Zendesk App Editor Roundup

Meet the great apps featured in Zendesk, in the compose and edit category

Scott Smith | March 30, 2017 | 2 min read time

Article Last Updated: September 15, 2023

Zendesk App Editor Roundup

It’s no secret that at Zight (formerly CloudApp) we’re kinda obsessed with productivity.

So when we heard we were added to Zendesk’s App Editor we were like…

Zendesk is one of our BIGGEST productivity crushes. And one of our FAVORITE partners in productivity crime.

And as one of the most popular tools out there, they only feature the cream of the crop apps (squeeee!).

We’re so honored to be included in Zendesk’s new all-star line up of productivity apps (compose and edit category) that it feels like we’re accepting an Oscar here!

Without further ado, here’s who else made the cut in our category – and let’s just say we’re in GREAT company.


You already know how we feel about GIFs.

GIPHY is the THE place for finding the perfect ugly cry or dancing cat to fit your mood and message. Now you can search all of GIPHY from Zendesk. Just click on the GIF of your choice and it’s automatically inserted straight into your ticket reply. Great because honestly, GIFs just say it better.


Nothing says, “You got this” like a detailed video tutorial.

Help your customers out (and seriously boost adoption rates) by sharing your video content directly in your Zendesk ticket. You can navigate your entire Wistia library and even track stats on how customers interact with your videos. The app automatically tags a Zendesk ticket every time a video’s shared so you always know what’s working.


Unless you’re a data analyst, you probably don’t get your kicks from spreadsheets.

This awesomely easy app lets you add tables to your Zendesk messages in two little clicks — no Xcel wrangling required. Just find the icon in the editor and choose how many rows and columns you need.


Brighten someone’s day with a heart-eyed smile.

Find an emoji for every occasion right there in Zendesk’s Rich Text Editor toolbar. This app offers a huge library of emojis searchable by category. So go ahead and get cheeky. A simple click and wink can diffuse any situation (stuck-out tongue optional, but not recommended).

Zight (formerly CloudApp)

And then, of course, there’s us. (Is there a humblebrag emoji?)

Zight (formerly CloudApp) for Zendesk lets you answer any question with a quick, step-by-step recording of your screen in HD or GIF. Wanna get specific? Annotate screenshots and insert them directly into your Zendesk ticket with a single click.

So which of these awesome apps have you tried? Got a favorite?

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