5 Benefits from Training Your Employees to Write Professionally

The benefits of writer training are endless

Zight | June 11, 2019 | 4 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 13, 2023

5 Benefits from Training Your Employees to Write Professionally

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Employees write on the job all the time:emails to colleagues, proposals to clients, and content for targeted audiences and consumers. Are your employees spending too much time reading and writing content that it is affecting their productivity and performance? Is poor business writing in your firm causing high turnover and low customer retention?Well, these are just some of the costs of poor writing.

According to a recent survey, poor business writing costs businesses about $400 billion annually. Additionally,81% of business people agree that badly written material wastes their time.

Unfortunately, poor writing has become so common that managers barely notice it, and, those who do, think that training employees to write better is a tedious and expensive exercise. If you are still on the fence about training your employees to write professionally, here’s what your business stands to gain.

1. Training addresses weakness

How is this a benefit? All employees have weaknesses that they have to deal with, and poor writing is one of those weaknesses. Training employees to write better strengthens their skills,allowing them to perform their writing tasks faster and boosts their confidence levels. Moreover, it provides them an opportunity for career growth and development, which increases job satisfaction and reduces turnover.

2. Better communication

Employees communicate numerous times a day using emails, reports, memos, and letters. For effective communication within a company, employees must write in a comprehensive, proficient, and informative way.

Inability to do so not only wastes time for the reader and the writer but also leads to misinterpretation of messages, which can cause expensive mistakes in businesses where strict standards and procedures ought to be followed.

3. Business writing training helps to increase credibility

Employees with excellent writing skills are perceived as trustworthy and reliable. Training your employees equips them with the knowledge on how to write clear, concise, yet informative content. This can be especially beneficial to your content marketing efforts, as most members of the audience will be able to understand your messages and act on them.

Poorly organized thoughts and grammatical errors make employees seem unprofessional in the eyes of potential clients, discouraging them from doing business with you.

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4. Good writing increases ROI

Did you know that businesses in the US spend 6 percent of their total wages in attempts to understand poorly written material? Training your employees to write better not only saves you this money but also saves on time spent reading and improves customer service, resulting in increased sales.

Free and paid online business writing courses ,top writer’s services , editing and proofreading tools could serve to improve the employee’s writing skills greatly.

5. Business writing demonstrates courtesy

Formal business writing mirrors the level of politeness and attention to detail that one exudes in face-to-face interactions. Training employees helps to ensure that they consider formatting and etiquette when writing to clients and customers. It helps them to avoid poor grammar and word choice, and also to check if their messages are clear, logical and if they use the right tone.

Basically, with excellent writing skills, your employees won’t come off as rude or lazy. Additionally, when employees write impeccably, internal and external projects are better coordinated, ideas are shared widely, and goal setting and negotiating agreements becomes far much easier.

Discussed in this article are the benefits of training employees to write professionally. Make sure you invest in a good training program and encourage employees to use grammar checkers to detect syntax errors before sending messages.

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