PRESS RELEASE: CloudApp Extends Visual Work Collaboration Market Presence with Slack Integration

CloudApp integrations demonstrate the need for visual communication in the workplace, as distributed teams look for efficient ways to better connect

Zight | August 11, 2022 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: June 25, 2023

PRESS RELEASE: CloudApp Extends Visual Work Collaboration Market Presence with Slack Integration

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SAN FRANCISCO, August 11, 2022Zight (formerly CloudApp), a visual work communication tool that helps teams communicate better and collaborate faster with instantly shareable videos, gifs, and screenshots, today announced the official integration of the Zight (formerly CloudApp) screen recording software with leading workplace communication platform Slack.

Distributed and remote work teams have become the norm, but we are still navigating the best practices and processes for staying connected. While we are trying to replicate the in-person interactions and discussions, oftentimes we are only adding more disruptions to our workdays. Incorporating more asynchronous communication allows workers to stay more focused on their tasks at hand before jumping to the next or ingesting new information. Adding the visual layer to this communication increases clarity and reduces the number of iterations needed to convey complex information. 

Reinforcing the benefit of visual elements, Zight (formerly CloudApp) officially announced the integration of its screen recording software within the Slack communication platform. Zight (formerly CloudApp) can now be found in the Slack marketplace to make visual workplace communication faster, easier and better for teams and enterprises. 

“We are thrilled about being a Slack Platform Partner,” said Scott Smith, CEO of Zight (formerly CloudApp). “The rising demand for Zight (formerly CloudApp) integrations underscores the need for asynchronous visual communication capabilities in workplace communication, especially in today’s world of distributed teams.”

Slack represents the latest in the Zight (formerly CloudApp) integration optionality. Zight (formerly CloudApp) can also be found within platforms such as Zendesk, Jira, Trello, and more. The leading software providers trust Zight (formerly CloudApp) to provide visual communication elements to make collaboration more efficient for their users. For the full list of integrations, visit

As a leader in asynchronous visual communication for teams and individual users, Zight (formerly CloudApp) empowers users to quickly and effortlessly share information with visuals for better context and greater communication. As employers and workforces around the world fight the effects of the shift to a partially-to-fully remote working environment, being able to clearly communicate in formats that maximize time and efficiency has become even more essential. 

To learn more about Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s integrations and how asynchronous visual communication can enhance your workflows, visit:


About Zight (formerly CloudApp) 

Zight (formerly CloudApp) is a productivity and collaboration platform for the modern workplace. Zight (formerly CloudApp) enables visual team collaboration through short, instantly-shareable screen captures and screen recordings. Through integrations with Slack, Atlassian, Asana, AdobeXD, Jira, Zapier, and others, Zight (formerly CloudApp) records and shares quick videos and screenshots on its easy-to-use platform for teams.

Trusted by its over four million loyal users at Fortune 500 organizations including Adobe, Zendesk and Salesforce, Zight (formerly CloudApp) customers are able to communicate effectively and asynchronously in an increasingly remote work landscape. Visual communication for every team. Connect with Zight (formerly CloudApp) today at 

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