How to convince your boss, or anyone else

Two easy tips to sell people on your pitch

Zight | August 03, 2017 | 2 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 16, 2023

How to convince your boss, or anyone else

Have you ever had a great idea, but had a hard time pitching it?

Every time you want to give life to an idea, you need to convince stakeholders: your boss, other teams in your company, investors, sponsors etc….

Put your sales hat on. Maybe you are a Designer? Marketer? Product Manager? It doesn’t matter, at some point, we always have to sell ourselves or our ideas if we want to make them happen.

Here are two easy tips to sell people on your pitch:

1- Make it crystal clear

  • No extraneous details: You came up with the idea and you have all the details in your head but don’t talk about it! Keep it high level and interesting. No one wants to hear an hour presentation if they don’t see the value first. Get them hooked, then let them ask questions and share the details..
  • Make an emotional connection: What problem are you solving? Why do you think your idea will work? Try to connect with the people in the room and talk about the pain points you are addressing. By giving a human context to your idea, people will have an easier time relating to your target audience.

2 – Create an easy, yet powerful presentation

Even if it seems shallow, presentation has a big impact on getting people’s attention and making a good first impression. Everyone is busy and wants to check their phone during meetings but you can avoid that with a captivating presentation. Here is how you can work on a powerful presentation without requiring any design skill and by using free tools!

Let me introduce you to Ludus, the future of slides presentations! Ludus lets you turn your creativity into easy and powerful presentations, without being a design expert!

They are providing all the basic features Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slide are missing, you can read more about here.

Have a demo or animated draft to show? Quickly record it with Zight (formerly CloudApp). Drag and drop into Ludus and that’s it!

YouTube video

Gone is the time it would take you more hours to put a presentation together than actually prepare for a meeting. Start saving time and create a free Zight (formerly CloudApp) account now.

There are a lot of ways to work on a good pitch, we decided to focus on these two easy-to-implement tips. If you have other tips you want to share with us, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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