How imFORZA Uses CloudApp to Save Its Employees Hundreds of Hours

CloudApp has saved our team hundreds of hours of time in our marketing, sales, service, project management, and training efforts.

Zight | May 02, 2022 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: July 16, 2023

How imFORZA Uses CloudApp to Save Its Employees Hundreds of Hours

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Zight (formerly CloudApp) is used by a host of internet marketing agencies to engage clients, streamline communication, and create eye-catching content.

One of these agencies is imFORZA.

We recently spoke with Vinny La Barbera, imFORZA’s founder and CEO, about how his team uses Zight (formerly CloudApp), the challenges it helps them overcome, and the unique way his agency has benefitted from our visual communication platform.

Here’s what he had to say:

Who Uses Zight (formerly CloudApp) at imFORZA?

We started our conversation by asking Vinny who uses Zight (formerly CloudApp) at imFORZA. Was it just him and a select few employees? Actually, no. According to Vinny, every department, from the marketing and sales teams, to customer support, production, and training use our tool.

Why? Because in Vinny’s own words,

“Zight (formerly CloudApp) allows our team, across all departments, to quickly and easily share screenshots and video recordings internally and externally.”

Let’s talk more about that…

How Does Zight (formerly CloudApp) Improve imFORZA’s Workflows?

imFORZA uses Zight (formerly CloudApp) to “quickly and easily share screenshots and video recordings.”

To take a screenshot with Zight (formerly CloudApp), imFORZA employees simply access the application, click the “Capture” button, and then select the area of their screen they want a picture of. The resulting image is then automatically saved to their personal library for safe keeping.

Creating video recordings is equally as simple. Vinny and his team just open Zight (formerly CloudApp), click the “Record” button, select the part of their screens they want to capture, and then hit “Start”.

Using Zight (formerly CloudApp) couldn’t be easier, which is one of the things imFORZA loves about it!

What Challenges Does Zight (formerly CloudApp) Solve For imFORZA?

Why invest in a piece of software? Because it will help you accomplish something new or overcome a specific challenge. Zight (formerly CloudApp) helps imFORZA do both.

Vinny says, “As a digital marketing agency, a lot of our communication is technical in nature. Having these technical conversations when we’re not sitting right next to someone can be challenging and inefficient when done via email, or even just over the phone/web conference.”

He continues, “Being able to take, save, and share screenshots and screen recordings allows for visual explanations and walkthroughs. These easily accessible assets allow recipients to view and use them on their own time to fully absorb the material.”

In other words, Zight (formerly CloudApp) simplifies communication for imFORZA, enabling them to discuss highly technical topics, such as the benefits of Wordpress websites, with greater clarity. Win!

How Has imFORZA Benefited From Using Zight (formerly CloudApp)?

We couldn’t let Vinny go without asking him about the specific results Zight (formerly CloudApp) has helped his company achieve. But we were kind of blown away by his answer.

Vinny says, “Zight (formerly CloudApp) has saved our team hundreds of hours of time in our marketing, sales, service, project management, and training efforts.”

Yes, you read that right—hundreds of hours! But that’s not all…

Vinny Continues, “Most importantly, we’ve been able to provide useful visual references for people that prefer these formats for learning.”

All we can say is that we’re honored to help, Vinny!

About imFORZA

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So what does your company need help with? Maybe you struggle to create content on a consistent basis. Maybe you’d like to improve your email marketing game. Maybe you cringe whenever you look at your website and worry that your customers do too. imFORZA will help you meet your internet marketing goals. Contact them here to get started.

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