A new look for CloudApp and our community

We are thrilled to share the future of CloudApp

Zight | March 31, 2021 | 3 min read time

Article Last Updated: April 27, 2023

A new look for CloudApp and our community

Starting today, Zight (formerly CloudApp) is introducing a new logo to the world.

This is an important change for us, and for how we see the future of Zight (formerly CloudApp).

When we first built Zight (formerly CloudApp), our main focus was making it easy to share files with just a link. Which was incredible because at the time so many file sharing tools required a download, or a subscription, or an account. Eliminating pain, and wasted effort has always been in our DNA.

As we built a business around this workflow and evolved it with the requests of our customers and partners, we narrowed our focus to becoming the fastest way to communicate with a quick video, gif, or annotated screenshot.

This focus on speed and communication became even more important during last year’s global pandemic. Workers around the US &world worked 25% more, and we supported that shift by making work easier (rather than more complicated and time wasting — like meetings often can be). It was an enormous privilege to hear from our customers that “Zight (formerly CloudApp) was instrumental in our remote work shift.”


Why the change?

This logo change is rooted in several key motivations:

Zight (formerly CloudApp)’s focus is enabling the fastest way to communicate in the workplace. That’s our mission. We want to help you, our customer, become a super human version of yourself, to eliminate wasted meetings and long form text, and to help you get to the point of resolution, much much faster.

In the last 5 years, as our business has grown and changed we want to update how we present ourselves to you our community.

The logo itself has 3 unique and distinct parts that we believe better represent the direction and mission of the business.

The icon – has a subtle shape of a chat bubble to better demonstrate the focus on communication. We see ourselves as a direct integration into YOUR current workflow, rather than a messaging tool. We want to enable you to work faster in the tools you use, rather than trying to bring you deeper into Zight (formerly CloudApp).

The play button – is to better represent the increased focus on communication through rich visual assets like video, and less on dull files like PDFs and docs. There are other tools out there for this kind of file sharing. And while we will continue to support that workflow, we will go deeper on quick videos, gifs, and annotated screenshots. Richer, better, faster.

A unique cloud experience – And lastly, the holistic focus of the update is to differentiate ourselves from the many “Zight (formerly CloudApp)s” that are out there.

Over the years other products have built new great tools, like Zight (formerly CloudApp), and used similar logos to ours, and so we want to step away from the past, and move into the future.

We’re excited for this direction and look forward to supporting the future you build, with Zight (formerly CloudApp).

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