Zight Releases iOS App

Learn more about CloudApp’s new iOS app!

Zight | January 14, 2020 | 4 min read time

Article Last Updated: November 07, 2023

Zight Releases iOS App

iOS App Taking Zight (formerly CloudApp) to the Streets

We are excited to announce that today we uphold our reputation as a leader in the visual communication industry as we take the plunge and release Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s iOS mobile app, a companion to its primary Mac, Windows, and Chrome desktop tools.

As many of you know, our 3+ million user Zight (formerly CloudApp) community has long cherished the ability to create instantly shareable screenshots, videos, and GIFS, as well as view, share and upload the “drops” they create.

Today, we give you the opportunity to jump on board and take this capability to the streets. With the new Zight (formerly CloudApp) iOS App, users will be able to access and create these screenshots, annotations, screen recordings, and GIFs from virtually any place, any time, anywhere.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) App Raises the Bar for Communication, Collaboration, and Convenience

As always, as you create or upload a file, you are concurrently generating an immediate link that makes your content easily shareable. Given that our recent survey has revealed that more than 1 in 2 U.S. based office workers would collaborate more if done visually, combined with the growing predominance of smartphone usage, the new Zight (formerly CloudApp) iOS app will empower office workers to collaborate and interact on a whole new level.

According to a recent survey from Zight (formerly CloudApp), more than 1 in 2 U.S. based office workers would collaborate more if done visually. Combined with the growing number of smartphone users, the new app, available in the Apple App Store now, will enable them to do so on the go.

“On-the-Go” Features You Don’t Want to Miss

Some highlights of the new app include the following:

‍1. Access Drops in Real-Time:

“I’m on the road right now, but I will send that over as soon as I get to my computer and some good Wifi.”- Your Famous Last Words.

Tired of advancing leads at the mercy of desktops and Wifi availability? With your download of the new Zight (formerly CloudApp) iOS App, you can access and send your drops with the click of a button. Starting today, finding that one chart or visual quickly and on-the-go is a no brainer.

‍2. Create Visuals & share them from anywhere:

Create content and answer questions on the fly as you create screenshots and videos in real-time from your mobile phone (and instantly save them to your Zight (formerly CloudApp) account).

Created your content from another app? No problem! Zight (formerly CloudApp) is available from the iOS share sheet so you can easily upload photos and videos from the Photos app and other content-creation apps.

‍3. Screen Recording:

With the iOS App, you can finally share your screen or capture a process from Apple’s handheld perspective. Need to create an app-specific how-to video? No problem! With the ability to use a screen recorder on iOS you can both create and upload recorded screen content from the convenience of your iPhone/iPad.

‍4. Collaborate with Zight (formerly CloudApp) Collections:

Conversely, what if your team member needs immediate insights on a recent project or piece of content – but you’re far removed from any computer access (or just don’t feel like pulling your computer out)?

Collections with iOS give you the ability to share folders across teams or companies, so you can share with and respond to teammates regardless of any geographic limitation.

‍5. Quickly see your favorites:

For even greater convenience, you can instantly access your favorite drops from the Favorites tab, allowing you to access and share content from anywhere, anytime in a matter of seconds. Never again will you spend hours scrolling to find the one drop you’re looking for – and you’ll never lose that drop again!

Convinced You Yet? Download the Free App and Give it a Go!

Here’s a little tutorial to help you feel confident moving forward with the app:

YouTube video

1. Click on this link on your iPhone– it’ll take you to the iOS download page*

2. Download from the App store – click on the link to download to your phone

3. Start recording – you can immediately make and upload your first mobile drop!


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