How brand and marketing are shifting customer loyalty

Listen to Karen Budell, VP of SurveyMonkey talk about the modern marketer

Zight | June 24, 2020 | 1 min read time

Article Last Updated: June 28, 2023

How brand and marketing are shifting customer loyalty

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The modern marketer and brand is quick, nimble, and focused on customer oriented content and interactions. Leaders need to be willing and able to adapt and alter approaches to take advantage of the future.

So how can a brand or marketer help influence customer loyalty and investment?

On this episode of The DNA of An Experience, Karen Budell VP of Brand at SurveyMonkey talks about her life at Google, moving to SurveyMonkey a few weeks before a global pandemic, and how marketing has shifted to community and product.

What we talked about

  • What does the modern workplace look like to you?
  • The trend was moving toward remote anyway, but how have the current conditions helped accelerate that?
  • How can asynch video from a tool like Zight (formerly CloudApp) and real time video from a tool like Zoom help with remote work?
  • What are some tips you have learned as a leader during this moment with your team and customers?
  • With new remote playbooks in hand, what does the new normal look like?

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