What is TechSmith Capture (Formerly Jing Screen Capture)? Features and Top 10 Alternatives

Screen capture and recording offer too many benefits at work, especially for collaboration and communication between teams, departments, and clients. But native apps no longer cut it. They are simply too limited and complicate the process when creating, saving, and sharing content. That could be why you considered a screen capture software like TechSmith Capture. But is it the best? Are there much better alternatives? Read on and find out!

Zight | September 21, 2022 | 11 min read time

Article Last Updated: October 30, 2023

What is TechSmith Capture (Formerly Jing Screen Capture)? Features and Top 10 Alternatives

TechSmith Capture is one of the newest and best screen capture software. It was formerly called Jing, a screen recording software that lasted over a decade.

Jing was retired due to Adobe’s decision to retire Flash, meaning the .swf video format would become obsolete. In addition, TechSmith wanted to modernize the outdated code base that Jing was built on. So, instead of updating the decade-old product, they created Capture from scratch to meet modern security needs and file types, providing a more contemporary and secure tool for users.

The new software lets you capture computer screen recordings and screenshots on Mac and Windows. But, TechSmith Capture still offers limited features, and there are alternatives you can use. We dug deep and discovered the top 10 alternatives we’ll share today.

But first, let’s see what you can do with TechSmith Capture!

TechSmith Capture Overview

TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Capture is a screen capture tool with a range of functionalities. Here’s what you can do with it:

It allows you to easily capture images and videos of your computer screen, whether you want to take snapshots of the entire screen or specific regions or record videos of on-screen activities.

Once you’ve captured the content, you can annotate it by highlighting information with an arrow or a square or using a freehand drawing tool. You can also select the color of your annotation to highlight specific areas better. Annotation enhances the clarity and relevance of the captured content, making it more useful for your specific needs.

TechSmith Capture also offers flexibility in how you store and share your captures. You can save your captures to your local drive, ensuring your files are securely stored on your computer. Additionally, you can share your captures to Screencast, a content hosting platform by TechSmith that will facilitate easy distribution of your content.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, TechSmith Capture provides a simple and efficient way to take and share images and videos of your screen. It is a free program, which also means it has some limitations. For instance, you cannot use Capture to create GIFs or templates or to blur or magnify your captures. You can’t create templates and themes, create a picture-in-picture video with Screen Draw, or capture your scrolling screen.

If you want these extra features that improve productivity, collaboration, and communication, it’s best to try other software. Don’t know where to start? Not to worry, we did the heavy lifting for you and found 10 tools that enhance focused communication. Let’s review them below!

10 Alternatives to TechSmith Capture You Can Use

Capture is a free program from TechSmith that allows you to take screenshots and capture basic video recordings of your computer screen. But while it offers annotations and easy sharing, it does not offer all the premium features your company or team needs to collaborate, communicate, and perform better. There are other tools that also come with a free version and superb features you can try. Here are our top 10:

1. Zight (Formerly CloudApp)


Zight is the best alternative to TechSmith Capture for many reasons. It is an easy-to-use software that is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, and you can also get it as a Chrome extension.

You only need to create an account, download and install Zight, and start recording your screen the way you want. With this computer service tool, you can take high-quality screenshots and record videos and GIFs – with webcam too! Don’t want to attend a meeting? Use Zight’s Cam Only feature to record a webcam video and share it instantly with your teams.

This screen capture software saves all your screen captures and recordings in the cloud, so you won’t easily run out of storage. In addition, you can organize your content in Collections, making retrieving and collaborating on recordings long after creating them easier.

If you are running a marketing campaign, nothing could ever beat measuring metrics to see how well your content is performing and also have a better way to analyze customer feedback. So, Zight’s Analytics feature is a winner. With it, you will track how people interact with your content, including seeing changes, comments, and reactions that make it easy to gather feedback.

unlike TechSmith Capture, Zight improves your workflows while boosting your productivity. This is because it integrates with popular software like Slack, Jira, WordPress, Trello, and more that you already use at work. So, when you create content, you can easily share it without interrupting your workflow.

But there’s more. Let’s tell you how Zight is the best TechSmith Capture alternative below:

I. Faster Screen Capture

Screen capturing should be effortless and happen instantly. When you use TechSmith Capture, the process can become complicated and intertwined with TechSmith’s other products. Snagit, Screencast, Camtasia, and Relay are all separate applications with various functions.

