Lucid Integration

Share information faster and with more context and clarity on Lucid’s collaborative platform with the power of Zight’s screen and video recordings natively where work is happening.

Use In Lucid
Lucid Integration

Faster, Easier, And Simpler

Bring clarity and speed to your visual work by embedding or playing video recordings in your Lucid documents.

Add clarity To Creative Spaces

With videos, you can add context to whiteboards filled with ideas and plans. It’ll help your team quickly understand where projects are at and how they can keep them moving forward.

Enhance Clarity

Communicate What You Need, When You Need

Capture the exact screen & content you need to clearly convey the information you need to. Zight makes it easy to record and share suggestions, changes, feedback, or information with your team—all without leaving the app.

Improve Communication

Natively Embed Your Content

After recording your videos, you can easily save and insert your video content directly into your Lucid documents. Play your videos directly or open the link and view the content in your web browser.

Embed Easily

Communicate Ideas With Clarity

Record videos, and then embed them directly in your Lucidspark boards. Your teammates can view the videos at any time, so direction, context, and ideas are clear even when you can’t hop on a call together.

Align Teams


Record A Video Walkthrough

Use the record feature to help add clarity and context to complex charts. Add your webcam for a personalized touch.

No App Install Needed

Record right from your browser, select your microphone and camera, and use the integration in minutes! Login or signup to save your video on your account.

Manipulate Videos Within Your Document

Need multiple videos? Move them around as objects next to where you need to add clarity. You will also be provided with a link that you can reuse in other tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Click on the video element in your document and click on Copy link. Alternatively, make sure you are logged in while recording to save a copy in your Zight dashboard.

Most Chrominium browsers are supported: Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox.

Unless you have your own paid Zight account, some limits apply: users get up to 9 recordings before signing up, of up to 5 minutes each.