Best Programmer Productivity Tools

Learn how to improve productivity as a programmer with these simple tools.

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Article Last Updated: September 25, 2023

Best Programmer Productivity Tools

What are the best programmer productivity tools? There’s more to being a great programmer than coding proficiency. Programmers are required to focus for long periods; produce precise, (hopefully) error-free code; and maintain efficient, organized processes for getting things done. However, there’s more to being a developer than writing code. There is a surplus of top tools for programmers that can help you work smarter, faster – and perhaps enjoy the process along the way more. We’ve researched for you and narrowed down the best of the best.

If you’re wondering how to improve productivity as a programmer, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the top tools for programmers. We cover:

  • Best Android Apps for Programmers
  • Best IOS Apps for Programmers
  • Developer Productivity Tools

Best Programmer Productivity Tools:

Android Apps for Programmers

Gone are the days of exclusively coding on your desktop. While these apps may not be robust enough to create an entire project, they’ll help you stay prepared to fix any bugs on the go or quickly write out an idea when inspiration hits. Keep reading for some of the best Android apps for programmers.

DroidEdit (Code Editor)

DroidEdit Pro is a code editor app available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It contains most of the features you would expect a code editor to have, such as syntax highlighting for a decent number of coding languages, character encoding support, keyboard shortcuts, preview HTML files in the browser, and much more.

However, one of the features that sets this mobile code editor apart from others is the extended keyboard; it conglomerates all programming related keys together for more efficient coding on the go. Before purchasing the Pro version, we recommend trying out DroidEdit Free. The free version does run ads and doesn’t have support for SFTP, Dropbox, root mode, or custom themes. Give it a try; depending on how often you use the app, how you use it, and whether or not these features are make-it-or-break-it for you, you may not need to pay for the full app.

DroidEdit Pro is a code editor for Android available in the Google Play store. Photo credit:

AIDE – IDE for Android Java C++

AIDE – IDE (integrated development environment) is one of the best Android apps for programmers for two main reasons. First, it allows you to develop Android apps directly on your Android device. Secondly, it allows you to follow interactive directions to help you learn how to build expert Android apps. If you’re new to building Android apps, AIDE – IDE is a great free resource. Even if you’ve built several, it offers a visual platform to design apps in a code editor with a plethora of features, including code completion. Keep in mind; if you do develop your app on AIDE, you may be limited to sticking to AIDE to edit it later. Some developers have found AIDE isn’t entirely compatible with the PC in Android Studio. You’ll want to consider this when you’re deciding on the type of app you’re developing.

AIDE – IDE for Android Java C++ allows you to simultaneously learn, design, and code Android apps directly on your Android device. Photo Source.undefined

Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker’s Keyboard is widely regarded as one of the best Android Apps for programmers. After installing the free app, you can set it as your Android’s default keyboard. The app allows for a truly personalized experience, with an overabundance of settings to customize the appearance and functionality of your keyboard. Once you’ve picked the color, behavior settings, and the input methods you like, we recommend downloading the dictionary files the author provided to make sure your device can support the coding languages you’re using.

Hacker’s Keyboard is a free Android keyboard app loved by many mobile developers. Photo credit:

Best IOS Apps for Programmers

Whether you’re coding on your iPhone on the go, or want a few programming apps to equip your iPad with, we’ve compiled a few of the best IOS apps for programmers to help you increase your proficiency and efficiency in developing.

Textastic (Code Editor)

One of the best iOS apps for programmers to keep available on their iPhone or iPad is a robust code editor. Textastic is an advanced code editor loved by IOS developers everywhere. It contains the standard features of a great code editor, such as syntax highlighting of over 80 coding languages, as well as compatibility with other loved top tools for developers like Sublime Text, Emmet, Git, and more. iCloud sharing also means you’ll be able to code on your laptop, then pick it up later on your iPhone.

Textastic Code Editor 9 is one of the best IOS apps for programmers. Photo credit:

Codea – Creative Coding

For all the creative coders out there, Codea is considered one of the best iOS apps for programmers. Wired may have said it best when they said: “It’s kind of like the Garage Band of coding.” Codea allows developers to create simulations, games, and all the other visual ideas you may have into a reality. Whether you’re on iPhone or iPad, you’ll have access when a creative idea strikes. In terms of functionality, the app provides 2D and 3D rendering and physics engines for complex motions, cool sound effects, and the ability to tap an element to adjust the code behind it simply.

