CloudApp Named A “Top 10 Hottest Product” by Amplitude

CloudApp was named one of the top 10 hottest products in Amplitude’s Inaugural Product Report for 2021. Check out how we rank among others

Zight | November 16, 2021 | 2 min read time

Article Last Updated: October 03, 2023

CloudApp Named A “Top 10 Hottest Product” by Amplitude

Zight (formerly CloudApp) was named one of the top 10 hottest products in Amplitude’s Inaugural Product Report for 2021.

As a leader in product insight and analytics, Amplitude wanted to “provide meaningful insights into what digital products are growing, what is driving growth across industries and offer intelligence across our product-led community.” To do so, they looked at their own data, aggregated and anonymized, to predict the hottest products digital products on the market, show product trends they see across industries, and provide insight into the evolution of data democracy.

Amplitude found several insights including:

  • Daily active users for digital products grew 54% from January 2020 to August 2021
  • Remote collaboration tools like Zight (formerly CloudApp) are the products leading with the fastest growth around the globe
  • Culture heavily influences product adoption
  • Fintech is a particular space that has seen exponential growth

Zight (formerly CloudApp) Makes The Cut

Amplitude listed the following US companies as the next hottest products based on their data:

  • Zight (formerly CloudApp): With Zight (formerly CloudApp), you can send a video message, or record what’s on your screen with just a couple of clicks.
  • SmartRecruiters: A full source-to-hire suite for business so companies can hire talent on-demand, and under budget.
  • Stoplight: A product designed to speed up the process of designing, building, and documenting an API.
  • Toucan: Making new language learning a breeze.
  • Paceline: A product that rewards users for hitting their fitness goals
  • One: An all-in-one financial product that helps users save, borrow, build credit, and manage their budget
  • Mote: Text to speech for voice messaging where users can record, transcribe, and translate what they say all within the apps they already use.
  • Productiv: The Saas platform to manage you Saas, this product helps companies identify their unused tech stack and eliminate waste.
  • Avail: Car sharing backed by Allstate.
  • Ramp: An automation platform for financial services that provides corporate cards, expense reports, billing, accounting, and more.

You can get the full product report from Amplitude here.

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