To increase your speed, stop juggling multiple programs and embrace an all-in-one solution: Zight! With the software, you will create content, edit, share, and track engagement from one app on your computer!

II. Good Security

TechSmith Capture screen captures can be sent to others using additional TechSmith tools- but is that content safe? Capture leaves users with few security options. There is no method to control who views your images after they have been sent.

Zight’s security features allow content to auto-detonate after a specific time or cease after a predetermined number of views. Enjoy analytical reporting on the content you send, and rest easy knowing that your data is fully encrypted and stored in the cloud.

III. Powerful Screen Recorder

While TechSmith Capture allows you to record and share long videos of your computer screen, the process is still a bit complicated. For instance, you will need to record and upload first, and then you have to open the link from your Screencast account to annotate it.

But you don’t have to spend so much time on one video. Zight allows you to record full screen, regions, webcam, and more with the screen recording feature.

And, unlike Capture, you can annotate your video as you go, saving much of your time. The process is as easy as 1,2,3 so that by the time you finish the recording, you’ll be ready to share the link with your recipients immediately. Capturing content, editing it, and sharing it with others takes half the time.

In fact, Buffer’s team saves about 24 hours per week by using Zight. There is simply no better way to complete a fully narrated tutorial fast!

IV. Customizing Files

The market has never been more competitive. You need to capitalize on every opportunity to differentiate yourself and build your brand image. When you send a file with TechSmith Capture, it’s just that…a file. This screen capture software does not support customizing your recorded files – so you can’t add themes, stamps, logos, and more.

When you create content with Zight’s screen recorder, you can fully customize the content with your brand image and tailor the URL to align with your messaging. Capture is a Sentra – an entry-level-sedan with very few features, while Zight is the Tesla – an electric sports car that goes 0-60 in 2 seconds. Choose your ride wisely.


Screen capture is a fun and convenient way to communicate with your teams. But, sometimes, your recipients don’t want to spend an hour watching your video, even though TechSmith Capture allows you to record a long video. That’s why it is best to use screen capture software that can record GIFs. With a GIF, you can explain complex steps in less than a minute, and the added benefit of video makes the content all the more engaging and communicative.

Want to record a GIF? Your best software is Zight. You can record a minute-long GIF with a few simple mouse movements, upload it to the cloud, and share it with your recipients. Want even better results? Annotate the GIF as you record, and there’s no limit to where you can send it for maximum impact. You can even embed it on your website – a knowledge base especially where you can help your customers use your product or service better.

2. Loom


Loom is another screen recording software that offers a seamless experience for capturing your screen, webcam, or both simultaneously. It supports Mac, Windows, Chrome, iOS, and Android devices, making it accessible across various platforms.

You can record content in any application on any device and utilize Loom’s editing features to create high-quality tutorials, walkthroughs, or demos. When you finish recording, a shareable video link is ready, allowing you to embed or link your video easily. This instant sharing feature enhances collaboration and communication.

You know a good screen capture software offers superb editing. And, Loom lets you trim content, add buttons, stitch multiple Looms together, and more. The platform even makes feedback and engagement fun and engaging, as viewers can leave emoji reactions and time-stamped comments. High-definition capture is another notable feature of this software, with the ability to capture up to 4K quality, record system/internal audio, and utilize drawing tools, mouse emphasis, and closed captions.

3. SnagIt


Also from TechSmith, SnagIt is the screen capture software you need for advanced features. You may say Capture takes basic screenshots and lets you capture basic video, but SnagIt is the tool that takes things a notch higher. For starters, it is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

Snagit’s features include scrolling capture, which allows you to quickly capture images of anything on your computer screen, even scrolling areas. The Simplify UI feature transforms screenshots into simplified user interface graphics with a single click. Snagit’s library helps keep your content organized and synced across devices, and the Smart Move feature automatically recognizes elements in your screenshot, allowing you to rearrange or remove UI elements.

Another of Snagit’s best features is text recognition. It allows you to edit the text within an image, screenshot, or scanned document and even adjust the font, text size, and color. The software also offers sharing capabilities, integrating with applications like Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Slack, YouTube, and Twitter.

4. ShareX


ShareX is a free and open-source screen recording software that stands as a strong alternative to TechSmith Capture. Compatible exclusively with Windows, ShareX offers a wide array of features, making it a versatile tool for capturing computer activities.