Codea Creative Coding allows creative developers to express their ideas on the go with the functional iPad and iPhone app. Photo credit:


If you’re wondering how to improve productivity as a programmer, the answer might be this role-playing game (RPG). As contradictory as it sounds, Habitica is a ‘to-do’ app mixed with an RPG. When you stay on top of your to-do list, Habitica rewards you by allowing you access to increased customizations of your game. Falling behind? Habitica uses negative reinforcements to discourage unproductivity by rippling the effects into your gaming experience.

If you’re working together with a team, you can interact with each other in the game. The more tasks you complete, the more prizes and customizations you get to beat bosses and win special prizes.

Habitica allows you to turn your to-do list into a game, rewarding productivity with enhanced in-game experiences. Photo from:

Developer Productivity Tools

Staying focused and efficient for hours on end can be a challenge for any developer. Thankfully, there are some nifty tools available to help you stay on track. We’ve sifted through countless software to bring you only the best desktop apps for programmers to boost your productivity.

Toggl Time Tracking

Do you know how much time you spend on your most important tasks? Better yet, do you know much time you’re spending on tasks that aren’t consequential in helping propel you to finishing your most important projects? Gaining insight into time tracking is one of the most powerful tools you can have as a developer. Having a timer going in the background can help you be more focused and aware of how much time you’re spending on projects and tasks.

Time tracking apps like Toggl, which is free, can help you analyze and gain insight into where you’re spending your time and adjust accordingly. Plus, there’s nothing like timing yourself to help you stay focused on a project. Toggl specifically integrates with tools you’re likely already using, such as GitHub, Trello, and Jira. The best part? There’s no learning curve. Just set up your account and start tracking.

Toggl is one of the best developer productivity tools to help you work more efficiently. Photo credit:

Cold Turkey

No matter what industry you work in, programming, or not – there are many shiny things to get distracted by when you’re on your computer. You went to change your music, ended up on Facebook, and now 25 minutes have gone by (you would’ve noticed the exact number of minutes if you were tracking your time in Toggl).

If you’re wondering how to improve productivity as a programmer, Cold Turkey is the answer. It allows you to block applications, multiple websites, and even your whole computer (or just parts of it). You can create a block style schedule allowing yourself on specific sites during some parts of the day – and blocking them on others. This forced control over the distractions on your computer can help you stay focused during the parts of your day that matter.

The Cold Turkey App can help you tear yourself away from sites, apps, or areas of your computer distracting you from getting work done. Photo credit:


Homebrew is arguably one of the best Mac apps for programmers. Self-proclaimed “the missing package manager for macOS,” Homebrew allows developers to make packages or search through already existing packages to add to their device.

Homebrew is one of the best Mac apps for programmers, helping you install and create packages. Photo credit:


One of the best developer productivity tools is a simple software that changes the warmth of your computer display. Available on macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows, this simple software helps reduce eye strain from looking at your screen late at night or in the early hours of the morning. It matches soft indoor lighting, making long-hours of coding a little less strenuous on your eyes.

F.lux adjusts screen warmth to make looking at your screen easier on your eyes. Photo from:


Saber is a simple tool that allows web users to report bugs as they find them on-site. Previously known as ‘BugMuncher’, Saber helps you collect feedback from users to help you consistently improve your websites and keep them bug-free.

Saber prompts users to provide screenshots and feedback when they encounter a bug, helping you know when and where fixes are needed. Photo credit:

Zight (formerly CloudApp)

Any developer knows one of the things that can waste your time the most is spending unnecessary time communicating. Zight (formerly CloudApp) provides a simple-to-use and powerful tool to help you communicate with visuals; there’s enough typing involved with coding anyway, right?

You and your team can speed up your debugging process by sending annotated screenshots, screen recordings, and even GIFs. This developer productivity tool is available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows – meaning anyone on your team should be able to install it and start saving time right away. It also integrates seamlessly with tools you’re likely already using, like Jira.


Coding prowess is only one factor in being a proficient and efficient programmer. From staying up on the latest trends to staying focused and consistently producing excellent, clean code after staring at your computer screen for hours on end, the best programmers have a lot to consider. We hope you found value in our list of best Android apps for programmers, best IOS apps for programmers, and best developer productivity tools.

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