Casual Workplace? Just Press Record

The modern customer experience should go above and beyond traditional customer support methods. It must incorporate customer preferences and expectations into every customer-brand touchpoint. Meeting and exceeding these expectations isn’t a walk in the park. Research reports that 67% of consumers say their standards for excellent customer experiences are higher than ever. Technology is fueling…

Zight | February 02, 2022 | 7 min read time

Article Last Updated: June 25, 2023

Casual Workplace? Just Press Record

The modern customer experience should go above and beyond traditional customer support methods. It must incorporate customer preferences and expectations into every customer-brand touchpoint.

Meeting and exceeding these expectations isn’t a walk in the park. Research reports that 67% of consumers say their standards for excellent customer experiences are higher than ever. Technology is fueling this preference while also benefiting customer-centric brands. 

The emerging technologies of today will power the customer experiences of tomorrow. There are many ways to connect with consumers, from voice assistants to augmented reality and more. Businesses must use the right digital tools to create positive customer experiences, fuel customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth. 


How to Integrate Video Technology within the World of Customer Experiences

Good customer support videos deliver knowledge in an easy-to-digest package. In addition, they build individual connections between customer service agents and customers, making customers feel heard and valued.

Here’s what videos can do for your brand:

  • Cut down customer support resolution times by answering customers’ questions and concerns faster.
  • Reduce customer support tickets by helping your clients help themselves.
  • Cut down customer support costs by closing tickets faster.
  •  Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering better customer support experiences.
  • Increase customer retention by delivering personalized responses and attentive care.


Further, 89% of US consumers expect businesses to have a digital self-service support portal, making a knowledge-centered service a must-have. When several consumers ask a question, add it to your FAQ so other customers can easily find the answer.

While you may have a knowledge base, you can elevate it to the next level by loading it up with videos. Videos provide concise ways to eliminate cumbersome PDFs, manuals, and written guides. Your customers will appreciate how quicker and more engaging it is to watch videos than read through a mountain of documentation.

Here are common ways to integrate videos into your knowledge base:

  • Troubleshooting. You can quickly and easily solve costumes’ issues using pre-packaged video instructions that are easy to understand and follow.
  • Account setup. Walk your customers through how to get their accounts up, running, and customized to their needs.
  • Video FAQs. Compile answers to most frequently asked questions in video FAQs. Then, instead of contacting your customer support team, your customers can refer to the video FAQ for basic questions. 


Using video to answer common how-to questions reduces your customer support response times, saving time for more complicated cases that need your team’s attention. Also, it improves your overall customer experience because it’s more convenient for customers to find answers to their questions in a video knowledge base instead of waiting for the support team to get back to them.

Video is also more personal than a phone call or text message. Remember that customers want their customer support experience to be a positive experience. And responding to customer support requests or reaching out using video technology is a perfect opportunity to deliver better customer experiences.

Customers often notice your service quality when trying to solve an issue with your product. Even though your customer support team may not offer the right solution, they can make a personal connection via video to save the customer relationship.


How Software Like Zight (formerly CloudApp) can Create A More Relaxed Work Environment

Living in a world where remote working is the norm, more businesses use video technology to stay in touch with employees and customers. Whether it’s leadership calls or company-wide staff meetings, video technology has become an integral part of our work. So, can you make the most of video technology to create a more relaxed work environment and deliver better customer experiences? Here are four ways:

1. Saving Time with Video

In the past, customer support interactions have traditionally occurred in two mediums: email and phone. Live chat has emerged as a quick channel for solving simple customer problems and concerns, but more brands are turning to videos to solve complicated problems. For instance, a software company may prefer to schedule 10 minutes for a video call with a client to walk them through how to resolve their issue instead of walking them through the process for 30 minutes over a phone call. But, of course, who doesn’t want that additional 15 minutes back? It’s a win-win for both your brand and the customers.

Customer support software like Zight (formerly CloudApp) can also help your team to respond quickly to customer queries with high-quality content that provides detailed answers. This also enables you to reduce back-and-forth explanations over email, reducing confusion and miscommunications. 

2. Shifting Energy from Meetings to Higher Priorities

Ellie Wu notes, “I’m often asked, ‘How do you do it all?’ and my answer is ‘I don’t do it all. I focus on what matters the most and invest in those things.’”

Effective collaboration can spread ideas throughout your company and allow individual employees to shine, but coordinating schedules for collaborative in-person meetings is often daunting.

With video technology, your team can have the flexibility to take part in discussions whether they’re sitting on their couches in their homes or sitting across the table in the office. Video technology can also fuel collaboration in many exciting ways. For example, you can record your meetings to allow your team to view them later. Also, an employee may come up with an idea later and have the opportunity to go back and watch the previous meeting as their new idea is developing. 

Instead of having a discussion through email, which may be interrupted by other tasks, you can hold a short video conversation and discuss the matter in real-time. These conversations are productive and foster collaboration. 

By leveraging visual communications, such as Zight (formerly CloudApp), you and your team can cut down on meetings and focus on other essential tasks. Zight (formerly CloudApp) can help you get your point across quickly, especially when dealing with complicated concepts, by simply recording a quick video on your laptop screen and sending it right away to your colleagues, employees, or customers. You can also record your mobile or laptop screen with audio and even add your webcam recordings simultaneously. This helps you reduce the hassle of scheduling meetings, allowing you and your team to focus on more critical tasks.

3. Relaxing the Workplace

If you’re looking for a more friendly and compelling vehicle for company updates and annual reports than PowerPoint presentations, leveraging video technology is crucial. Videos can help you create a relaxed work environment by turning stats into shareable graphics, screenshots, or screen recordings, with insights and commentary, and you can gain a revolutionary tool to inform and keep your teams motivated. 

Videos also offer a perfect opportunity to acknowledge hard-working employees and give employees and teams who may go unnoticed a chance to shine. By celebrating the achievements of off-site employees, updating everyone on the progress of important initiatives, or championing employees who have gone the extra mile, videos can also reinforce the value your company has on its employees.

An employee who works in a relaxed workplace and feels appreciated is less likely to leave your organization. Forbes reports that this can save businesses up to 42 days and  $4,129 in productivity. 

4. Learning and Working Independently

Trying to explain something using written text is often time-consuming, and when you’re short on time, it can become daunting to explain what you want to say. This is where video technology can be a lifesaver and help your team and customers learn and work independently. Sometimes the need to write a lengthy email or explanation can be avoided by a simple screen recording and screenshot, allowing your team to work efficiently from anywhere. 

For example, if your teammate asked for your help with a specific task and you have no time to set up a meeting with them, you need not worry! Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s GIF maker tool can help you share information easily and quickly. You only need to record your step-by-step instructions and send the GIF to your teammate, employee, or customer.

The biggest takeaway is maximizing all aspects of video technology. Recordings made from video discussions can reduce customer support ticket volume and help share vital information internally and with customers.


Leverage CouldApp to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Zight (formerly CloudApp) is an all-in-one screen capturing tool that can capture and embed screen recordings, screencasts, screenshots, GIFs, marked-up images, and HD videos throughout business workflows. With this visual communication software, you can easily direct your customers to what you want them to see while blurring out sensitive information.
You can use GIFs as follow-up tutorials, and you can use annotated screen recordings with arrows, lines, and circles to emphasize important details. Also, with Zight (formerly CloudApp), you can customize webcam screen recordings to walk your customers through solutions to their issues. This allows you to respond to customer questions quickly, delivering a better customer experience, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Learn more about how to integrate Zight (formerly CloudApp) in your customer support tasks to provide better customer experiences.

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