22 Lead Generation Software Tools for Upgrading Your Arsenal

14 Lead Generation Software Tools for Upgrading Your Arsenal

Zight | November 19, 2019 | 11 min read time

Article Last Updated: November 01, 2023

22 Lead Generation Software Tools for Upgrading Your Arsenal

The lead generation tools you use largely dictate your success.

Some will improve communication and organization.

Some will cause errors and setbacks.

To help you steer clear of the junk, we’ve put together a list of lead generation software you can use to perform any task or function related to finding, engaging, and closing leads.

Our hope is that one or many of the software tools on this list will make it into your lead generation process.


Best Lead Generation Software Tools

The following list of software tools is broken into 4 categories:

  • Prospecting Tools
  • Email Tools
  • CRM Tools
  • Communication Tools

Feel free to skip to any section right away but every lead generation software on this list is worth checking out.


Prospecting Tools

1. Reply.io

Reply.io is a full-cycle sales engagement platform that helps you build meaningful connections with your prospects at scale.

Using its LinkedIn email finder, you can source verified contacts from Sales Navigator in bulk to build targeted prospect lists.

Next, you can engage those prospects with outreach sequences including emails, LinkedIn interactions, calls, SMS, and even WhatsApp touches to create truly omnichannel experiences.

Reply offers an effective combination of manual, semi-automated, and automated steps to help you scale your outreach while keeping it personal and effective.

2. Prospect.io

Prospect.io helps salespeople prospect and perform outreach.

One of the worst parts about prospecting is not being able to find a prospect’s email, or job title, or location, and so on. Prospect.io gathers all of that information for you automatically.

The best part is you can use their Google Chrome extension to get this information whenever you’re browsing websites.

Then, you can use their outreach functions to send cold emails.

And prospect.io tracks everything from clicks on your links to website visits so you can analyze your efforts after each campaign.‍

3. Hoovers

Hoovers bills itself as the world’s largest commercial database.

It provides salespeople with in-depth company profiles for a greater understanding of target accounts. The information provided by Hoovers can help you create a robust and precise lead scoring program.

This information also allows you to personalize your outreach and better engage prospects and speak directly to who they are and what they want to hear.

Hoovers monitors and tracks developments in your key accounts so you’re alerted if anything important happens.

4. OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus helps you find and nurture your best prospects.

You can send personalized cold emails, helping you reduce unsubscribes, increase open rates, and get positive replies.

OutreachPlus monitors your prospects so if you see them taking an action in real-time that tells you they’re ready to buy – like visiting your pricing page – you’re able to send a perfectly timed email with just the right offer.

And this software makes it easy to automate actions like exporting information you gather directly into your CRM.

5. Growbots

Growbots gives you access to their database of more than 200 million contacts. It searches through them to pluck out the best prospects for you and giving you the tools to reach out to the right decision-makers.

It all starts by telling Growbots your target market. Enter the criteria you want to whittle down the search. You’ll automatically receive a list of contacts with their specific job titles, seniority level, departments, etc.

That means it only takes a few seconds to get a good prospect’s name, email, phone, and social media profile.

6. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics sits on your company’s website and collects contact information from any anonymous visitor.

This includes a business name, demographic data, financial data, search behavior, and the usual contact info.

You can use all of this to reach out to prospects who may be a good fit for your company but haven’t taken any action with your brand yet.

Lead Forensics is a sales lead generation software that should be in your arsenal to maximize your ROI from website visitors who don’t volunteer their information on your forms.


Email Tools

7. AWeber

AWeber is one of the top email marketing tools.

It lets you design beautiful, professional email templates for newsletters. It’s also excellent at building automated emails that are triggered by specific actions prospects may take.

A major problem AWeber solves is deliverability – getting your email to arrive in a prospect’s inbox instead of spam – and they have some of the highest rates in their industry.

You’re able to craft persuasive drip sequences, promo blasts, and complex funnels for pulling leads closer to the sale.

8. MailChimp

MailChimp is also a massive player in the email marketing world, and they’re one of the best free lead generation tools for small businesses and startups.

