9 of Our Favorite Customer Service Videos Online

Our customer service video top picks.

Zight | August 19, 2021 | 4 min read time

Article Last Updated: October 03, 2023

9 of Our Favorite Customer Service Videos Online

Chances are you’ve watched some pretty bad customer service videos.

But what does good customer service look like?

How can your team create the best customer service so you stand out from the competition?

We collected some of our favorite customer service videos that we think every customer service professional should watch:

3 Examples of How to Easily Wow Customers with Adam Toporek

The term ‘WOW moment’ in customer service is nothing particularly new. These are the moments of extraordinary service that make an impression on customers and an even longer impression for companies.

The good news is that given that the bar is pretty low, wowing customers is fairly easy to achieve when you take advantage of opportunities that focus on the small detials.

In this customer service video, Adam Toporek shares three examples of how easy it is to create WOW moments with little effort and at a low cost. If you feel inspired by this video, we also suggest checking out the other customer service videos in this series!

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The Six Steps in a Successful Support Call

This is a great tool specifically for technical customer support reps, but it can benefit service or support reps in any industry or business.

In this clip, IT customer service expert and author Don Crawley goes over key points of handling a support session, such as authenticity, professionalism, avoiding silence, and getting a callback number. He even gives an example of a practice call that you might experience, and how you would respond to it using his six steps.

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The Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence by Caroline Goyder

Like any client-facing role, good customer service starts with confident reps and agents. After all, customers want to know that the employee they are talking to knows what they’re doing and can address their needs. This is why it’s so important for every customer service training outline to focus on both learning and practice.

When combined, reps will hone in on their newly learned skills and become more confident. We love this customer service video with Caroline Goyder because she encourages everyone to feel confident in their voice. It’s a great motivational video to share with the entire team to boost confidence and team morale.

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7 Essential Customer Support Skills Every Rep Needs by Hubspot

While we all strive to provide a positive customer service each and every time, the truth is, sometimes we fall short. In fact, you can probably think of at least one (if not most) interactions you’ve had as a consumer where the service was a little lackluster.

The good news? Improving customer service skills is possible.

With intention practice and conscious investment customer service can be enhanced all around. In Hubspot’s customer service video, they share seven skills to develop in your organization to be a star in the eyes of your customer.

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Brene Brown on Empathy

This animated video dissects the difference between sympathy and empathy, which is an important distinction to make in the world of customer service. Sympathy is simply offering condolences to someone who’s upset, but empathy is going a step further by finding something personal about yourself that can relate to the other person’s and their current predicament.

One detail that customer service reps can take away from this video is avoiding “at least” statements. The speaker notes that rarely do empathetic statements begin with the phrase “at least.” This phrase tends to devalue the person’s problems because it can come across as you trying to put a silver lining around their issues and thereby downplaying their experience. It’s much more effective to acknowledge the problem and its impact rather than putting a positive spin on it.

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Customer Service Phone Training in The Internship

Despite popular belief, the phone is still the preferred method for customer service for many customers.

In this hilarious clip from the movie The Internship, a group of students take part in customer service phone training where their customer service phone skills are put to the test. This is an excellent example highlighting the importance of practice for new customer service reps before they start working directly with customers.

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Customer Service Training: Engage, Guide, and Grow Your Customers

In this video, you watch this training from Michael Redbord, the GM of HubSpot Service Hub, to learn how customer support, service, and success teams can work with their customers to solve their problems, proactively advise them, and help them achieve results that will pay off for your business.

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Car Rental – Seinfeld, Season 3 Episode 11

The car rental customer service agent broke the #1 rule of customer service — she made Seinfeld a promise she didn’t keep. By accepting his reservation, she made him believe that he would have a certain type of car available at a certain time. When he arrives at the car rental facility only to find that the car he reserved is unavailable, he gets upset — with good reason.

Customer service agents should never ever make promises to customers that they can’t keep. It’s just a recipe for disaster. If you are going to tell customers that you are going to do something, you better not be saying it just to please them in the short-term.

Meaningful Micro-engagements

“All day long, we’re interacting. We’re interacting with each other, we’re interacting with technology, we’re interacting with machines. And those moments in time actually affect the rest of our day and how we perceive brands and products.”

In this customer service TED talk, CX expert Jeannie Walters discusses creating meaningful micro-engagements. She believes it’s the little things that can make a real impact on customers. This attention to detail and human touch is particularly important when dealing with customers through technology.

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