New Features: Search, Content View Notifications, Custom Webcam Sizing, Instant Record, and Instant Upload

Get the most out of our newest features with our June 2020 update.

Zight | July 02, 2020 | 7 min read time

Article Last Updated: June 04, 2023

New Features: Search, Content View Notifications, Custom Webcam Sizing, Instant Record, and Instant Upload

Updates to Optimize Your Experience in Mac, Windows, and Web

This month’s new features include a variety of improvements across all of our our clients, including the following:‍

Search and Bulk Edit: We are so excited to announce search and bulk edit features in your web dashboard at We made it so you can move a series of drops to a collection, delete many items at a time, or search for a specific file so you can organize at ease.‍

In-App Notifications: With the new in-app notifications feature means, you can know in real-time who views your content and when. If someone views your screenshot, video, or file for the first time, you will get an instant notification! Plus, if your content is email-restricted (recipients must enter their email address before viewing), you will get notified each time it’s accessed!

Custom Webcam Sizing: Change the sizing and location of your Mac’s webcam prior to – or even during – recording a screen-share with our new webcam updates. You can now easily change the size of your face in the screen recorder to small, medium, large, or full screen.

Instant Record: Share your work even faster with one hotkey to instantly start a recording. Automatically use your most recent video settings by using our default hotkey CMD + Shift + i for Mac, or Ctrl + Alt + Shift + i for Windows, or set your own hotkey in Preferences.

Instant Video Uploads: Experience recording and sharing 5x faster than before by enabling the Instant Upload feature in your Recording Preferences menu. Now, with both enhanced video uploads and a new upload beta, you’re now able to share your content immediately – so it is viewable even as it is uploading!

We’re excited to bring search navigation to the dashboard – as well as a couple additional organizational features! Now, you adapt your web viewer experience by utilizing the following options:

List And Icon View: You can now choose the traditional icon view or the list view to see a more compact view. You can switch between views by navigating the icons in the center of your screen.

Bulk Selection: With the new list layout, you can also select multiple drops with the leftmost checkboxes and organize them as a group. For instance, you can then select + for “Add to Collection,” and each of the drops will be added to the specified collection. Alternatively, you can bulk delete the selected drops by selecting the trash bin. This added functionality allows you to more quickly navigate and organize your content!

New trash icon lets you organize with ease.

Search Bar: For all pro, team, and enterprise accounts, you can now easily find and use your content by using the new search bar that is visible at the top of your No more endless scrolling!

Search navigation makes finding your content a piece of cake.

Please note: While search navigation is currently available for pro, enterprise, and team accounts only, bulk navigation is free for all!

In-App Notifications.

With Zight (formerly CloudApp) 6.2, notifications have moved from email to in-app alerts so you can get notified when your items are viewed in real-time! This change allows you to keep up with your viewers and, depending on your restrictions, see who has viewed your content. You can access your Notification Center by opening your Zight (formerly CloudApp) panel and selecting the bell in the top right corner. This light grey bell, or Notification button, will have a small red dot if you have new or unread notifications. When you click on the Notification button, you’ll be taken to the Notification Center. Once you are done looking at your notifications, you can simply select the arrow in the top left corner to return to your main screen.

Some of the notifications you might receive include the following:

  • Someone viewed your content for the first time.
  • [Email Address] just visited your document for the first time.
  • Someone watched your video for the first time.
Watch your items work their magic with CloudAp notifications.

To help you make the most of Zight (formerly CloudApp), we will also send you the occasional notification to alert you of available updates and offers.

Custom Webcam Sizing for Mac

Our newest updates include the option to make quick changes to your webcam view. While your camera input is traditionally in the bottom left corner, with this newest update, you can shift the capture size and location.

To use this new feature is simple. Once you’ve pulled up the video recording preferences (the step after selecting a video as the drop you want to make), you can change the location of this input by clicking and dragging it to wherever you’d like it to be . Likewise, you can change the sizing of your camera input by hovering over your camera input – when you do so, + and – icons will appear, which you can use, respectively, to make your desired changes.

Watch a user change webcam sizing to her preferences.

Additionally, you can turn on or off your webcam at any point during the drop by simply pausing the recording, deselecting the webcam, and unpausing!

Turning off the webcam mid-recording is simple and easy.

Instant Record for Both Mac and Windows

Our brand new shortcut CMD + Shift + i allows you to skip immediately from shortcut to recording, so you can start recording instantly.

When you use this shortcut, you automatically engage whichever settings were most recently used in your video recordings. These settings include the following:

  • Screen portion (whether full-screen or your selected portion of the screen)
  • Audio and monitor input devices
  • Face sizing and location
  • Whether the capture is in GIF or video format
Record immediately with the simple shortcut CMD + Shift+ i.

This feature is great for these use cases:

Re-recordings and redos: Anytime you may have started a recording and needed to start over, you can skip reselecting your settings by simply employing this command, CMD + Shift + i. For more important videos, it’s nice to have your settings “saved” for immediate reuse through this shortcut!

Time-sensitive captures. If you need to record on the fly, this immediate capture shortcut will allow you to circumvent all intermediate steps to start your capture without a single click – now, you can begin recording now just in seconds but in milliseconds.

Less important drops: When the drop formatting and specifications aren’t as important or relevant, you can supersede that entire section by simply using this instant record shortcut, Cmd + Shift + i.

(Note: this feature is also available for Windows with the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+i.)

Record Smoother with Pause and Start Shortcuts

If you hit any roadblocks while recording, you can now use a pause and start shortcut in order to have time to resolve these issues without having to stop the recording and create a new one. Use these shortcuts to pause and/or continue your recordings!

Mac: CMD + Shift + Space

Windows: CTRL + Shift + Space

The Pause shortcut is visible in the shortcuts tab.

Find peace of mind as your record with this simple shortcut.

Faster and Improved Instant Upload Beta for Mac

Instant Uploading is now instantly shareable and viewable. Even while you’re still recording content, someone else can view your content with the Zight (formerly CloudApp) link. Paste the link in Slack or in your email, and your viewers can watch even before the video is completely uploaded!

Our Instant Upload feature has been shown to make your upload time 5x faster, making video recording and sharing both instant and easier! Share ideas and collaborate even faster with an optimized video processing that gives you both an instant link and instant watchability (even as you continue to record)! Creating videos on your Mac is easier than ever before, and 5x faster to share – allowing you to create and share videos on the fly rather than sending a long email or message).

To enable this new beta feature, make sure you’re on version 6.2 (download here) and enable the ‘Instant Video Uploads’ feature in your Recording Preferences.

Turn on your Instant Upload under your Recording Preferences.

Note: You’ll need to have Mac Catalina, High Sierra, or Mojave OS in order to enable this feature.

Automatic Log-in for a Smoother Experience

Our new automatic log-in means you can access these exciting new features even easier. Now, for those downloading the app for the first time, our onboarding process has changed so you can skip log-in and jump immediately into content creation with automatic log-in.

A simpler first-time experience.
Logging in: one less thing to worry about.

Learn More…

To learn more about each of these features, or to learn more about using them, refer to the following support docs:

  • Immediate Video Capture
  • Instant Upload
  • Customize Webcam Input


Tune in Next Time!

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