CloudApp Thrives Where Jing Lacks

Jing screen capture has limitations and requires additional programs to send content. Compare and explore the superior features of CloudApp before you try Jing.

Zight | September 21, 2022 | 3 min read time

CloudApp Thrives Where Jing Lacks

Jing screen capture relies on local memory sources for storage. To send files to others, users must upload content to Screencast. Sound complicated? Zight (formerly CloudApp) provides users with a simple alternative that offers more superior options.

Jing Screen Capture Overview

Screen capturing should be effortless and happen instantly. When you use Jing, the process becomes complicated and intertwined with TechSmith’s other products. Snagit, Screencast, Camtasia, and Relay are all separate applications with various functions. If you are looking to increase your speed, stop juggling multiple programs and embrace an all-in-one solution: Zight (formerly CloudApp) Screen Capture App.

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Don’t Live with Limitations

Users that capture screen recordings with Jing are restricted to a 5-minute window. After 5 minutes, users must save the first file and begin filming another. If you wanted to share these pieces of content, you would have to take the time to upload multiple videos to Screencast. Then, if you want to edit the content, you have to download and install Snagit. Zight (formerly CloudApp) gives its users the option of limitless recording. Life doesn’t wait for those who fail to adapt. Don’t settle for less and stop using programs that are wasting precious minutes of your time.

Security Should Always be a Priority

Jing screen captures can be sent to others by using additional TechSmith tools- but is that content safe? Jing leaves users with very security options. There is no method to control who views your images after they have been sent. Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s security features allow content to auto-detonate after a specific amount of time or to cease after a predetermined number of views. Enjoy analytical reporting on the content you send with Zight (formerly CloudApp) and rest easy knowing that your data is fully encrypted and stored in the cloud.

Innovators Don’t Wait

As a leader in your business or industry, you don’t have a second to waste. The numerous steps and required programs of Jing drain your most precious resource. You can collect more of any other resource except your time- it needs to be your number one priority. Zight (formerly CloudApp) allows users to complete any screen recording or annotation almost instantaneously. The entire process of capturing content, editing it, and sharing with others takes seconds. In fact, Buffer’s team saves about 24 hours per week by using Zight (formerly CloudApp). Stop interrupting your workflow and communicate visually at the speed of sight.

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Build Your Brand with Zight (formerly CloudApp) Screen Recorder

The market has never been more competitive. You need to capitalize on every opportunity to differentiate yourself and build your brand image. When you send a file with Jing, it’s just that…a file. When you send content with Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s screen recorder, you have the option to fully customize the content with your brand image and tailor the URL to align with your messaging. Jing is a Sentra – an entry level-sedan with very few features. Zight (formerly CloudApp) is the Tesla – an electric sports car that goes 0-60 in 2 seconds. Choose your ride wisely.

Become a Zight (formerly CloudApp) All-Star

Over 2 million innovators and all-stars are already using Zight (formerly CloudApp) to supercharge their daily workflow. Some of the top tech teams in the world are leveraging the power of Zight (formerly CloudApp). Facebook, Amazon, Uber and Netflix are all customers, and all of these organizations are pushing ahead of the pack because they maximize their resources. They know that in order to stay competitive, they must find every way to become more effective and Zight (formerly CloudApp) is one of the tools that is helping them do that. Ready to communicate faster than ever before? Download Zight (formerly CloudApp) and create a free account today.

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