The YNAB team is saving time while reducing TTR and enhancing communication with customers.


Key Success Outcomes

Here's where YNAB (You Need A Budget) saw the most impact.

About YNAB (You Need A Budget)


Financial Services


Small (51-100)

Use Case:

Customer Support, Troubleshooting


Lehi, UT

You Need a Budget (YNAB) develops finance apps for iPhones and iPads. The rule is to help individuals or employees gain total control of their money. They teach them how to gain control of their money so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck, get out of debt, and save more money faster.

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Key Features Leveraged:

  • Screenshots
  • Screen Recordings
  • Annotations
  • File Sharing
  • Password Protection
  • File Expiration

The Challenge

The YNAB Customer Support team focuses on improving TTR while reducing customer friction and solving problems with clarity and efficiency. 

The challenge was for the Customer Support team to show customers exactly what they were seeing on their screen and find a process that made them feel like they were getting white-glove service while reducing customer friction and saving time.

“Zight is one of my most important tools in the support queue.”

Matthew Amster-Burton, Support Specialist

The Zight Solution

YNAB’s Customer Success team works with customers’ budgets and internally compares notes based on what they are seeing to understand what’s going on before going to the customer. 

During this process, they record a short custom narrated Zight screen recording from inside the customer’s budget to explain with clarity and understanding what’s going on. 

Additionally, the team uses Zight for screen captures with annotations, using arrows to point out specific details, or adding a rectangle to draw attention to important content. This means one less thing the customer has to think about because everything is explained right in the screenshot – reducing the need for back-and-forth timely communications.

The Results

By incorporating Zight’s annotated screenshots and video recordings, the YNAB Customer Support team enhances communication efficiency and personalization when addressing customer inquiries. 

This visual context enables quicker information sharing, leading to clearer interactions. As a result, the YNAB Customer Success team responds promptly, reducing misunderstandings and frustration for both customers and team members.

Moreover, Zight has effectively addressed security concerns in collaboration with YNAB, particularly when sharing screen captures and videos containing sensitive customer information. For each instance of delivering content to customers, YNAB mandates the application of a passcode. Zight has seamlessly incorporated this safeguard within the share settings, allowing YNAB to opt for a personalized secure passcode.

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