The Top 10 Free and Paid File Sharing Sites

The Top 10 Free and Paid File Sharing Sites

Zight | August 24, 2020 | 8 min read time

The Top 10 Free and Paid File Sharing Sites

File sharing is key to team collaboration, project management, and running a well-oiled company. And there are a ton of options available to businesses today. Some companies only need to send files and don’t need many more features than that.

Others need a place to permanently store their files and share them when they need to. And then there are those companies that need a site that lets them store files, share files, collaborate with team members, and even manage projects, all in one place.

In this post, we take a look at the top 10 free and paid file sharing sites you can use to securely send and receive important data while improving team cooperation.

Let’s jump right in!

The Top Paid File Sharing Sites

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business brings together everything you need for work into a single place. Organize your tools and content, invite collaborators, and seamlessly share your files.

All file types are welcome inside Dropbox Business.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides; Microsoft Office Word and Powerpoint; and, of course, Dropbox Paper alongside PNGs, PDFs, and most other files.

This lets you store and easily share the files you use with product management tools like Trello or Asana.

All your work can be accessed from your computer, mobile device, or any web browser to work from anywhere, anytime.

Plus, if you’re communication tools like Zoom or Slack in your tech stack, Dropbox Business can integrate them into your workflow to keep your conversations and shared files in one place.


Egnyte is one of the most secure file sharing sites, offering “content governance” to reduce the risk of a security breach. Their service is especially important for companies who have particularly valuable data they need to protect. But every company can benefit from a few extra safeguards.

Egnyte automatically scans files to identify any regulated or proprietary data that need additional security measures to protect, including information subject to GDPR and other regulations.

It also allows you to control access requests, respond to unusual user behavior or ransomware requests, and automate data retention.

You can securely share files from your smartphone, tablet, or PC using a protected email link. And if you need to access files remotely, you can use “Storage Connect” to retrieve, edit, and share on-premise confidential data with password-protected links. Neither the file nor its metadata ever cross through the cloud for added security.


Box is one of the most well-known and used cloud-based storage and file sharing site, allowing users to centralize their data and collaborate with ease.

All your files can be accessed from any device and can be shared with your team, customers, business partners, and even vendors. Box security controls allow you to share files while protecting sensitive data.

Contract and digital asset management are easy with automatable workflows, and you can integrate over 1,400 apps, from Office 365 to slack, connecting content across all the tools you’re already using.

Plus, metadata is automatically applied to your content, making it more searchable while boosting regulatory compliance and data security.

Accelerate your sales cycle by managing proposals securely in the cloud, enabling your workforce to be mobile and flexible to changing customer demands.

G Suite Google Drive

G Suite Google Drive was made for businesses who want more features and functionality than what the free version of Google Drive offers.

G Suite lets you and your team collaborate on shared files in real-time, from documents to spreadsheets to slides. Edits will be shown to everyone else, there’s built-in chat for improved communication, and all the changes are automatically saved.

You can also sync up meeting times on everyone’s calendar, and take meetings from anywhere with video-enabled conferences on all your devices for streamlined productivity.

The same infrastructure Google has used to secure its own data is now available to you for full protection over your sensitive files. And it automatically backs up your files in the cloud in case a file is accidentally lost, deleted, stolen, or corrupted.

You’re free to invite any others to view, download, and collaborate on any file stored in Drive without using insecure email attachments.


ShareFile helps you automate workflows and accelerate workplace productivity with in-office and remote employees.

You get access to “bank-level data encryption” for securely sharing and storing sensitive files. In fact, ShareFile provides more than 25 customizable security settings to prevent data leaks and recover lost data if it is lost or stolen.

And you’re given a single, secure point of access for all of your data, regardless of the environment or endpoint.

Plus, ShareFile has a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that encrypts emails and automatically converts attachments into ShareFile links.

ShareFile also features a powerful Office 365 integration that lets you automate approvals and feedback on any document, and gives you control over customizable workflows in your account, allowing for real-time editing and versioning.