ShareX provides multiple ways to record the screen, offering 15 different capturing modes such as active window, window menu, full screen, scrolling capture, and more. It’s an advanced tool that can record videos on your computer, capture still images, and allow you to share files on various platforms. The software enables scrolling capture on any webpage and offers image annotation features.

In addition, this software can record GIF files up to 15 frames per second, its 80+ destinations, and sharing options for uploading recorded files.

5. Greenshot


Greenshot is a free and open-source screenshot tool available for Windows, and a notable alternative to TechSmith Capture.

It offers various capturing modes, including full screen, region, and window capture, with hotkey combinations for ease of use. A standout feature is the built-in image editor which includes an “Obfuscate” option to pixelate or blur sections of the screen, protecting personal information.

Unlike TechSmith Capture, Greenshot provides a destination picker, allowing you to send captures to different programs or places, including MS Office apps. Though more basic in some aspects, Greenshot’s functionality, including picture caption, makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a free screen capture solution.

6. Capto


Capto is a screen-capturing and video-editing software designed for Mac desktop users. It offers high-definition screen recording at a smooth 60 FPS, ensuring sharp and clear recordings. Capto’s video recording feature and advanced audio editor allow you to create professional tutorial videos, reaction videos, and informative how-to videos.

The software also includes an image editor to expand and build upon captured screenshots, enabling you to annotate, correct, or adjust the properties of the image, including adding captions to make them informative and easy to comprehend. Capto’s file management structure ensures quick searches, and its easy sharing options allow you to upload or share screenshots and screen recordings to various platforms without leaving the app.

As an alternative to TechSmith Capture, Capto’s powerful video editing suite and image editing features, like picture captioning, make it a compelling choice for Mac users.

7. OBS Studio

OBS Studio

OBS Studio stands out as a powerful alternative to TechSmith Capture, offering screen recording and streaming capabilities. It is equipped with a robust API, which allows for extensive customization and functionality specific to user needs.

This alternative software supports various encoders, enhancing video quality, and includes new audio filters for fine-tuning sound. Its compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux ensures broad accessibility.

Unlike TechSmith Capture, OBS Studio offers features like dynamic bitrate recovery and support for frame rates above 60 FPS, providing a smoother recording experience. The software’s ability to automatically set up audio input for many devices adds to its convenience.

8. Droplr


Droplr offers an all-in-one solution for capturing screenshots and recording screens on Windows, Mac, and Chrome browser. You can effortlessly capture part of the screen, the full screen, or even a full webpage, all with simple mouse movements.

The computer service provides a screen recording feature that allows you to record with an optional webcam as a GIF or HD video, catering to various recording needs. In addition, you can automatically save your content to the cloud and get a link that you can instantly share anywhere. You can also customize your links to make tracking and organizing your content easier.

9. ScreenRec


ScreenRec is a versatile Techsmith Capture alternative that offers both screen recording and screenshot capabilities. If you want to capture part or the whole of your screen, the software provides a simple 1-click solution. You can press a button to start or stop capturing and record your screen, microphone, audio, and even your webcam.

Then, annotations! You can add comments and highlight essential parts of your screenshot, including adding captions to pictures. The best feature yet might be instant sharing, where you get a sharing link copied to your clipboard as soon as you create screenshots or videos.

This makes embedding or saving the file a breeze. ScreenRec also ensures complete privacy, encrypting your content and allowing you to control who has access.

10. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a TechSmith Capture alternative designed to work seamlessly with browsers like Safari and Chrome. You can screenshot the entire page or a specific section with just one click. The tool also offers various editing options to annotate screenshots, making highlighting key areas or adding captions easy. Instant sharing to multiple destinations, including familiar tools like Trello, Slack, Asana, and Jira, makes the screen capture software even more convenient.


There you have it! TechSmith Capture is a reliable screen capture software you and your teams can use to improve collaboration and communication in the workplace. With it, you can record videos and capture superb screenshots of your screen. This type of content eliminates the need for long chats, emails, or messaging threads, and you can even use it to improve your customer support and success.

Still, Capture offers limited features. For instance, you cannot record GIFs with it, and uploading and sharing files is a bit complicated compared to other software. That’s why we recommend Zight or the other alternative screen capture software we reviewed above.

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