CloudApp Named A 2019 Spring Leader By G2

CloudApp Named A 2019 Spring Leader by G2

Scott Smith | April 03, 2019 | 2 min read time

Article Last Updated: September 20, 2023

CloudApp Named A 2019 Spring Leader By G2

Building something new often feels like the results never appear on the horizon. But then there are days where you get a brief glimpse of success, and it’s important to hold onto those and reflect. Those moments provide the strength and support for you, for your team, and for your business to continue to press on and build something even better and even greater.

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve been named a 2019 Spring Leader in G2 Crowd’s Sales Enablement Category (last year we were ranked one of the TopSoftware companies). The incredible thing about this is that this is the result of over 600 real user reviews telling us that we’ve built something they love and that we’re moving in the right direction.

Seeing our customers providing honest feedback is a huge motivator for us. It provides us with insights on both what we are doing well and also what we can improve. Here’s a great example:

This type of customer feedback loop is deeply important to us as it helps us continue building something that you want to use every single day.

Our focus at Zight (formerly CloudApp) has always been on helping our users engage their customers with authenticity and to communicate with their teams personally. Communicate with Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s free screen recorder, screenshot app, and snipping tool. There’s still a lot to do, but we’re grateful to all of you for getting us here. Thank you!

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