Zight Tips and Tricks Webinar Recap

Watch 3 of our greatest power users share their CloudApp tips and tricks.

Zight | August 27, 2020 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: November 07, 2023

Zight Tips and Tricks Webinar Recap

From time to time we host webinars on both thought leadership pieces like remote work and around tips and tricks with real business use cases of Zight (formerly CloudApp) screen recording, GIF creation, and Screenshot features.

This week, three of our strongest Zight (formerly CloudApp) power users shared their daily Zight (formerly CloudApp) use and impact. We felt honored to hear from:

Steven Davis

Sr. Manager Enterprise Support


Benjamin Chen

Sales Engineering Manager


Savannah Morgan

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Zight (formerly CloudApp)

These three long-time users of Zight (formerly CloudApp) reviewed both their favorite Zight (formerly CloudApp) features as well as the primary use case within their role.

Gainsight LOVES Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s Easy Integrations

Steven Davis, Senior Manager of Enterprise Support at Gainsight, raves about how crucial Zight (formerly CloudApp) is to his team’s success as they work through support tickets. He and his team love the simplicity of the drag-and-drop as well as the convenience of Zight (formerly CloudApp) integrations like Zight (formerly CloudApp) with Zendesk.

Steven showed how easy Zight (formerly CloudApp) is as he made several pieces of content within the few minutes he used to present. He also demonstrated using the copied links and GIFs to immediately send content – even as it was still uploading.

You can see Steven’s live demo during his portion of the webinar.

Clari LOVES Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s Quick and Easy GIF-Recording

Benjamin Chen from Clari raved about Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s quick and easy GIF recording feature. As Sales Engineering Manager, Ben heads a lot of technical “insight emails” as a way of developing business leads – and he attributes Zight (formerly CloudApp) to playing a crucial role in insight email development. When putting together these insight emails, Ben and his team run numbers for the potential impact Clari could have on the potential client’s business. With Zight (formerly CloudApp), Ben can capture these data and graphs in a simple and digestible package that his clients appreciate.

Because these insight emails go out to executives of target clients, Ben knows he needs something eye-catching and engaging in order to appeal to and keep the interest of these potential clients. Ben loves the Zight (formerly CloudApp) GIF feature because it allows him to illustrate and emphasize Clari’s product offering in an easy and noninvasive way! Through this method, Ben shows us the power of visual communication.

You can see Ben’s live demo of using Zight (formerly CloudApp) to develop an insight email here.

Zight (formerly CloudApp) LOVES Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s … Well, Everything

Zight (formerly CloudApp) Senior Customer Success Manager Savannah Morgan loves everything about Zight (formerly CloudApp) – but to keep it short, Savannah emphasized the power of shortened emails and stronger messages as she replaces text with screenshots and GIFs. Some of Savannah’s favorite use cases for GIF recordings are:

  • Adding a friendly GIF to her signature
  • Quickly and easily illustrating the steps to a process
  • Adding color and interaction to a “boring” email

In addition to sharing her GIF wizardry, Savannah also shared with us a few other Zight (formerly CloudApp) basics and secret tips. In this portion, she explained the four different basic features, used feature reorganization to match her workflow, and used the Zight (formerly CloudApp) icon to directly upload a file.

You can see Savannah’s live demo during her portion of the webinar.


Overall, we’ve enjoyed putting on this Tips and Tricks webinar – we’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response from our attendees and hope to put together something similar in the future! Check out the full recording (and feel free to follow along!) by accessing our Youtube channel or by using this video below.

YouTube video

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