Best Employee Productivity Measurement Tools

If you have a team that works for you, it is crucial to have employee productivity measurement tools so that you understand how productive your team is. This article discusses some of these tools to help you pick the best options.

Zight | July 27, 2022 | 13 min read time

Article Last Updated: December 21, 2023

Best Employee Productivity Measurement Tools

You have a responsibility as an entrepreneur to monitor the performance of your employees. This guarantees that your staff makes enough development on initiatives and makes effective use of business hours. If they do not, supervisors can utilize employee productivity measurement tools to determine where there are issues and devise solutions to productivity problems. 

Setting up a strategy for work performance and time management while documenting the outcomes of that process will help get to the bottom of any operational problems. It will also keep your staff liable for the tasks they are responsible for every week. 

Below, you will find several different tools that assess employee productivity, and the advantages of using each tool.

These tools to measure employee productivity examine performance appraisal, help determine regions that might require development and handle any efficiency difficulties that you uncover. They help you in setting objectives, maintaining records, and data processing. This information can then be used to analyze the success of individual workers as well as the efficiency of departments.

1. Slack

With Slack, you will always have access to your employees and resources you collaborate with on a daily basis. The app serves as your centralized workplace. You can have:

  1. Actual communications via calls and conversations with Slack
  2. An access log of all of your documents and interactions
  3. Connectivity with an increasing number of helpful algorithms and applications.

Everyone can stay up to date with their work and get their job done. Some other exciting features of this software include:

a) An intuitive functioning

Valuable aspects of this employee productivity measurement tool are its interactive user interface and intuitive functioning. 

The app makes it easy and enjoyable to connect with your colleagues in a short amount of time. 

It is effortless to begin a video conference with a colleague or a more extensive group gathering when employees are working remotely.

The app has also made it simple to link Google Apps with it, enabling you to effortlessly access all of your files.

b) Faster communication

Slack serves as a replacement for email, SMS, and texting for your organization. It keeps all of these forms of communication organized inside a single app. 

Because it is available for desktop and mobile devices, Slack enables your employees to communicate and fulfil their responsibilities regardless of where they are located.

c) Keep your team updated every second

Slack is especially useful for the following things: 

  1. Collaborative effort
  2. Quick discussions and decision making
  3. Gaining someone’s focus when required – You can @ mention colleagues, which will send them an instant notification. This feature is an excellent method for grabbing the attention of your colleagues. You can even @ mention several people simultaneously, making it quite a fun, quirky software.
  4. Spontaneous talks
  5. Swift poll/voting
  6. Connecting and keeping everyone in unison over time and distance
  7. Rapidly and easily adding new employees.

d) Quick notifications

This encrypted messaging software is useful for any company with many groups who regularly communicate with one another and work together on projects. 

Within the parameters of a single discussion or stream, you are able to simply provide one another alerts, announcements, documents, notifications, and links. 

You can use the app’s alerts, integrate it with Google apps or other checklists to set alerts for your team. These can be used to ensure that participants are informed of important dates.

e) A clutter-free design

It arranges the information so that it is easily available yet keeps the design clean and free of clutter. This layout saves you the time that would otherwise be spent going through old mails or databases to obtain the data you want. 

Slack can serve as a replacement for mail, texting, and instant messaging all in one convenient package.

f) Message via Slack

Do you need to talk to a worker urgently? Send them a message using Slack. Users can make voice or video calls immediately from their device, which speeds the information exchange and makes it more efficient. It just takes a few taps to interact with another user, no matter where they are.

Interested in learning more about Slack? You can find further information about it here. Downloading Slack is another option to consider if you are interested in giving it a try. But if you are hesitant to commit fully, Slack also offers a free trial version of 14 days, during which you may try out the software and see if it meets the requirements of your company.

2. Trello

If you have a thing for minimalism, Trello will not disappoint you. This employee productivity measurement tool’s basic work management layout enables team members to see workflow across every project stage. 

Even if you have never used tools like this one before to measure employee productivity, you won’t have any trouble understanding it since it uses visually intuitive interfaces. 

Users can design a board for their project. They can add their colleagues to the board, making it easier for anyone to keep track of revisions. 

It’s very easy to use and offers a great free version for those who are hesitant to plunge directly into it. Read more to see what else Trello has to offer.

a) Extremely user-friendly

The ease of use offered by Trello is one of the primary factors that contributed to its placement on our ranking of the top tools to measure employee productivity. 

It is user-friendly and a great alternative for small projects seeking a tool that doesn’t need much thought. 

The system is so intuitive that almost anyone can operate it with no effort or difficulties. 

Despite its ease of use, it is sophisticated enough to simplify the procedures involved in performance evaluation. 

