G2 Crowd Sales team has built over $7m in sales pipeline using Zight.

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Key Success Outcomes

Here's where G2 saw the most impact.

About G2


Software Marketplace


Medium (500-1,000 employees)

Use Case:

Build pipeline & increase sales


Chicago, IL

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace. More than 80 million people annually—including employees at all Fortune 500 companies—use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews.

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Key Features Leveraged:

  • Annotated screenshots
  • Screen recordings
  • GIFs
  • Videos

The Challenge

G2 is a customer review site that focuses on solving issues of selecting business solutions by providing crowd-sourced reviews for free to anyone visiting their site. The company has connected with thousands of businesses and looks for opportunities to partner with the companies who live on its site.

Since they launched in 2013, G2.com has been growing at a rapid pace. G2 first hit 100k reviews in 2016 and has since added hundreds of thousands more. The company is in hyper-growth mode and working to capitalize on the credible platform it has created both with its users and businesses who hope to get good reviews for their products.

The Sales team at G2.com is focusing on scaling their efforts to keep up with their new goals with new staff, reviews, and businesses added each day. With millions of visits to its site each month and opportunities to partner with brands, how do you increase your lead volume and shorten your Sales cycle without having to hire a new rep every week? Video has become a fast-growing medium to help with sales enablement and personalization. G2.com (Formely G2 Crowd) reached out to Zight to help enable its sales force. G2 felt the value add of instant business communications through shareable GIFs, screen recordings, screenshots, and webcams paired with screen-recorded videos would be a great way to scale and provide the personalized touch they are known for.

Olivier L’Abbe connected with our team for the best ways to start using Zight with his team and we provided him with some immediate video-led solutions to connect.

“The videos are actually selling for us when we are not around.”
— Olivier L’ Abbé, SVP of Sales

The Zight Solution

The G2 team saw an immediate benefit to enabling their sales team with the Zight video platform to produce screenshots, annotated screenshots, GIFs, screen recordings, and webcam-enabled personalized videos. The G2 team has built over $7m in the sales pipeline using personalized video pitches. They record quick videos to share with their prospects. The webcam-enabled video creates an immediate personalized experience for various types of sales experiences.

Sales Prospecting

A video or GIF in an email for prospecting can cut through the email and sales pitch clutter. It can also add an always-on approach to a company like G2 which is focused on expanding its salesforce globally and may need to have a look at 24/7 availability.

Not only do they grab people’s attention better than a regular email, but videos ‘sell even when they are not around’.

Reduce Sales Cycles

B2B sales cycles can be 4 – 9 months in length at a time on average across every business. A webcam-enabled screen recording can provide a way to connect personally with a customer without needing to have a meeting. Record a quick clip of yourself talking to a contract or a white paper and send it along with the document to provide an additional connection point in a long cycle. They also use annotated screenshots to easily make a point and highlight important information.

The Results

G2 Crowd’s Sales team uses personalized videos as their secret weapon.

‘The greatest value Zight offers to our Sales team is, we are able to reach out to people that we typically can’t connect with.’ says Matt Lazares, Enterprise Account Executive.

They increase their engagement rates while saving time by reaching out with a video instead of a long email.

‘After using Zight, it’s really hard to go back. It’s like a CRM, conferencing software or Slack. You can’t really imagine your role without it.’ adds Matt Lazares

Our users estimate they save 30 minutes per video created.