4 Ways Screen Recording Saves Support Teams Time

…your products and systems, why not use a screen recorder , screenshot, or snipping tool to teach new members everything they need to know right up front? Create a Video…

Zight | October 06, 2017 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: June 28, 2023

4 Ways Screen Recording Saves Support Teams Time

While it seems to make perfect sense to over-explain a solution to a fed-up customer, it’s important to remember that it’s not the customer’s responsibility to understand the problem.

Instead, it’s the support team’s job to show the solution in the quickest way possible.

Before you talk your way through another mound of customer requests, here are a few ways you can use Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s advanced screen recorder to cut down on the conversation and help your customer get past the explanation – and straight to the solution.

Hold Their Attention

You would think if a person really needed to fix their problem, they’d hang onto your every, informative word until they understood the solution. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case. Most of the time when we try to verbally explain an issue, the customer zones out, because this isn’t their area of expertise or even interest and their brain simply shuts down. Screen recording helps people pay close attention and get more from your help in a shorter period of time. People are engineered to engage with visual cues far more than drawn out explanations. In fact, 20% of the human brain is around just to process visuals.

Simply share a screen recording of what you’re specifically looking at with your customer, so you’ll hold their interest long enough to help them quickly resolve their issue. If anything, they’ll be checking to see what other tabs you have open. 😉

GIF to explain a feature

Toughest Problems Solved Best

Sometimes a customer issue isn’t a quick fix and sometimes a simple screen recording alone isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need to pull out the big guns: visuals + explanation.

Our support team uses our screen recording + audio feature to record detailed explanations over the screen recording to minimize confusion and help the customer understand what they’re seeing on the screen. This approach works best when the solution is a multi-step fix with a lot of moving parts, or when the customer will need to re-reference the screen recording as they go through the several-step process.

Training Your Team

Anyone who has hired or trained a new support team member understands that training someone is a lot of work and can take ungodly amounts of time without a good system in place. All which is counterproductive when you’re trying to get through as many support tickets an hour as possible.

And while we all see the value of sharing screen recordings with our customers, many of us forget that they’re an excellent in-house training tool as well!

Since the success of your support team relies on their ability to quickly grasp the inner workings of your products and systems, why not use a screen recorder , screenshot, or snipping tool to teach new members everything they need to know right up front?

Create a Video Training Library

Ever hear of the saying “death by flea bite”?

The idea is that even though the injury isn’t severe, the repetition of the injury is what eventually takes a person down.

While a lot of questions that support teams answer are really simple, the endless act of repetition is what’s killing your productivity goals and causing your team to drown in the avalanche of support tickets. In fact, very rarely is it the less-common complex issues that take the most time.

To cut down on how many times a day your team repeats the same simple answers, create a video library using simple screen recordings for your most frequently asked questions. By automating a system where you can initially send customers with simple questions, you’ll shave hours off of the amount of time you spend answering easy, but time-consuming questions, while getting through everyone’s tickets faster!

From support team to support team, we’d love to hear your tips & tricks. If you haven’t already downloaded our advanced screen recording software (for Mac and PC) you can start saving time on those tickets starting now! It’s easy, simple and free!

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