The 5 Emails Your List Actually Wants to Read

How to send engaging, authentic and informative emails to your subscribers.

Zight | January 19, 2018 | 6 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 06, 2023

The 5 Emails Your List Actually Wants to Read

Just because email marketing isn’t dead (newsflash: it’s stronger than ever) doesn’t mean effective email campaigns aren’t evolving rapidly as your customers get more protective of their inboxes.

Email subscribers aren’t cheap dates and going into 2018 they have high, HIGH standards when it comes to what emails they’ll open.

Engaging, authentic, informative and interactive are the name of the game – and if you want emails that convert, you’ll have to step it up.

Ready to send your email lists the kind of emails they’ll be dying to open and actually engage with? Hint: Step away from that ho-hum email newsletter you send out once a month. Everyone’s sick of it!

To keep their attention (and their business) here are our 7 best emails for a list that buys, and doesn’t bounce.

The Specific Survey or Quiz Email

…before you launch a new service or product.

It’s amazing how many companies will spend time developing and researching a new product, but never poll their already-established list ahead of development.

Your list doesn’t want to be a guinea pig. They want what they signed up for – and they’d rather you ask, instead of sending them irrelevant emails that don’t solve their problem. For a list to convert, they have to be confident that you can solve their biggest problem.

But do you know what that is? Or are you just guessing?

Surveys are a great tool not just for product development, but for customer feedback and digging deeper into new personas.

People also love to give their opinion and surveys are an easy way to engage their thoughts, feedback, concerns and even praise in a way that’s profitable for both marketer and customer.

What do you want to know? What are you most concerned about in your sales process? It’s best just to ask. And ask often.

The Welcome + Instruction Email

One of the biggest mistakes that email marketers make is not sending a welcome email – or a strong enough welcome email when someone first subscribes.

Think of it this way.

You’ve invited someone into your home. They knock, you open the door and then disappear. You don’t take their coat, tell them where to sit, offer a drink – nothing. They’re on their own to figure it out.

What would most people do in that situation? They’d leave.

Email marketing isn’t much different. Once somebody opts in, it’s critical that they quickly receive a welcome email that’s powerful, engaging and gives them special goodies just for being on your list. Think of this as the equivalent of offering your guests refreshments.

In a welcome email, deliver the opt-in (if applicable) and start showing off all the value they’ll get by being on your list. If you have an online community, this is the time to invite them to join. Be creative in your communications with screen recordings, screenshots compatible with Mac or Windows, or funny GiFs.

Have a blog? Make sure to post links to a few of the best posts that they can get started with. And don’t forget to let them know what to expect from you. How often will you email? What kind of emails will you send them? Do you have a new customer coupon code you can extend to them?

Finally, your welcome email should always extend an invitation to communicate back with you. Let them know you’d love to hear their questions, feedback or feel free to reach out with whatever they’re struggling with.

You’ll be surprised just how many subscribers will take you up on it! There’s a reason welcome emails have the highest open rates!

100% Pure Value Email

Gary V is famous for jab, jab, jab, right hook, a philosophy he uses with much success at VaynerMedia. The idea is to give value 3X for every sale or offer that you make. Depending on the type of business, 3 value emails to every promotional email may be overkill, but every type of business should be sending out at least one pure value email.

This email is meant to solve a problem, offer applicable advice and instruction that the reader can use immediately, without having to buy and get them hooked on your content.

Think of email conversions as a long-game, and you’re busy building lasting relationships with your list.

A list that will convert when you give them actionable value for free.

The Online Newsletter

Again, this isn’t the boring tried-and true newsletter you’ve been sending to your list since 2004.

Instead, you want your readers to look forward to your newsletter because they know there’s something in it for them. This can range to special offers, fast-action bonuses, flash-sales, exclusive content, first-look access at new products and services.

What makes this E-newsletter standout against the other emails and dry online newsletters of old? The content is fresh, hand-picked based on some of those surveys that are finally getting sent out and the best content is reserved for readers.

Let your readers know in your welcome email that you’ll be sending a newsletter once a month that they won’t want to miss, especially if they enjoy exclusive deals and content.

Also, don’t forget to encourage social interaction with your readers by keeping your social icons prominently displayed.

The We Hate to See You Go Email

Have a subscription model or membership site? How about a shopping cart?

If so this customer retention email is your new best friend. This email is meant to coax them back to the fold with a special offer to either encourage them to rejoin the membership, or check out with a deal that’s too good to leave abandoned cart.

The name of this email’s game is enticing. A 20% coupon code, or free month to explore your site, subscription or service is all you really need for a stray subscriber to come back to the fold.

A New Product or Service Announcement

This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t think to announce a new product to their list, especially before it’s announced to the general public.

Think of your email list as the cool kids club. The people who are signed up have to feel like there are more perks than just being sold to, otherwise, they’re going to bail.

Luckily, new products are the easiest to announce, especially when you’ve been treating your list like gold. Send them an announcement of the new product launch (countdowns work great too) and don’t forget to give them sneak peaks, special access – and most importantly early-bird pricing just to say thanks for being part of the email club.

We’d love to hear about your highest converting emails and how you keep your list engaged and tuned in? Share your most successful email examples in the comments below – and just maybe we’ll share ours too!

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