They merge your audience data with your various marketing channels and helps you promote your business through email, primarily, but also through landing pages, social media, and even through postcards.

You can send personalized campaigns based on prospects’ behavior.

Build stronger relationships by sending messages with the information your prospects value most.

And connect over 300 different apps to Mailchimp for maximum integration.

9. EmailAnalytics

EmailAnalytics is a tool that visualizes your email activity — or that of your employees. It’s a valuable lead-gen tool because it calculates productivity metrics for your team’s email usage which impact leads and sales.

For example, it calculates average email response time, which is a critical KPI for sales and customer service teams — especially during the prospecting stage. It also tells you the number of emails sent and received by day, your top senders and recipients, your busiest days of the week, and busiest times of the day.

EmailAnalytics sends you daily or weekly email reports with your team’s stats so you can conveniently monitor your team’s workloads and rebalance them as necessary, all without ever leaving your inbox.

10. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the biggest competitors to AWeber and Mailchimp, and one of the things that sets them apart is their high-quality and in-depth training programs and webinars. They’re very focused on enabling you to use their tools to their fullest potential.

They give you access to over 100 customizable email templates.

Provide real-time analytics so you know who’s opening what, when they clicked, and if they converted.

Plus, Constant Contact comes with built-in landing pages and ecommerce tools such as a triggered email sent to leads who abandoned their carts.‍

11. Hunter

Hunter is a lead generation software that gets its name from its ability to scrape and find email addresses behind virtually any website. Every email they discover for you comes with a confidence rating so you’ll know how likely it’s correct.

It also boasts a database with over 200 million email addresses, similar to Growbots. But it relies on many signals to find the correct or most probable email address of the person you search for and it does it in less than a second.

And just to be sure, you can use Hunter’s Email Verifier to make sure you can send your email with confidence.‍

12. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert aims to help you find and verify the contact information of any prospect you’re looking for.

You easily integrate Voila Norbert with your CRM to keep all the leads you generate organized as you find them.

It does come with a Google Chrome extension so while you’re browsing, Voila Norbert is in the background grabbing names and emails for you.

This lead generation software also verifies email so you know that if you reach out, your sender score is safe.

CRM Tools

13. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the most popular brands in inbound marketing on the internet, and they also boast a suite of free lead generation tools such as their well-known CRM.

You can see everything happening in your pipeline, in real-time, all in a visual dashboard.

And this dashboard shows you many things:

Sales reports.

Productivity reports.

And even individual performance reports.

Whatever data you need to effectively coach your team can be found in Hubspot’s CRM.

You can also add up to 1 million contacts and an unlimited amount of users and data storage.

14. Pardot

Pardot is known as the world’s #1 CRM for B2B marketing automation and claim that its users have seen a 34% increase in sales revenue and a 37% increase in marketing effectiveness.

It’s also built on Salesforce, making it extremely popular and powerful. Plus, you’re able to perfectly integrate Pardot with other solutions offered by Salesforce, such as Salesforce Engage, which offers marketing automation software.

The best thing about Pardot is you can begin using it fast.

It’s easy-to-setup and designed to streamline lead generation, not make it more complicated.

15. Contactually

Contactually lets you manage, organize, and segment your Google or Office365 contacts with just a click of your mouse – automatically syncing your communication history.

All of your segments are referred to as “buckets,” and inside these buckets you can place old clients, colleagues, hot prospects and anyone else you intend on contacting. Then you can set how often you want them to hear from you.

Contactually also tracks all of your conversations via email, text, and phone, so whenever you go to talk to someone you’ve already spoken with, you have a history of notes for quick reference.‍

16. Marketo

Marketo is designed to smooth over communication between salespeople and prospects by forming a relationship with prospects through marketing before they’re contacted by a sales rep.

Through personalized, automated campaigns, Marketo helps form positive opinions of your brand and solution, priming to make buying decisions before being handed to the sales team.

This comes in the form of landing pages, email sequences, and inbound marketing content.

Then, you can score the leads you generate and focus primarily on the best ones in the mix.

