronous communication tool on a mission to enable a happier and more productive workplace through better communication.

We are introducing a new logo type and mark for the brand, which we will be rolling out across product and marketing in the coming weeks. Our new logo pays homage to the origin and evolution of CloudApp by incorporating familiar elements like the video play button, chat tail, and aperture shutters of the current cloud shaped mark.

The Future for Zight

Rolling out a new brand and company name is a big change, and we want to ensure our users both new and existing that we are thinking of you throughout every step of this transition process. 

If you’re an existing customer – you’ll find that none of your existing workflows, pricing, or projects have changed. We’re more focused than ever on helping you succeed and excited to bring new features, integrations, and enhanced security, scalability and reliability over the remainder of the year.

To provide the best experience possible for our users, we will be rolling out our new brand in phases and closely communicating with you each step of the way. This announcement is just the first step in beginning the transition process. 

Over the next few weeks, we will begin to update our branding across all of our products, communication channels, and websites. We have compiled a comprehensive FAQ that offers details about our full migration plan: here.

Closing the Communication Gap

People are more productive than ever. And also more burned out than ever before. 

Remote and hybrid work have reduced the time spent trapped in cars & in commutes, video conferencing services like Zoom have transformed how we meet, and Zight (formerly CloudApp) has advanced our ability to communicate and understand each other. 

While we have all become more linked through technology, many are feeling less connected in our professional relationships. In an era of work where instant message check-ins and endless mundane meetings rule, CloudApp brought both a personal touch and the ability to collaborate instantly.

We enable teams to work where they are, whether it’s right next to each other or across the globe, using asynchronous communication. We enable them to become superhuman versions of themselves as they show, rather than tell, what they mean. We help them get straight to the point, and get their work done— faster.

For teams & enterprises, CloudApp helps close the communication gap between people and as Zight will continue to do so. That is because we know on a personal level how challenging communication is in the modern workplace. We use Zight (formerly CloudApp) to build Zight. Our team uses it thousands of times per day, and we’re obsessed with removing source of friction we can. 

In the pursuit of our passion to improve the communication process, we’ve introduced new and exciting features to help you:

  • Work better wherever you work with integrations for Slack and Jira and offering an easy-to-use SDK so other platforms can add screen recording & screen capture to their products.
  • Work better with others by adding more team and sharing functionality like instant video uploads and instant sharing
  • Our users can have the peace of mind that their communications and data are secure— we prioritize security throughout every step of our development process and we are SOC2 Type 2 Certified

We look forward to continuing to evolve and expand our products and solutions as Zight in the weeks, months, and years ahead.


CloudApp is branding to Zight.

We aim to make Zight the most reliable, secure, and integrated visual asynchronous communication platform available to help you create a happier, more productive workplace for your organization, your team and you.

We are incredibly grateful for your support, and to be building for you. There is much more to come and we are excited to have you with us on this journey.

– Scott Smith, CEO 

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