A year of new features and CloudApp benefits

CloudApp highlights the benefits and usability of their new features.

Zight | January 12, 2021 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: June 11, 2023

A year of new features and CloudApp benefits

Over the last 12 months we spent a lot of time interviewing customers, reviewing our public trello board, and putting together customer led features that could help all of us (We Love Zight (formerly CloudApp) @Zight (formerly CloudApp)) to make the move to remote work that much easier.

In case you missed our #1 Product of the Day releases on Product Hunt, press releases, blog posts, social posts, emails, and carrier pigeon messages here is a recap of what went down.

iOS App – take your favorite Zight (formerly CloudApp) features on the go with the iOS app. With the new Zight (formerly CloudApp) iOS App, users will be able to access and create these screenshots, annotations, screen recordings, and GIFs from virtually any place, any time, anywhere.

Call to action BUTTONS – Simply put, a call-to-action (CTA) button is a highlighted link that invites the viewer to engage in a specific action. For Pro, Team, and Enterprise users, these buttons can be added to the bottom of every single screenshot, screen recorded video, or GIF. It provides a way to insight action from whoever you send it to. Whether it’s asking for a meeting, or pushing to a blog post to learn more, these action buttons help extend the conversation.

A call-to-action button looks like this:

FASTER to share – A big focus this year was on speed, making sure that the creations you all do as a community are able to be shared quickly. With instant video on Mac, uploading is now 10x faster than it was before. We announced a 5x increase in March, and figured that wasn’t good enough, so doubled that in November :).

Enhanced editing – Annotations now include a highlighter option, and an updated interface for light mode. Both of these features will help you to more clearly get your point across.

Do not disturb mode – This new feature makes sure that your texts, calls, and notifications don’t get in the way of your recordings.

SEARCH IS BACK – this was one of the most highly requested features of 2020, and its back and better than before. We made it so you can move a series of drops to a collection, delete many items at a time, or search for a specific file so you can organize at ease.

VIDEO ANNOTATIONS!! The #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt in October. You can now annotate on all of your videos and GIFs to add further context to your Zight (formerly CloudApp) videos.
Collaboration from Zight (formerly CloudApp)

In-product commenting

Bring the discussion directly to your content with comments! You can now comment on shared videos and images keeping the discussion centralized directly on your content.

Everyone contributing to the conversation will get notified whenever new comments are added, via email and in-app.

Tag your team members from the same team account with @

Built-in control options! You can decide to enable or disable commenting per link or for all your links. As the creator of the content you can also delete comments.

You can get a quick preview of Zight (formerly CloudApp) links added in the comments

“Shared with me” to see what your team is up to.

In this new section of your web dashboard, you can view and interact with a feed of all documents that have been shared within your team. You can quickly view the content, the owner, and instantly add comments to start collaborating with your team.

Available on team and enterprise plans, any file set with the “Anyone can view in your organization” or “Anyone can edit in your organization” security setting can engage with your content shared.

Web Annotations from anywhere

You can now edit and annotate images directly in your web browser after capture. If you’re a Zight (formerly CloudApp) Chrome extension user, we’re especially excited to bring you annotations! With Zight (formerly CloudApp), once you’re done creating your content, a link will be copied to your paste buffer and the link will open in your browser, ready to be annotated.

Our most common annotation tools are available, so you can quickly share feedback, click save, and the content will automatically be updated under the same link.

Thanks to all of you in our great community for helping us to improve Zight (formerly CloudApp) each day and helping you all save time.

The Zight (formerly CloudApp) Team

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