With Trello, all is easy and requires just some taps, from initiating a new task to welcoming new staff. 

Because its primary focus is on convenience, mastering how to use Trello takes minimal time. A great tool to measure employee productivity indeed.

b) A great value for money

Although some performance tracking apps are expensive and disappointing, Trello is actually the opposite —it is reasonable while providing great value for money. 

You can also use Trello’s free plan, which consists of unlimited cards and up to 10 boards for your teams. 

Sounds a lot for a free plan, right? 

Here’s more: as long as you have ten boards, you can add your entire group and collaborate with them. No wonder this employee productivity measurement tool is a hit amongst managers.

c) A hit smartphone app

The majority of the top tools to measure employee productivity offer a smartphone app of some kind. 

Still, the one that Trello offers is trendy among users and consistently receives good ratings.

It simplifies organization to the point that it requires a few touches on your screen to complete tasks previously performed on the website.

Because it is simple to access  and does not incur any added expenses, your team can remain ahead of happenings without the need to access the software on their laptops

d) Better collaboration

Subscribers of Trello are able to manage their work in a form that is both understandable and open to debate with their coworkers, irrespective of whether the workers are on-site or remote. 

Companies effortlessly handle work over various mediums using this system, including emails, texts, voice calls, internet sites, and even social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook! 

Individuals from a variety of locations can communicate their thoughts and keep engaged with the rest of the team

e) Customizable

With this employee productivity measurement tool, there are no rigid guidelines to follow. This is just another one of its many appealing features.

It is completely adaptable to the requirements of your day-to-day life.

For instance, if you prefer to keep tabs on the activities that you do on a daily basis, you can give the various boards names based on the weekdays of the week. 

Since the app is customizable, it is a favorite amongst large companies and students alike.

f) Share important files without worrying about safety

You can attach files, allowing other team members to access the data and examine a variety of things, such as project management or financials, without the need to wade through enormous documents or utilize ineffective data transferring means. 

You may also connect files straight from storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. This allows people to view them instantaneously regardless of where they are located and with whatever device they are using.

You can also rest assured that any information you connect to a Trello card will be protected from unwanted access thanks to the app’s strong encryption mechanism; it will preserve your precious data until you choose to make it available to other users.

If you are interested in finding more about this software, you can discover all there is to know about Trello by clicking here, or you can go straight to their website by clicking here

Simply clicking on this link will allow you to create a new account for yourself! It is highly recommended that prior to signing up for Trello, you take advantage of their free 14-day test period. A lot of users have realized that this helps them determine if Trello is the correct platform for their business.

3. iDonethis (B2B)

iDoneThis is an interactive tool that businesses use to measure the productivity of their workers and the initiatives they are working on. 

Workers are asked to reply to an email notice at the end of every work shift. This email includes specifics regarding what they have achieved during that particular work shift.

The following day, all team members  will receive a summary that compiles the efforts made by the team. 

This ensures that every worker and their supervisors are on track, while also providing employees with the ability to independently evaluate their effectiveness. Read on to know more about the interesting features of this software.

a) An app for everyone!

iDoneThis and its tools are great for keeping track of personal and work performance, regardless of whether the team members are on-site or working remotely. 

Because you can use the tool anytime, anywhere, it is an excellent choice for nearly any sort of group that works together on initiatives.

This is true even if the members are located in various time zones.

b) Status report feature

Because confidential material is usually only sent via email, the status report feature makes it simple for people to communicate critical info about their developments while still preserving a high level of protection.

c) Track changes

Users of iDoneThis get an accurate view of workers’ list of activities. 

This enables them to decide which areas need more or less attention.

iDoneThis provides distinct tracking and changing the info of the team. 

Additionally, it allows them to score their tasks, model various portfolio situations, and evaluate their performance.

d) Integration with other software

 iDoneThis can be integrated with a wide range of different applications.

If you have Zapier, you can link iDoneThis to other software like Trello, Evernote, and Google Calendar.

You can also do this the other way around. You may also publish on iDoneThis directly from within other collaborative applications, such as Teamwork and Slack, which is a convenient feature.

e) An amazing collaborative experience

By integrating a social component into your to-do list, iDoneThis makes it simpler to collaborate on projects. Your team members can discuss and “like” each other’s accomplishments and objectives. 

This employee productivity measurement tool enables your group to remain updated. You may need to use that for various purposes, including inspiring you to complete that objective or just to appreciate what you’ve already accomplished. 

Because of this, there is no longer a need to call seminars for the sole purpose of informing one another what has been completed and what remains to be done. 

Checking out what the team has completed and their objectives is all that is required of you to stay updated on the project’s progress.

f) Collaboration

Collaborations are also beneficial to companies that have specialized duties to undertake.