17. Nimble

Nimble gives you as much information about a lead as they can find by combing through several different online sources and pulling all the relevant data for any contact you’re searching for.

This allows you to identify key decision-makers without all of the data entry and manual hunting.

What’s unique about Nimble is how flexible and versatile it is for a CRM. You can install it directly in your Office 365 or G Suite inbox. So you can manage contacts and deals within your existing workflows.

18. Snov.io

Snov.io embraces the power of a prospecting and email tool and keeps them all under the roof of a free CRM. 

With Snov.io, you can prospect and get email contacts on any company website, including social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter, get detailed company information, search for prospects based on company, job position, location data, create and segment email lists, and build complex chains of email messages that will be automatically sent to your prospects in accordance with your preferred schedule. 

Every email address you find is immediately verified, so you can add only quality contacts to your list. Alternatively, Snovio provides you a bulk verification option, so you always keep your email lists clean for higher deliverability. 

If you’ve got a fresh email account or are annoyed with low inbox placement results, Snov.io may help you warm up your account, improving your email deliverability and preparing you for high-volume email sending. 

When it comes to email outreach, Snov.io makes your email campaigns personalized and automated – with the embedded Snov.io AI Email Writer, you can create relevant messages on autopilot and customize your email communication approach up to your business needs.

Finally, all your sales deals can be neatly managed with the pipeline view of Snov.io CRM, which also allows you to organize all information about your prospects and share it with your teammates when in need. With this CRM, you’ll always know at which stage of the funnel your prospects are and never forget to follow them up. 

Communication Tools

19. Intercom

Intercom is trusted by over 30,000 successful companies, big and small, who rely on it to engage their website visitors. It’s both a lead capture, customer support, and onboarding tool.

They provide chatbots that speak to interested prospects when you’re away, answering questions and driving people deeper into your sales funnel.

But it also allows for live chat, where a real rep can step in and convert prospects while they’re engaged and active with you.

20. CallPage

CallPage allows visitors to your website to call you and begin a conversation with a single click.

All it takes is 5-minutes for you to setup CallPage on your website, and right away, the on-screen widget will connect your visitors to you within seconds.

How it works is:

A prospect clicks the CallPage button to speak with you.

A popup asks the prospect to enter their phone number.

Then, CallPage connects them directly to you.

And you can now do what you do best and sell your services directly to interested prospects who called you.

21. Drift

Drift calls itself the world’s first and only conversational marketing platform and they claim that conversation drives half of all online sales.

This is both a paid and free lead generation software with a few really cool features.

For instance, if you’re communicating with a prospect via email, and you see that same prospect is currently on your website, you can send a personalized message through live chat on your website. This is especially helpful if your prospect is slow to reply through email.

Drift also alerts you if VIP leads visit your site.

And, you can program bots to book meetings for you when the prospect is ready.

22. Bontact

Bontact integrates all of your messaging apps under one roof, from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp to Slack to any other platform out there. You don’t have to choose one over the other, you can use any and all messaging tools in a unified, cross-platform solution.

Voice, texting, messaging, web chat, it’s all provided by Bontact.

This means a smooth transition for your leads from one device to another.

Beyond messaging apps, Bontact also lets you integrate all of your important business tools like Freshbooks and Zendesk.

23. Messente

Messente is a global leader in SMS lead generation, designed to help businesses capture and nurture potential customers. With a staggering 500% ROI, Messente boasts a delivery rate of over 90% for its SMS services, ensuring your messages reach potential customers across more than 190 countries.

Their vast network, encompassing 800+ mobile operators, guarantees extensive reach. Not only does Messente ensure high delivery rates, often as high as 98%, but it also offers cost-effective, volume-based pricing.

Their omnichannel approach means you can generate leads not just via SMS, but also through other messaging platforms like Viber and WhatsApp.

With tools for clear pricing, reliable support, smart routing, insightful analytics, and SMS campaign management, Messente is scalable to fit any business size. Whether you’re reaching out to a hundred or a million leads per week, Messente has got you covered.

A Bonus Lead Generation Software for persuasive Visual Communication

Most of your communication with leads will be text-based or voice-based.

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