PRESS RELEASE: CloudApp Extends Asynchronous Visual Work Collaboration with Lucid Software Integration

CloudApp’s new integration with Lucid helps enterprises and teams share information faster and with greater clarity using video.

Zight | September 27, 2022 | 2 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 26, 2023

PRESS RELEASE: CloudApp Extends Asynchronous Visual Work Collaboration with Lucid Software Integration

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SAN FRANCISCO, September 27, 2022Zight (formerly CloudApp), a leading visual work communication platform, today announced a new integration with Lucid Software, a leading provider of visual collaboration software, to enable better asynchronous communication across the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite.

Through this integration, Lucid users will be able to better communicate and collaborate at scale by embedding, playing, and recording Zight (formerly CloudApp) videos directly in Lucidchart documents and Lucidspark boards. Teams can easily share or access the videos, allowing users to explain and convey information in greater detail and context within the shared visual space without the need for lengthy written documentation or additional meetings. 

“The way we work, collaborate, and communicate has changed,” says Zight (formerly CloudApp) CEO, Scott Smith. “This integration underscores the importance of being able to communicate more effectively, through asynchronous and visual mediums, to improve collaboration across distributed teams and hybrid working environments. We are excited to launch this new integration with Lucid to improve visual collaboration for everyone.”

According to a recent Grammarly & Harris Poll, roughly $1.2 trillion is lost for U.S. businesses per year due to unsuccessful communication practices. Asynchronous visual communication helps enterprises and teams share vital information with greater clarity and with fewer workflow disruptions as compared to traditional video meetings. Pairing this ability with Lucid’s Visual Collaboration Platform allows users to improve engagement, productivity and alignment while reducing the clutter and distractions of additional emails and meetings.

“With the ever-growing complexity of today’s work environment, hybrid teams need solutions that streamline workflows and enable scalable collaboration,” said Dan Lawyer, CPO at Lucid. “By combining asynchronous video with the power of visual collaboration, we’re helping teams bring greater clarity, alignment and speed to their work, enabling them to more quickly move into action and build the future.”

Coming on the heels of the recent Slack & Atlassian Jira integrations, Zight (formerly CloudApp) continues to expand its integration footprint bringing more effective communication and collaboration solutions to enterprises and teams.

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