Your offsite development team, for instance, may record and keep a record of dones directly using tools such as the Command Line. 

When connected with Draft, the app makes it simple for bloggers to keep track of their work’s status.

g) Multi-task with ease

You can handle several work lists on your iDoneThis profile. This allows you to keep track of both your individual and team responsibilities.

Additionally, you can maintain different checklists for each of your groups. Staff working on entirely separate projects can stay focused on finishing work thanks to the ability to record what they accomplish daily.

h) More than just a goal record

iDoneThis helps you to transform objectives into actionable items and communicate your regular successes to your teammates. You can track your team’s progress, better quantify and recognize your accomplishment.

Does this seem like software for your company? Visit iDonethis’ site to explore this tool and monitor your employees’ performance closely.

4. New Relic

An app that was primarily designed for companies instead of people is called New Relic. This software provides a multitude of functionalities to assist companies to grow in an efficient manner by enhancing customer experience.

In addition, New Relic also provides users with an overview of overall business performance. This feature helps businesses to remove wasteful spending by switching to services like Google Apps to free up resources and enhance overall service quality.

New Relic is a productivity measuring tool for online applications developed to function instantaneously with web applications.

New Relic Network provides server monitoring that is both adaptable and adaptive. With this innovative technology, professional management teams can now make informed choices about complex tasks via New Relic’s technology. 

This software is also different in terms of what it offers and its usage as a tool to measure employee productivity. 

Read on to discover what else this new technology has to offer.

a) Helps boost profitability

When operational shortcomings impair the user experience and, as a result, harm sales, it is possible for such issues to affect earnings.

Conversion rates may be directly influenced by a number of factors, including site load times that are too sluggish and poor payment finish rates.

By facilitating the detection, localization, and resolution of problems in advance of their impact on consumers, New Relic makes it possible for you to significantly minimize the adverse consequences that inaccuracies and lags have on online business earnings.

b) Does everything on its own

Analyzing, debugging, and upgrading your online application are all difficult tasks. New Relic removes the burden off your shoulders and makes them simple.

With New Relic, you will see the essential productivity metrics of your application. This include the amount of time it takes for a site to respond based on the location, kind of browser used, and online payments.

c) Adaptable

Since New Relic is compatible with a plethora of languages used for web design, discrepancies are never a problem.

Because New Relic is delivered in the form of a service, you are free to use it whenever and wherever you choose.

Think of it as the wiring that enables web services to operate more quickly.

d) Closely monitor your site

You can immediately know just how your app scales, load tests and immediately check whether your software can take the demand.

As the number of people using your application continues to increase, monitor the patterns in response times to determine when you will need more resources.

e) Notifies about any unusual activity

New Relic tracks any calls you do to other services from your app. These are referred to as “outside calls.” When you do outside calls while your application is running, the functionality of your application suffers dramatically. 

New Relic then displays which of the outside calls were the slowest.

Check out New Relic’s website to discover how it can specifically benefit your company.

5. CurrentWare

CurrentWare is an employee productivity monitoring and security software suite for Windows devices.

The CurrentWare Suite includes 4 modules:

  • Browse Reporter – remote employee monitoring software
  • Access Patrol – DLP/device control software
  • Browse Control – web filtering software
  • enPower Manager – remote PC power management software

The key employee productivity measurement tool in the CurrentWare Suite is BrowseReporter. BrowseReporter allows managers and other business leaders to monitor time spent on productive vs unproductive applications and websites, idle vs active time, software utilization, and other key performance metrics.

BrowseReporter can be combined with enPowerManger to generate a User Logon & Active/Idle Time report that readily shows when employees start and stop using their computers and when they stop using their mouse and keyboard.

Each module operates from the same central web console; they can be purchased separately or as a full suite for the best value.

The web console’s user interface is simple and easy to navigate and can be accessed from mobile devices.

CurrentWare offers annual contracts that start at $8.99 USD per user/month. Individual modules can be purchased for $3.99 per user/month, billed annually. Pricing deals are available based on volume, contract term, non-profit discounts, and partner pricing for MSPs and VARs.

CurrentWare offers a free trial that can be used on up to 10 computers.

Ending Thoughts

These tools to measure employee productivity are more valuable than before. This is because more firms hire freelancers to cut costs.

Tracking the productivity of remote and on-site workers is a piece of cake thanks to the innovative employee monitoring tools we have discussed.

These software leverage technology for remote managers too. They don’t have to wander around the office to watch their staff. 

They gather data such as the number of hours spent on a task, the amount of time spent inactive, the amount of time spent in a file, and more. 

The manager can then evaluate the team’s productivity based on the info gathered. 

Since every organization has its own needs, choose employee productivity measurement tools that closely fit your requirements.

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