Flipsnack is a cloud-based graphic design tool, that allows its users to create and share interactive publications, like flipbooks, reports, presentations, catalogs, magazines, and many more.

Users can easily create their desired publications by uploading their content materials in PDF format or by creating new ones from scratch, thoroughly guided by Flipsnack’s intuitive drag and drop editor.

Within a few clicks, this platform transforms static documents into engaging publications with a large variety of interactive elements.

Amongst its most important features you can find the following: audio and video elements; you can embed maps into your publication; add photo slideshows and GIFs; you can also add social media buttons to your presentation and many more.
Moreover, it comes equipped with a wide range of fully customizable templates in its integrated library.

Flipsnack allows you to create a flipbook and share it online with your audience in multiple ways, you can either share it on your desired platforms, using the integrated social media buttons; you can also send it directly as an email; or via a link to your desired audience, meaning that only those who can access the link, can view your publication.

The Top Free File Sharing Sites


Jumpshare is both a top file sharing site and a content production platform.

It combines file sharing with screenshot capture, video recording, and team collaboration.

Jumpshare keeps all your data in one place to be easily accessed, searched, and shared using the Jumpshare app. It features visually vibrant folders for improved organization; you can choose how they appear and who can access them.

Stakeholders, team members, and anyone else you want to collaborate with can leave feedback as comments directly on your files.

And the file viewer is especially stunning, with over 200 formats online for viewing photos, videos, documents, full presentations, and much more.

Plus, Jumpshare integrates with hundreds of apps so you can get stuff done using the same tools you already use every day.


MediaFire is known for its seamless user interface and exceptionally easy navigation, making file sharing and storage super easy.

Share files through email, a special link, or even through your social networks. There are unlimited downloads available for your files with zero wait times.

You can store and share any file type and receive 10-50GB of storage space for photos, audio recordings, videos, and all other content.

You’re able to upload hundreds, even thousands of files simultaneously from anywhere through any web browser or by using the MediaFire app available for Android, iPhone, Windows, and more. And control the access to everything you upload through these same apps.


Hightail is a free file sharing site that lets you share very large files, get feedback on your content, and simplify collaboration.

Hightail lets you start “projects” and invite team members to collaborate. Creative briefs, assets, decisions, and approvals can occur all in the same place.

Team members can have multiple different projects and will have access to the files in their particular project while you can exclude them from other projects. You can also assign next steps and requests to specific team members.

Also, Hightail lets you keep tabs on team members through “Team Views” that lets you see individual members’ to-dos.

And when sharing files, recipients won’t need an account to access what you upload thanks to easy-to-use cloud storage.


Smash is one of the few free file sharing sites without any file size limit whatsoever. Send 5GB files or much more to anyone in the world.

The caveat is that any file transfers over 2GB in size won’t have “priority.” What that means, in effect, is the recipient you’re sending your file to will have to wait longer to receive it than if you sent a file smaller than 2GB.

A Smash account is not required to use their service, both for the sender and receiver. Simply drag and drop your files or add it to Smash in a few clicks and hit send.

Just like there are no file size limits with Smash, you can send files to as many recipients as you want.

Your files are securely encrypted when first uploaded to Smash servers and while it is being transferred to the recipient. There is a limit to how long the file is available for download, and you get to choose the number of days it can be accessed before it is removed from Smash’s servers.


JUMBOmail is another great file sharing site for sending large files and storing those files for a long time.

Free users can send up to 2GB files through email without ever creating an account. You can simply navigate to the homepage and start sending. There are no limits on the number of files you can send, either. So you can share one large file or hundreds of small ones.

The uploading time will vary depending on the size of the files you’re trying to send and the strength of your internet connection.

Once you send your file, the recipient will receive a message in their email containing a link to a JUMBOmail download page. They’ll be able to view and download the file you sent. You can also password-protect your file for additional security.

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