7 Reasons Why CloudApp Is the Best Screen Recording Software

…2020. That doesn’t even take into account geographically dispersed teams that need to collaborate across state or international lines. It’s impossible to expect that every important stakeholder will be able…

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Article Last Updated: July 29, 2023

7 Reasons Why CloudApp Is the Best Screen Recording Software

Video continues to dominate the digital world: As of 2017, video accounted for three-quarters of all internet traffic across the globe. According to Cisco, video will represent 82 percent of the world’s IP traffic by 2022.

It’s not hard to see why video is so popular: It’s an extremely effective communication tool, engaging viewers and holding their attention better than any other media could. Furthermore, video content has numerous applications, ranging from B2B marketing and user guides to internal communications and troubleshooting walkthroughs. The possibilities are endless.

Screen recording software, in particular, is a major boon for businesses today, enabling staff members to quickly produce videos without any lengthy training sessions or a background in videography. In essence, screen recording software allows users to film themselves while simultaneously capturing the action on their computer screen. It’s an easy and effective way to communicate with anyone, including co-workers, prospective clients and long-time customers.

Whatever video needs you have, Zight (formerly CloudApp) is the best screen recording software available today. Here are seven reasons why Zight (formerly CloudApp) stands head and shoulders above other products on the market:

1. Any employee can use it

It’s pretty common for businesses to purchase or download a screen recording suite only to find out that it’s unsuitable for general audiences. Poor interfaces, unclear dashboards and complicated controls can all prevent your average employee from getting the most out of screen recording software.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) is specifically designed so anyone can enjoy it. Downloading, installing and setting up the application is a quick and simple process, ensuring your team has the software up and running in a flash. Zight (formerly CloudApp) also supports today’s most popular platforms, including Windows, iOS, Mac and Chrome, so your employees can access the software regardless of which device they use.

2. It streamlines the recording process

Have you ever tried using recording software only to have the application’s interface obscure the very screen you were trying to capture? Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s simple on-screen prompts allow you to start recording quickly without ever getting in your way. Its intuitive, two-step process lets you capture screenshots, GIFs or full-motion video to share with others.

Saving and sending your video is just as simple as recording. Rather than wrestle with the arduous, painstaking workflows that other free screen recorders use, Zight (formerly CloudApp) automatically saves your video to both the cloud and your desktop, providing a headache-free recording process.

3. It provides clear, visual communication

The downside to working in today’s always-on, digitally focused business environment is that it often feels like there are a hundred different things jostling for your attention.

Zight (formerly CloudApp)-produced recordings cut through the noise and communicate directly to your intended audience with the utmost clarity. There are no lengthy guides, emails or directions to read through; videos can be quick, engaging and to the point.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) videos also help plug some of the gaps that exist with many popular business communication tools today. It’s easy for conference calls to go off the rails when team members on the other line can’t actually see what’s being discussed. Typing out step-by-step troubleshooting instructions via instant messenger or email is a time-consuming chore that can kick off a string of back-and-forth communications that only further drain employee productivity.

Videos created using the Zight (formerly CloudApp) screen recording software clear away any confusion by showing viewers the whole picture. It provides the context that’s so often missing in today’s internal communications, getting everyone on the same page with minimal time and effort.

4. You can personalize content

Zight (formerly CloudApp) is set up so anyone, regardless of their familiarity with the application, can record a video – but there are plenty of additional features that build upon that core functionality.

Annotations can be added to a completed recording to draw attention to specific details on the screen and emphasize key points as you’re speaking. You can draw lines and arrows, add emojis and make other editing markups to drive your message home. An annotated video or GIF can speak volumes – and with much less hassle than writing up a lengthy response.

5. It keeps teams connected wherever they are

Telecommuting is a fact of life for the modern business: There are 3.7 million people in the United States alone who work remotely for at least half the work week. According to ULTATEL, 50 percent of all employees in the U.S. will work away from the office by 2020. That doesn’t even take into account geographically dispersed teams that need to collaborate across state or international lines.

It’s impossible to expect that every important stakeholder will be able to attend each meeting, but Zight (formerly CloudApp) helps you keep everyone in the loop. Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s video recorder allows you to record meetings, webinars and presentations as they happen, documenting crucial information and updates. Those videos can then be saved to the cloud, so remote members of your team can view them whenever they have the time. Time zones don’t need to stand in the way of your staff’s collaboration and productivity anymore.

6. It saves your staff precious time

Email has been the de facto business communication platform for a couple of decades now, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Drafting responses to customers, sales prospects and co-workers can be extremely time-consuming, especially for individuals who are more comfortable speaking face to face with someone rather than using the written word. When addressing more complicated issues – helping a fellow staff member troubleshoot an IT problem, for instance – email’s potential to become a major time sink comes into stark focus.

According to a recent Adobe Systems study, the average employee spends approximately 30 hours a week checking their inboxes alone, to say nothing of the additional time needed to actually respond to important emails. Thanks to Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s easy-to-use interface and lightning-fast workflows, anyone – regardless of how tech-savvy they are – can quickly create a video or gif that succinctly gets their message across. Cloud-based storage enables employees to further save time sharing video content with their co-workers, clients and other users without needing to download files, copy URLs or upload large videos to email. Every minute saved on internal communications is time that can be better spent tackling higher-priority responsibilities.

7. You can craft more compelling and engaging video content

In general, people are comfortable communicating with each other vocally rather than in writing. Even the strongest writer sometimes struggles to get their message across as clearly as possible. We’re just naturally better suited to speak to other people face to face. Although someone may think they have the writing chops to craft a compelling argument, odds are they would be more persuasive speaking in person. As Cornell University professor and Harvard Business Review contributor Vanessa Bohns explained, a 2017 study she conducted revealed that making a request face to face is 34 times more effective than asking via email. Bohns suggested that many people are over-confident in their ability to persuade others through email because they trust their own intentions, whereas recipients are more likely to question them.

Screen recording software and video content in general can provide that persuasive and compelling face-to-face interaction even when communicating over a large distance. Whether your employees are corresponding across different branch locations or in the same office, Zight (formerly CloudApp) screen recording software can help them communicate more effectively.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) provides everything you could ever want in a screen recording software suite: simplicity, ease of use, feature-rich tools, cloud-based storage and numerous sharing options. It’s the quickest and easiest way to incorporate the incredible power of video into our daily workflows.

Videos not your forte, try Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s snipping tool, also compatible with Mac.

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